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VH Nicolson
VH Nicolson is a proud wife and mother, a lip gloss addict, has a dreamy Scottish lilt, is a stereotypical Virgo, and a lover of lemon curd on toast. Nicolson has a weakness for eating Belgium buns, buying too many quirk sparkly jumpers, and walking the neverending beaches which surround her gorgeous Scottish hometown she moved back to.

Based in the incredible Kingdom of Fife Scotland, she writes books from the heart with passion. To spark her readers’ fired within, to uplift them, and to allow them the chance to escape and lose themselves in her stories. A moment in time, just for them. To carry her fans away to a new place where joy, love, and hope rule above all.

For over two decades she has worked throughout the UK and abroad within the creative marketing and design industry, as the editor of a magazine and the sub editor of a newspaper, and a branding strategist and stylist.

And not just her own books, but contemporary steamy romance stories, where two worlds collide, where beautiful smart women and hot sexy men ignite fires together. She is obsessed with her characters and cannot wait to share them with her readers.

During lockdown, her passion for writing blossomed. She had always dreamed about becoming an author. She felt it way down deep in her soul that it was the right time. She is a believer in true love, a dreamer, a hopeless romantic at heart and believes, no matter what path we take, that we all deserve a happily ever after.

“Hunting Eden” is the first novel in the “Triple Trouble” series and was released in 2021. Eden wasn’t looking for love, however Hunter King crashed right into her world and flipped it on end. He is a King alright, a sex on legs and larger than life pro golfer. A sinful God.

And Eden wants to dive right into his hypnotic brown eyes. However she is lost, broken, and stuck in this time loop. Waiting for her heart to heal. True to his name, Hunter King decides that Eden is somebody he wants. Eden’s his hot prey. However she does not want to be caught. And he isn’t used to being told no.

They’re from two different worlds. She won’t allow him to piece her back together. However she might not have a choice, because her soul craves his. And it makes her question everything. Eden had always believed that her heart belonged to another. What if she’s wrong?

This is a stand alone romance that features a beautiful sports hero that wears his heart on his sleeve, and a gorgeous dreamer dancer that has built walls up so high around her, that you can no longer see her petite frame. It is a perfectly blended full length romance novel that is filled with laughter, heat, emotion, and an HEA, without a cliffhanger.

“Inevitable Ella” is the second novel in the “Triple Trouble” series and was released in 2021. Seven years ago, Ella’s soulmate went and got married. To somebody else. Fraser Farmer broke her, made her incapable of ever loving again. Seven years later, he’s returned, whispering that he loves her.

The guy is magnetic, successful, gorgeous, and an athlete at the peak of his game. However behind his perfect life and family, lies this precarious path of anguish and deceit and this vicious sports agent that is on the warpath to destroy him. He is a prisoner in his own life, being held captive.

He still belongs to somebody else. So can Ella help set him free? And can Ella be the one that uncages and heals her own dying heart? She has two options. Fight right alongside him, or have her heartbroken again. Does she even have a choice, or were they always so inevitable?

“Lincoln” is the first novel in the “Boys of Castleview Cove” series and was released in 2022. Love is for suckers. It is one of the reasons that Lincoln’s here in Los Angeles on the other side of the planet from his home in Scotland and the five-star hotel that he runs with his dad. He’s sick of watching everybody else’s happily ever afters from the sidelines. If his own mom left him as a baby, what hope does he have of finding a woman that actually wants to stick around?

He has spent months traveling around, working on his tan and surfing, however his need to work led him to take this temporary job in a gym for six weeks before he flies back home. What could possibly change in just six weeks? Apparently, quite a lot.

He could meet somebody that rocks his world with her killer curves, hypnotic hips, and her purple dresses which leave little to the imagination. She could ask Lincoln to take a leap of faith with her that he can’t resist. This woman could get him so hot and bothered that he winds up in the emergency room. She could invite him into her home, introduce him to her dog that looks like a walking cloud, and break him out of his self-inflicted sex sabbatical. She could show him what it really feels like to be loved, so that he never wants to leave.

Violet West walked right into his life and changed things forever. It is just a shame that good things never last.

“Jacob” is the second novel in the “Boys of Castleview Cove” series and was released in 2022. Once upon a time, well you know the story. Prince meets princess. Evil thwarts their love, and the prince has to fight for her heart. Good always ends up winning and there is this stunning at the castle on the hill.

Vicki once dreamed about having a fairy tale love story of her own, however she doesn’t believe the author of hers got that memo because right now, she is scared for her life, having been shackled to a bed.

Her story began with this ambivalent prince whose parents reminded her constantly that she simply was not good enough for their son. When she broke free, a new hero went stepped forward. Her ex’s best friend and her own boss, Jacob.

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