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Publication Order of Vampire Awakenings Books

“Vampire Awakenings” is a series of paranormal romance novels by Brenda K. Davies, a bestselling paranormal romance author. The USA Today author also writes under the pseudonym Erica Stevens in memory of friends she lost too soon. Davies was born in New York but her parents moved to Massachusetts while she was still a child. She spent much of her childhood moving between Massachusetts and New York. She was fortunate enough to get married to her best friend and she has a fun loving, crazy and large family that loves to laugh together. As for her writing, she has said that she was always interested in writing since she was nine years old. She still has a vivid imagination and wicked dreams and becoming an author was the perfect way of putting all her creativity out into the world. When she is not writing, she loves to spend time with friends and family.

Brenda K Davies currently works as a full time author even though she previously worked for more than a decade as a landscaper when she used to write part time. She would usually get up at two in the morning and write several pages of her manuscripts before heading out for work. Prior to becoming a landscaper, she was a Mental Health consultant for a prison while she worked on getting her college degree. She has also worked as a groomer and trainer for Standard bred racehorses. As a paranormal romance and fantasy author, she finds her inspiration from the horror movies she watched and the love for myths and legends she has had since she was a child. She is also a huge lover of the paranormal and will watch anything related to the genre. Davies has always been passionate about writing and this is what made her get into self-publishing in 2012 after several years of unsuccessfully pitching to publishers. “Awakened,” the first novel of the “Vampire Awakening” series of novels was first published in 2010.

The “Vampire Awakening” series of novels follows Sera and Liam and their progeny. Sera is a vampire that spent most of her college life hiding from who she is until Liam enters her world. He awakens strange emotions and feelings she never knew she had. But Liam is harboring some deadly and dark secrets and he knows he should stay away from her even though he is irresistibly drawn to the young woman. The second novel of the series tells the story of Isabelle, the child of Liam and Sera who wants to avoid the fate of her parents and locks herself away. She manages to stay hidden away until Stefan who is a man form his parents past visits them and is immediately drawn to Isabelle. Try as she must, she cannot resist what she now believes is her destiny. The third novel of the series is the story of Ethan that has been fighting his violent urges for years. Hoping to get away from a family who finds him weird, he intends to go with Isabella and Stefan to the Caribbean. But everything changes when a girl named Emma walks into his life and makes him feel things alien to himself. He now wants her to keep her safe from a dangerous threat and is ready to use the brutality he has spent years trying to suppress.

“Awakened,” the first novel of the “Vampire Awakening” series follows the life and times of a young woman named Sera. She is in her last year of college and is hesitant around men given a previous bad experience. She goes to college with a young man named Liam who also has a dangerous and dark secret. Liam soon notices Sera at a party and immediately decides that he wants her. The chance meeting soon evolves into a whirlwind romance neither of them could have ever imagined. She opens up to him about the trauma of a boyfriend who had left her and this triggers the protective instinct in Liam. Not long after, the ex-boyfriend reappears and threatens to harm Sarah. Liam will not stand idly by but the decision he makes could just change the course of their relationship.
In “Destined” the second novel of the series, Liam and Sera are still together and have had ten children. The story now follows Isabelle their second born child who went to high school with humans and never left home. The rest of her siblings are getting ready to go to college or are already going. Isabelle knows all about fated mates but wants nothing to do with them. All she wants is a life of independent choices and seclusion. But then Stefan who is from her parent’s past comes to visit and Isabelle feels lust and things she never thought she would ever feel. The two cannot resist each other even though this could portend trouble. But then Stefan breaks up with Jess his girlfriend and she could not be angrier. Stefan can finally get together with Isabelle but there are many issues that make their relationship difficult. It turns out that Stefan has a secret dangerous and dark past and this often causes enemies and fears to come out of the woodwork preventing them from mating.

“Untamed,” the third novel of the “Vampire Awakening” series is the story of Ethan who does not know if he should describe himself as monster or man. Whenever he is around humans, he has murderous urges that he cannot explain. He is a vampire born into a family of vampires but none of them have the same urges. Pureblood vampires, they can tell when a vampire has these urges and they know he does. He decides to go away for a time on a Caribbean cruise since his family thinks he is weird. Isabelle and Stefan his brother in law and sister love each other to bits while he can never seem to find his mate. Given that he is on a path to becoming a deranged killer, he thinks he will never find a mate. But then he meets a sweet and kind girl in the Caribbean named Emma and he thinks things might just turn out different. He soon finds himself in a complicated romance that he thinks he can no longer control himself. But then her ex turns up and things get really interesting when he has the opportunity to put his violent urges to action.

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