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Valerie Law FBI Suspense Thriller Books In Order

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Publication Order of Valerie Law FBI Suspense Thriller Books

The “Valerie Law FBI Suspense Thriller” series are several works by the best-selling author Blake Pierce. This is one of the most prolific thriller and mystery fiction authors of recent times.

She embarked on her fiction writing career in 2015 when she published the first novel of the “Riley Paige” mystery series. It would be with that series that she would make her name before she went into other genres and penned other series.

Since 2015, Blake Pierce has become a highly prolific author that usually churns out an average of 30 novels every year.

As for how she came to be an author, Blake Pierce has said that she grew up loving thriller and mystery stories. Right from the time she was a child until she started writing her own novels, her love for genre fiction has never waned.

Ever since she started writing, she has gained a reputation in the mystery and thriller fiction fanbase which has made her works very popular.

The “Valerie Law FBI Suspense Thriller” series and the “Riley Paige” series of novels, which she is still writing have been among some of her most popular.

What is amazing about Blake Pierce’s achievements is that she has become a renowned author despite being self-published.

Despite being self-published in genres where much success is attained by authors doing traditional publishing, Blake Pierce remains an enigmatic figure. In fact, there is hardly any information about her background on the interwebs.

Over the years, there have been several theories regarding her real identity some of which have been outlandish while some are plausible.

Some sources have postulated that Pierce could be the pseudonym of a collection of renowned authors that come together to write under a pen name.

Other sources have postulated that Blake may in fact be the writing name of George RR Martin, even though this seems highly implausible.

Nonetheless, the author’s identity continues to be shrouded in mystery many years after she began writing.

The “Valerie Law FBI Suspense Thriller” series is a gripping new series by Blake Pierce. At the opening of the novel, the FBI forms an elite unit to deal with criminally insane killers following the escape of a serial killer from a mental institution.

One of the fastest-rising stars in the FBI is Special Agent Valerie Law. The agent is an FBI profiler who played a major role in the apprehension of a serial killer a few weeks past.

She seems like the perfect candidate for such assignments, even if sometimes the cases she has to deal with hit far too close to home.

Valerie will be working with her partner Charlie Carlson that has just been redeployed to the Criminal Psychopathy Unit.

They will also be working with Will Copper another psychologist seconded to the investigations team.
Valerie Law is an interesting detective as she is troubled by monsters from her past, which often impact her investigation and make her constantly question herself.

Charles Carlson makes a great partner as he often has all manner of interesting ideas that Valorie could not have come up with herself.

Working together, they make for an excellent team. Moreover, he is quick and brave and usually steps in to save her over the series.

“No Mercy” is the first novel of the “Valerie Law FBI Suspense Thriller” series of novels.
At the start of the novel, an infamous serial killer has gone missing from a mental hospital. Alarmed, the Federal Bureau of Investigations sets up a highly specialized team to work with capturing criminally insane killers.

Luckily for the FBI, they have a rising star in their midst in the name of Special Agent Valerie Law. However, this case brings up a lot of awful memories for Law.

Meanwhile, the clock is ticking for Valerie and her brilliant psychiatrist partner as they need to apprehend a homicidal killer that has been on a spree. They will have to get into the mind of the man before he can kill again.

Following the twisted psyche of the man, they get into a dark road as they get glimpses into the killer’s past, shattered survivors, alienated family members, and orphanages.

Even for Valerie, the shadowy may just be too dark particularly since she has tried her best to escape the past. She may not be able to withstand much more than she already has.

Things get even worse when she is targeted by the killer which may just unravel everything. Could she have walked into a trap or maybe she is one step ahead of the deranged maniac?

The second novel of the “Valerie Law FBI Suspense Thriller” by Blake Pierce is “No Pity.”

In the previous outing, the FBI had set up an elite unit to deal with criminally insane homicidal killers.
Meanwhile, the press starts getting taunting letters from some deranged killer, and Valerie Law the FBI Special Agent, and her special team are called into action.

But they have to deal with some very deranged killer and the trail is fast going cold. It may soon be that only Valerie would be able to understand his thinking and crack what is turning out to be a very complicated case.
Valerie has not yet recovered from the events of the last case but believes there is a pattern to the killings after they find a second body.

However, when she turns out to be very wrong about the killer she starts questioning of she may be losing her touch. Maybe the killer may be more diabolical than she thought he was.

“No Fear” is the third novel of the “Valerie Law FBI Suspense Thriller” series of novels.

The FBI special unit working to stop and apprehend the criminally insane has been called into action. There have been several murders that have all the hallmarks of a psychotic killer in the area.
Valerie is bothered by the case as she thinks the killer appears more normal than what she usually deals with. Facing a lack of information and an unpredictable killer, Valerie needs to put her brilliant mind to use to find the killer.

Still, her only hope for success is to delve into his past by working backward. Will she be able to crack the man’s code before he kills again?

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