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V.A. Dold is a published author of fiction.

Her full name is Vickie Dold. She is a best selling author on Amazon and is known for writing fictional romance series, such as her Le Beau Brothers series, which has won awards.

Before V.A. got fully into writing on a regular full time basis, she worked in the literary field. Dold was a publicist for various authors. She also owned ARC Author & Reader Conventions.

V.A. is a native to the Midwest but also loves the states of Louisiana and Texas. When it comes to her concept of what absolute heaven is, she would love to spend a day hanging out in the French Quarter along with her computer, some coffee, and maybe even some of the characters from her novel. She also wouldn’t mind spending a night hanging out in a hayloft with a handsome cowboy.

The author specializes in the romance genre. She loves reading a writing engaging stories feature strong women and sexy men. She spends a good amount of her time writing, but when she is not busy doing that, she is likely engaging in some other of her past times. These include reading, watching a movie, and traveling. That or going out and looking for a cowboy!

V.A. Dold is the creator and the author of the Le Beau Brothers series of fictional novels. The romance series first began in 2014 with the publication of the debut novel, Cade. This was followed by the second novel in the series the same year, Simon. Stefan followed that up and with several more installments of the series, there is plenty of romance here to go around for readers!

Cade is the first novel in the Le Beau Brothers series by V.A. Dold. This story features the main characters of Anna James and Cade Le Beau.

Anna is a plus sized woman that has dealt with a lot of drama in her life. Most of it comes from her husband, who was constantly putting her through torment by cheating on her. Now he’s finally gone and she is rid of him at last. But while there may be a gap in her personal life, there’s no way that Anna is rushing out to go and date again because she’s not compelled to try and trust another guy.

Anna does have a soft spot in her heart for the handsome guy in her romantic dreams, but since he isn’t real, it’s not like she’s entertaining a real option. Meanwhile, there’s Cade Le Beau. The man is a billionaire. He also has a secret. But even when you are swimming in cash, it doesn’t mean that you are automatically happy.

Cade missed out on meeting a fantastic woman months ago, and he’s been dreaming of an ideal woman ever since. It’d be nice for him to meet a real woman in the flesh. When he gets a second chance to meet someone, it’s a new situation. However, Anna’s past has risen up again and she has been taken. Cade has only 48 hours to handle this and try to claim her.

Can Cade triumph and find love in New Orleans? Or is this time going to be just too complicated for him to come out on top? Is Anna even into the idea of Cade as a romantic partner? Read this compelling romance story set in Louisiana to find out!

Simon is the second novel in the romantic series Le Beau Brothers by V.A. Dold. If you liked the first story in this series, be sure to check the second one out for yourself!

This is the story of main characters Simon Le Beau and Rose O’Leary. Simon ended up joining the Marines because he was so invested in finding a mate for himself. He believed that there was a woman out there destined to be with him, and he wanted to make it happen. Since he didn’t think that she was just going to show up looking for him, he joined the Marines.

Simon figured that serving would allow him the chance to travel a little and maybe he would find more luck in the romantic department as a result. He was deployed and came back four years later, while paused in wolf form. He had no idea that his future mate would appear at the plantation owned by his family. Unfortunately, he doesn’t have the use of opposable thumbs like his human form does.

Then there’s Rose O’Leary. She’s a gorgeous woman with ample curves but also has a past. She grew up in various foster homes without being attached to her real family. As a result, she has a deep fear of being abandoned that leads her to avoid men like the plague. In her experience, relationships are not something that you can rely on and usually just bring her pain.

So Rose doesn’t go out and date and she isn’t convinced that she can find love at all. Particularly in New Orleans, a place where it can be difficult to find real connection and the paranormal seems to always be active.

Simon’s about to find out that his own family has another problem to deal with on top of the ones that they already have. It appears that a secret organization is doing everything in its power to destroy their family. They are thinking that a good way to get to the family is to steal one of their women.

It turns out that one of them may have their eye on Rose. Can Simon do what it takes to get out there and win over Rose for himself? Will the organization be successful in hurting the family and stealing this beautiful woman away from Simon? The family has their hands full this time. Is true love in the stars when it comes to Rose and Simon?

Anything is possible in this paranormal romance story. Pick up a copy of the second installment of this romantic series and read all the way to the end to find out what happens with these two for yourself!

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  1. Annie: 3 months ago

    I have the first 2 books in this series. But can not find the rest. Unless I want the sweet version which I don’t. I would really like to find the rest. This series is really good. I don’t understand why I can’t get them for my kindle or nook. Can’t even find them in paperback. Really frustrating.
    Thanks for any help.

  2. Shirley Gail Wheatley: 8 months ago

    Hi I have just finished Krystal Le Beau Book 12.
    Will there be a book 13 to carry on the series on A.D.A.M and what happens next to Jojo?

    I look forward to hearing from you soon.

    Kind regards

  3. JoAnne: 1 year ago

    Good Evening,

    I was just wondering if Ms. Dold will be writing more stories for her LeBeau series or the Guardians series? I have enjoyed all of her stories. Thank you/her for them.

  4. Gerri Hines: 3 years ago

    Are you done writing… I love your books


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