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The Drifter (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Shattered (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Enchanted Oasis (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Deceitful Hearts (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Faerie Wishes (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
Kaslyne's Story (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon

Valerie Bowen is an American author of romance, mystery, thriller, literature and fiction books. Shattered is one of Bowen’s recognizable works. Based on a true story, the book documents the life of a woman who endured many years of mental abuse from her husband. Bowen has also written more books on violence against women, and a good part of the royalties from these books are dedicated to helping battered women.


Shattered is a heart-wrenching story that documents the pain that comes with mental abuse. For Tanya, 17 years of psychological abuse left a pain so deep that getting through each day became a chore. While the scars left by the violence are invisible, they sure run deep, and it hurts more when they are caused by someone you love deeply. Tanya cries almost on every page, and it is easy to see just how much damage is done every day.

Tanya did not enjoy the fairytale wedding where a young woman starts her life with a man who adores her. The red flags are there from the beginning. Because of her unsupportive family, she chooses to stay with a man who tortures her daily. Things do not get better when their son is born. Tanya’s husband continues to be abusive as his family grows. Unfortunately, the children suffer the abuse as well. They are forced to live with a father who not only insults their mother but extends the abuse to them as well.

This is the story of one woman and her experience living with an abusive spouse. Tanya’s story is nothing unique. It is the story of millions of women across the globe who continue to stay in their toxic marriages while the logical thing would be to leave. Aside from documenting the effects of psychological abuse, this story serves as a lesson to those who see the red flags and choose to ignore them. It is also a useful guide for someone caught up in an unhealthy relationship and is looking for a way out. Where abuse is concerned, staying brings nothing but grief and more heartache for the people concerned.
If you would like to read a true story of someone who went through the worst of mental abuse and survived, shattered is an excellent choice. Get to see the mental anguish that mentally abused people endure in the hands of their abusers. It does not help that their abuse is hard to report since their scars are not visible. Tanya’s story is heartbreaking, but there is a silver lining. Despite the abuse, the woman lives to tell her story to the world.

For people who have experienced similar experiences, this book emphasizes that you are not alone. If you are still being abused, there is still hope as you have it in you to get out of that toxic relationship. If you are a mother, the book serves as a wakeup call to get your children to a safe place. This is a beautifully told story of a woman who was abused for many years but got out. The author will draw you in from the first page and will keep you captivated. While the story us heartbreaking, the way the story is told turns this book into a masterpiece.

Faerie Wishes

Faerie Wishes tells the story of Talia Saturnfrost, a young woman who lives a perfect life. Despite having a life many girls like her would only dream about, immortal and beautiful Talia is tired of her home in the forest. Talia dreams of leaving the fae realm to live with humans. This desire is heightened when Talia falls in love with Cayden. Cayden is a human male, and Talia wants nothing but to spend every minute of her waking life with him. Against Juniper’s advice, Talia leaves her home in the forest to go live among the humans. She knows that crossing to the land of the humans would make her a mortal, but she is ready to give up all this if doing so means that she will get to spend time with Cayden.

While Talia is excited to get into the human realm, she soon realizes that things are not as rosy as they seem. It comes as a shocker that the life that Talia so much wanted could cost her life. Will Cayden love Talia as she wants? Can this man who swept Talia off her feet fulfill all her wishes? How about all the things that Talia has to learn to live among humans comfortably? Can a fae girl have an easy time living away from a realm? Find out all this and so much more in this intriguing story.

Talia and Cayden’s relationship is the main focus of this story. Its love at first sight for these two, and things progress quite fast when the two set eyes on each other. Talia falls for Cayden quickly, and while the feelings are mutual, it is surprising how much she is willing to give up. The two lovebirds enjoy a pure romance, but there is the issue of whether Talia will give up her immortality. Towards the end, the author introduces Deaghan, another Fae that Talia was previously in love with. While there is not much about Deaghan and Talia’s relationship, the few details make it easy to understand why Talia finds so much comfort in Cayden’s arms.

Faerie Wishes is one cute romantic story centered on human and fae existence. There is no sex throughout the story, but the deep connection between Talia and Cayden is clear from the start. The book is ideal if you are looking for an intriguing paranormal romance story with a relentless pace and several interesting characters. The love between Talia and Cayden will warm your heart, and it will be hard to resist the temptation to keep rooting for them. The story flows well, and there is a lesson as well, for those who keep on wishing that they could lead a different life from the one they are granted.

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