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Publication Order of Confederation Books

Valor's Choice (2000)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Better Part of Valor (2002)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Heart of Valor (2007)Description / Buy at Amazon
Valor's Trial (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Truth of Valor (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Confederation Collections

The Shorter Parts of Valor (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon

The Canadian writer Tanya Huff, hailing from Nova Scotia in Halifax, has been writing for quite some time now, having produced a fairly extensive backlog of work, fulfilling a certain niche within the horror, fantasy and science-fiction industry, creating vast numbers of novels that have gone on to be appreciated on a worldwide scale. Clearly understanding and comprehending her specific genres, she writes from a distinctively gay perspective, thus lending the field a much needed LGBT angle, giving it greater diversity in the process. This has seen her work resonate with scores of readers worldwide, allowing her work to go on and be greatly appreciated by many, regardless of where her her audience are originally from or what their backgrounds are. With their really being something for everyone, she definitely manages to create worlds that are fully expansive, taking her many ideas and concepts forwards in the process, allowing her readers to find some sense of escapism within her words and work. Giving her characters greater levels of depth as well, she really manages to develop her character with a deeper level of insight too, setting them up for the reader, whilst taking them forwards in the process through a series of over-arcing narratives and story-lines. This also allows her readers to see something themselves in the characters, whilst also providing alternative characters that haven’t traditionally been represented within the genre. Writing with a great degree of wit and intelligence too, she also manages to ensure that her prose is both entertaining and compelling in equal measure too. Painting wide and vivid landscapes, she really manages to create vast worlds for both her characters and her readers to explore, letting them immerse themselves within the rich and imaginative tapestries that she weaves. Providing interesting messages through her work too, she is never afraid to speak her mind as well, always putting forwards her ideas directly and sincerely. One thing that she is especially known for is that of her fun and inventive series, many of which have been running for a long time now. A perfect example of this is that of her much loved ‘Valor Confederation’ series, which is a franchise set firmly within the space opera mold, really having fun with the genre and format. Following the leading protagonist of Torin Kerr, it sees her as she progresses through her career as a female staff sergeant, fighting all across the galaxy. Fighting a series of increasingly difficult missions, each one harder than the last, she looks to protect her team of fellow space marines, as they battle their way across the galaxy.

Starting out in 2000, the series began with the debut title ‘Valor’s Choice’, which would commence the series, allowing it to become a long-running series from that. Running for over eight novels and counting, the series has been released at a steady ever since its initial inception, allowing it to become one of her most prominent series to date. In time there would also be a collection of omnibus editions too, making it a highly prolific entry into the career of Tanya Huff, as it will be one that can potentially expand indefinitely for years to come.

Valor’s Choice

Brought out through the DAW publishing outlet, this was originally released in 2000 on the 1st of April, as it would herald the arrival of an exciting new science-fiction series set firmly within the world of the space opera. Marking the first title in the ongoing ‘Valor Confederation’ series of novels, it really manages to establish all of the elements with ease and simplicity. Introducing all of the principle characters for the first time too, it really allows the franchise to come alive, giving it both its substance and its wit.

With humanity having been accepted into the Confederation, they know must protect the more civilized races who’ve turned away from war from the nefarious elements at large. This then sees Staff Sergeant Torin Kerr stepping into the fray, as she has just survived a deadly assault from the ‘Others’, along with her ever trusted platoon. She must now protect a seemingly simple diplomatic mission to Silsviss, a non-confederation world, which means protecting a new deal to ensure that this race of lizard like creatures remain on their side and don’t defect to the Others. Will Kerr be able to protect the deal? Are the Others going to strike again? What will be valor’s choice?

The Better Part of Valor

Once again released through the DAW outlet, it would this time be published on the 1st of March in 2002, again to much acclaim. Moving on from the first title, it really manages to take the concept and the ideas forwards, allowing them to really come into their own. Following the character of Torin Kerr once more, it really works at building upon its initial premise, whilst also introducing some new ideas and concepts too.

Answering back to a two-star general on questions pertaining to his parentage, Torin Kerr is ordered on a top-secret reconnaissance mission. Whether it’s punishment or reward for her stellar service she can’t yet quite decide, as she must traverse difficult waters of Confederation politics, all whilst keeping her head above water. Ordered to transform a ragtag band of soldiers into a group of elite group of mercenary killers within days, she really has her work cut out for her. Will she manage it all? Can she cope with the difficulties ahead? Who will get the better part of valor?

The Valor Confederation Series

A great example of the space opera science-fiction genre in action, this really shows what can be done with the format, as it takes it forwards in new and exciting directions. Under the astute perspective of Tanya Huff it really is a series that lies within confident hands, as it manages to carry the reader forwards with a sense of style and wit. Developing both the world and the characters with care and attention to detail, it really is a must for any fans of the of the genre, something which will increase, as its profile expands for a long time yet.

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