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Credited for transforming and revolutionizing the mystery genre by creating the female private eye, V I Warshawski, Sarah Paresky is the author of numerous international bestsellers with most of the appearing in over thirty languages. By creating the highly believable investigator who had the grift and smarts to tackle crime in the streets. Through her creations, Paresky brought a new perspective in a genre that was highly dominated by male characters, which in turn brought in lots of positive reviews for the writer and her works.

As a seasoned contributor to both the Guardian and New York Times magazines, Paresky is an impassioned advocate for those who might be on society’s margins. After being the chair of the Kansas University first commission on the status of women, Paresky then went on to be a community organizer in the Chicago South Side regions during the raging race riots in 1966. In the latter years, Sarah Paresky also served together with the then senator of Chicago and the current president of the US republic Barrack Obama, on the Chicago’s board of thresholds for the homeless and mentally ill.

Most of Paresky’s works have not only broken barriers but also they have opened the doors for many women. In the year, 1986, Paresky played a key role in creating the Sisters in Crime which is a worldwide organization that supports women authors who major in crime which in turn earned her the Ms. Magazines’ woman of the year award in 1987. In the latter years, more and more accolades followed; she has been awarded the Carter Diamond Award by the British Crime Writers while on the other hand her book, Blacklist scooped the British Crime Writers’ Gold Dagger Award for the best novel.

Indemnity Only

After being contracted by a client who was keen on acquiring her services, V. I Warshawski is set out to find a girl who has been missing for some time now. While she is conducting her investigation, Warshaski finds the body of a college student who apparently was shot in the head, on the school’s kitchen table. Vick, now has a mystery in her hands especially due to the fact that no one appears to be who they say they are. This book is truly enjoyable in every aspect. V. I Warshawski is undeniably going to grab your attention due to the fact that she is not only a wonderful created character but her personality and relation to other characters in the book is truly phenomenon.

The book’s author, Ms. Paresky did an exceptional job in making V.I Warshawski i very humorous and colorful. In addition, she did not feel the need to give out very extreme descriptions that many crime and investigation novel authors usually give out but instead, Ms. Paresky without giving out lots of information, described things, places and people avoided the overkill. Apart from the descriptions, Ms. Paresky also did a fantastic job by bringing all the characters in this book to life. On one hand the male characters were not very overpowering while on the other hand the female characters were absolutely outstanding.


Deadlock was published in the year 1984 and is the second installment in the V I Warshawski i series. Like in the previous installment, V I Warwashki is still a detective and in the Deadlock she is now investigating the death of her cousin, Boom Boom who is a retired hockey player. The setting of this book is around the year 1982, the duration when the 10 cent calls and the beeper were the popular means of communication. While in Chicago Lake Michigan Boom Boom Warwashki is found dead. But from the look of things, the cops are not able to figure out whether Boom Boom accidentally fell off the pier or was he pushed by someone.

While conducting the investigation, V I Warshawski finds several clues which are all pointing to murder as the cause of death. The clues discussed in the book include an enigmatic all, strange rumors being whispered by Boom Boom’s co-workers at his funeral and his new girlfriend, being found in his apartment while looking for something. As V I Warshawski is probing and questioning individuals who she thinks might know something about the case or even were somehow involved, they all start dying in mysterious accidents. On one day while she is driving, her brakes suddenly stop working. As she tries to steer her way out of traffic, the steering wheel gets out of its socket. All of her sudden, the blast of a horn gathers her attention. A semi-truck is coming full speed towards her. Is this the end for V I Warwashki or is she going to survive this ordeal? Only time will tell.

Due to the fact that the death of her cousin Boom Boom, occurs during the early pages of the book, most of the regulars are still being created. By using real life references in the book like the Soo Locks, Edmund Fitzgerald and Lake Superior, the author is able to relate with the reader on a whole new level especially if the reader is familiar with this places. There is always something enjoyable about encountering some familiar places in a book and Paresky employs the use of this technique. Apart from just mentioning or referring to real life places, Warwashki was in deed able to do some intense research because the descriptions of the work and life in all the places referred to in the book are all very realistic.


Due to its richness in depth and unique nature, the V I Warshawski series was adopted into a television series. Just as in the book, V Warshawski is a private investigator who lives in Chicago and is more than determined to solve all her cases. Apart from the television series, the book was also adopted into a film in the year 1991. The film was directed by one, Jeff Karnew who was allocated a 24 million budget for the movie. But after it was released, the movie was not able to generate the profit it was expected with the returns from the box office being 9 million dollars shy off the 24 million dollar budget.

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