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Publication Order of The JAK2 Cycle Books

Book of the Dead: AESLI-00 (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Book of the Damned: A-E5L1-01-00 (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Book of the Lost: AAV-07d25-11 (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Book of the Found: AESLI-01 (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon

About V.E.S. Pullen

An American author, V.E.S. Pullen has a lot to say when it comes to genre fiction, combining both science-fiction and romance to thrilling effect. Over the years she’s seen a lot of success, with many from around the world highly regarding both her and her work. Reflecting real-life in her stories too, her fiction finds new truths that are equally engaging and compelling, with realistic characters at the heart of them. Becoming a household name for many, she is often writing her books and setting them in exciting post-apocalyptic scenarios.

Her books are extremely unique and they all manage to stand apart by themselves, saying something entirely different. As a voice Pullen really stands out in the industry, setting herself apart from other writers in her genre, giving her work strong messages and themes. There’s a lot underlying her work, and it definitely manages to establish a completely different tone and premise to what’s come before. Her characters also feel wholly real upon the page too, as they definitely resonate with readers, regardless of where they’re from.

This universality really works in Pullen’s favor, as it has led to her becoming a publishing sensation the world over. With a gift for tension as well as suspense, she also understands only too well how to keep her readers constantly reading for more. There’s always something new, and she’s continuing to grow her audience day-by-day, with more and more finding her work. With a lot more to come still, she’s a writer who is definitely not finishing any time in the near future either, as she will carry on writing for a long time yet.

Early and Personal Life

Growing up with a keen passion for both reading as well as writing, V.E.S. Pullen would harbor a great love of literature. This would develop over time, staying with her all throughout her schooling, on into her adulthood, informing her choice of career. Finding her own voice, romance would come to heavily influence much of her work, inflecting her stories with it, and creating strong characters through it.

Her love of science-fiction as a genre would also drive her forwards as a writer, helping to inspire both her and her work. Always looking for new and exciting ideas, she’d continue to seek inspiration from the world around her, putting it back into her work. Living in south-east Michigan along with her family, she continues to write to this present day, continuing at an ever increasing rate.

Writing Career

Starting out back in 2020, Pullen would begin her writing career with the novel ‘Book of the Dead: AESLI-00,’ which was also the first in the series of ‘The JAK2 Cycle’ novels. These would be a collection of science-fiction novels set in a post-apocalyptic world, as they’d go on to make a name for her. Finding her audience online, she’d gain a lot of publicity through the release of her debut, with many looking to see what came next.

Not long after her first book, she would go on to release the next in her series of ‘JAK2 Cycle’ titles, with ‘Book of the Damned: A-E5L1-01-00.’ This would continue on from the last, and would also pave the way for the third book titled ‘Book of the Lost: AAV-07d25-11.’ These would all allow her to make a name for herself, as her audience continues to grow, with readers from around the world discovering her work every day.

Book of the Damned: A-E5L1-01-00

Initially released in 2020 on the 9th of August, this would first come out through the Kindle, following on from the previous novel. This would be the second title in the ongoing ‘JAK2 Cycle’ series of apocalyptic novels, combining science-fiction and romance. It would also pave the way for another sequel, as these books need to be read in order, so as to fully understand what’s happening.

When it comes to main protagonist of Azzie herself, she is very well established for the audience, coming alive off of the page. This is something that Pullen handles with expert precision, as she really shows her prowess as a gifted writer here. Building upon the world too, it definitely manages to create a dark and foreboding atmosphere and ambiance for everyone to inhabit.

Set in a post-apocalyptic world, this sees Azzie Vokaty living in the aftermath of the apocalypse, dealing with the fallout. Following a pandemic, she must cope with living life in the small-town of Salem, dealing with relationships and growing up. Her personality is snarky and shrewd, having to grow up quickly in this new world, finding her own place in the wake of a calamity. Will she manage to survive? Can she find her place here? What will she discover in the Book of the Damned?

Book of the Lost: AAV-07d25-11

Originally published on the 29th of October in 2020, this would be released on the Kindle platform to much acclaim. It would be the third book in the ongoing ‘JAK2 Cycle’ series of novels, continuing on from the previous titles. Capturing the essence of the previous two novels, it further establishes the world and the characters living within it.

The personality of each of the characters are well developed here, building upon the themes and ideas of the previous novels. It makes the most of its setting, really allowing it to come alive in the process for the reader, pushing it to the limit as well. There’s a lot of fairly graphic scenes of a sexual nature too, so this is also something to consider before reading.

Following her escape from Salem, this sees Azzie Vokaty and Mouse leaving behind thousands to an entirely uncertain fate. Heading to the bunker, they plan to stay here before heading out into the world, finding their own way, leaving everything behind them. The world now awaits them, as they wield their new weapons at their disposal, fighting their way through this tough new landscape. Can they survive to live another day? Where will their journey take them? What will they find within the Book of the Lost?

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