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Publication Order of Vampirates Books

Demons of the Ocean (2006)Description / Buy at Amazon
Tide of Terror (2007)Description / Buy at Amazon
Blood Captain (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon
Black Heart (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
Empire of Night (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
Immortal War (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon

Justin Somper is a British bestselling author who was born on 18 August 1975. Somper is widely known for Allies and Assassins and the Vampirates children’s novels. Before he became an author, Justin Somper has served in numerous professions such as a trainer and a publicist as well. Currently, Somper resides with his partner at Crouch End, Northland together with their two dogs. Despite being a full time writer, Justin Somper still finds time to take long walks and enjoy cycling as well in the local area such as Hampstead Heath and Highgate Woods, the locations that he used as inspiration for his novel, Allies and Assassins. Justin Somper attended St. Albans school before eventually joining the University of Warwick, where he studied English and American literature. Immediately after graduating, Justin Somper was awarded with a publishing contract by one, Usborne Publishers.

The contract was for Usborne’s best-selling book series, Puzzle Adventures, which marked Somper’s official entry into the literary world. In the year 1992, Somper published the novel, the Pyramid Plot, which happens to be still in print twenty years later after it was released. Later on in the mid 1990’s, Justin Somper published three short novels, which featured teenage vampires; The three novels were published by Penguin Publishers. Despite the fact that the books are not currently in print, they still managed to gain worldwide recognition. Justin Somper’s career proved to be successful when he published Demons in the Ocean in the year 2005. Demons in the Ocean eventually became the first installment in the Vampirates book series. The last book in the Vampirates book series was published in the year 2011. Immediately after he completed the Vampirates book series, Justin Somper penned another book Allies and Assasins, which gained prominence from both the readers and the critics as well.

In the year 1992, Justin Somper became a junior publicist for Penguin Books. At Penguin Books, Somper had the opportunity of working with some of the biggest names and creative talents such as Anne Fine, Raymond Briggs and Roald Dahl. Later on in the year 1996, Justin Somper became a Children’s Publicity Director at Random House, thereby furthering his career in the literary world. In 1998, he began his business as one of United Kingdom’s first ever children publicist. Somper is also recognized as one of the most successful publicist. Independently, Somper has worked with well-established authors such as David Levithan, John Grisham and John Connolly.

There has been a lot of information on the internet about the adaptation of the book series Vampirates into a television series or movie. However, the project is still in the developmental phase.

Vampirates Series

Demons of the Ocean is the first book in the Vampirate book series. The book has been set in the 24th Century. Justin Somper introduces the readers to Connor and Grace who are the protagonists. Connor and Grace are misfit twins who have just lost their father. The two believe that everything will be okay as long as they stick together. One day, Connor and Grace decide to take their father’s yacht for a ride, however, the two are caught in the middle of a storm and eventually they are separated from one another. As luck would have it, Connor gets saved by a Pirates ship and in turn gets to familiarise himself with a little bit of sword skills. Grace on the other hand is saved by a Vampirate ship and in turn faces the possibility of dying. Despite the fact that the title of the book sounds a little bit unusual, the book was full of romance and violence as well. Demons of the Ocean is an exceedingly interesting book that will unquestionably keep the readers at the edge of their seats.

All the characters are exceedingly unique and also quite easy to connect with in an exceedingly exceptional way. Tide of Terror is the second book in the Vampirates book series. Just like the first book, Demons of the Ocean, Tide of Terror follows the story of the two main characters, Grace and Connor. Despite the fact that the two were together for the most part of this book, it is evidently clear that the two are destined for different paths. Connor is more than determined to be a pirate. As a matter of fact, Connor excels at anything that is related to pirates. Connor has a vision of becoming a captain later on. Despite the fact that Connor is more than determined to become a pirate, Grace waits on the Vampirate ship together with her vampire friend Lorcan. With that said, Grace does some exceedingly strange things to ensure that she gets back on the Vampirates ship. Apart from taking spiritual journeys, Grace also jumps into the harbour, while trying to get back into the Vampirate ship.

With that said, there is a perfect balance between Grace and Conor. One of the best characters in this book is Bart. What made Bart such an excellent character is that he proved to be significant in Grace’s and Connor’s journey. While assisting the two character, Bart managed to maintain a positive attitude. Blood Captain is the third book in the Vampirates book series. Blood Captain is the third book in the Vampirates book series. Ever since Connor went aboard Diablo, he instantly became hooked. He loves being a captain, however things began to change when the nephew to Captain Wrathe became part of the crew. At this point Connor is not sure whether he still wants to be a pirate since each and every action that Moonshine, Wrathe’s nephew takes has been causing problems to Connor and his friends.

Connor begins to question whether becoming a Pirate is the best choice for him. As this takes place, Grace travels to the sanctuary together with Lorcarn with the hope that Mosh Zu Kamal, the Vampirate guru will be able to get rid of Lorcan’s blindness. However, the question is why is the Vampirate guru so much interested in Grace? And also what are some of the secret that Lorcan is hiding? With that said, the Vampirate book series is an excellent series that is definitely going to appeal to both boys and girls as well, especially those who are looking for a swashbuckling adventure story.

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