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Vanda Symon is a published author, mother, and radio host from New Zealand.

Born in 1969, Vanda spent her childhood and teen years growing up in Tauranga and Hawkes Bay. Then she decided that she would relocate and headed south, intending to study while enrolled in the University of Otago. She would graduate with her Bachelor of Pharmacy. She would then go back to Hawkes Bay, working in the position of a pharmacist.

Having secured a job locally as one of the pharmacists in a community, Vanda also took a position he at the hospice in her area. At the same time, she always pursued her love of writing and it has paid off!

Vanda is the author of the acclaimed fictional series of novels, the Sam Shephard saga. This series kicked off with the publication of the first book in the series, Overkill. The book came out in 2007 and there quickly followed a few more. The Ringmaster would be published quickly after. Check out the multiple stories in this series and see whether it might be something that you enjoy!

Overkill is the exciting debut novel from Vanda Symon as part of her Sam Shephard series. The story is an intriguing one, so if you are interested in suspenseful mystery thrillers, then this might be a story that you want to check out! Sam has a talent for cracking cases, but is she in over her head?

A mother is not too far along in life and will not go farther when she is discovered dead. One young woman’s time on this earthly plane has unfortunately reached its demise. Her body is discovered on the Mataura River’s banks, washed up like a piece of seaweed.

It appears that her death was a suicide, and a tragic one at that. The community that she lived in had not that many people, especially compared to so many other bigger towns and cities in the world. That was what made them all so tight knit and close. They were a close community and looked after each other. Not a lot of crime happened all that often, so the death is a huge blow.

Everyone is affected, and at the time, her death is determined to be nothing more than a suicide. That is what it appears to be, as this and so many other cases have been. But sometimes the best way to get away with murder if you don’t want to get caught is to make it look like the other person did it.

Sam is a police constable that is located in Mataura. He is the sole constable that is in charge in the area. He is the one to take on this serious matter as a result, but the more that he looks into it, the less that it seems like a suicide. He is about to find out that the clues he is building this theory on are about to confirm that he is correct.

This death was not a suicide. Soon he’s going to have to confront the realization that when it comes to this small town community, they are all dealing with a secret killer in their midst. The truth is right in front of them all, hiding in plain sight. It could be anyone, from your friendly next door neighbor to the church choir ladies to the boy delivering newspapers.

No one is free from suspicion, mostly because no one is coming forward as a primary suspect or admitting to this murder. Someone out there knows what’s going on, and there’s a very dangerous person that either lives among them or is just visiting.

The situation grows even more complicated because now the truth is coming out. The woman that is dead is having some new light on her life come up. As it turns out, the information that is relevant is that she was married to someone’s former lover.

Sam is doing all that she can to try and figure out what’s going on. Then she is shocked to find out that she herself has been added to a list of primary suspects. Now that things are definitely getting out of hand, she is going to have to really work if she wants to clear her name and catch a killer at the same time.

They say that it can be tough to kill two birds when you have just one stone, but Sam is going to try. After all, her very reputation and freedom is at stake. Now her job is starting to get affected. When she is suspended in the line of duty, she has to put her feelings aside and then deal with things herself.

She’s doing all that she can to find a killer so that she can put this horrible thing to bed once and for all. Only then will everything go back to normal. Desperate to finish this ordeal, Sam is doing everything that she can to try and bring it to a close and return life to the way that it was. But is that all an illusion?

When it comes to this thriller, run out and pick up your own copy to find out what happens in Overkill!

The Ringmaster is the second novel in the Sam Shephard series. This police woman is competent in her field and works in New Zealand on South Island. Death has been stalking everyone there for a while and now Sam is doing what she can to solve it.

She was burned by the events of her previous year and now she’s living on the very bottom of Dunedin’s detective training. Her boss is the type of person that is going to let her know that she needs to work her way to the top.

Getting involved in the homicide investigation that is the first of her career is going to be interesting. A student at university is killed, located in the gardens. Sam finds out quickly that this is not the first time. Could it all be related to a circus that has come to town? Sam is starting a case that may end poorly. Read this thriller and find out what happens in the end!

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