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The Language of Flowers (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
We Never Asked for Wings (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon

Vanessa Diffenbaugh is an American author of fiction. Vanessa was born in San Francisco but later raised in Chico in California. She is a bestselling author as well as philanthropist, nonprofit founder, a mother and wife.She attended and graduated from Stanford University.

After that, she worked in nonprofit areas teaching technology and art as well as writing to youth that belong to low-income communities. When her first novel was published and did quite well, she co-founded the Camellia Network. The goal of the network was to provide a national movement that supports youth that is transitioning from foster care.

The network is now named Lifeset Network and is a nonprofit that works to connect teenagers and young adults that had become legal adults that were being put out of the system with opportunities, resources, and the support that they require to do well in adulthood.

She lives with her husband in Monterey, California, along with their four children. They formerly lived in Cambridge, Massachusetts, which is when they first adopted a foster child named Tre’Von.

The Language of Flowers is Vanessa Diffenbaugh’s first book of fiction. You must check out the novel that others are calling mesmerizing, moving, and “elegantly written”. This first book from Diffenbaugh was released in 2011 to great acclaim.

Read as past and present are joined together to create a detailed portrait of a young girl who has a natural gift and a passion for flowers that helped her to change other people’s lives. Even as she struggled to get over her troubled past, she did her best to communicate through flowers

Back in the day, flowers were part of the Victorian language and an extension of communication and language. Each flower had its own message and would be used in order to convey expressions of romantic interest and notion. Each flower would stand for something different. Giving honeysuckle flowers to someone was an expression of your devotion. An aster would be for patience, and if you were in love you would give someone red roses and then they would know it for sure.

Victoria Jones tends to use flowers to communicate as well. But her connections to the flowers and how she speaks through them is via using mistrust, grief, and solitude. She has spent much of her life caught up in foster care. As a result, she has had a very difficult life and has never been able to grow close to anyone. Now she connects to the world only through the flowers and what they mean.

She has been out of the system ever since she turned eighteen, which was recent. The system mandates that once you are eighteen you age out and you are emancipated as an adult. But many of the children who pass through foster care discover that once they are 18 they actually have nowhere to go and end up aging out but also not having anywhere to stay or many ideas of how to take advantage of resources around them (or facing no resources available at all).

Victoria has nowhere to go, so she sleeps in a public park. There she makes a small garden of her own. Eventually, a florist in town discovers that she has talent with flowers as well as arrangements. Victoria is also finding that she has a gift when it comes to helping others through the flowers that she selects for them.Victoria is doing well. But when a vendor at the flower market starts up questions in her mind about holes in her life, she gets thinking.

Eventually, Victoria must confront a secret from her past that is quite painful. Now she must choose between staying the same and sticking to the shadows or risking everything that she believes in to be happy again.We Never Asked for Wings is the second novel from Vanessa Diffenbaugh.

Unlike her first novel, this book is not about flowers. This story is about young love as well as difficult choices faced and finding hope against all of the odds. Letty is the main character in this novel and she has been working nonstop for over a decade.

It’s been 14 years and she has been working a total of three jobs located around the San Francisco area for a long time. She does this to survive and help the family get by while her mother was busy providing for her children. Since her parents cannot work and earn income like she can, Letty has been helping out to help them pay for their small apartment located in a forgotten area of wetlands close to the bay.

Now Letty’s life is changing as her parents are going to Mexico once more. Letty will have the responsibility of raising her children and being a full-time mother instead of just working constantly. It’s an unexpected new role but Letty is prepared to take it on even though it may be difficult to navigate the new terrain.Letty does have a tough time raising the kids.

Luna really misses her grandparents being there. Not only that, fifteen-year-old Alex is falling slowly for a girl from his class and doesn’t have the flexibility or patience when it comes to his mother. The family is also located in a neighborhood that is dangerous and she doesn’t want to raise her children here forever.

Desperate to change things around and rise above the bad luck and injustice that has pervaded their lives, Letty creates a way for them to get out of the neighborhood. But with just one wrong move, everything that she has worked for to get her family to a better place may fall apart, along with everything that she hopes for them to happen later on.

What will happen in this gritty and real book from author Vanessa Diffenbaugh? You’re going to have to read it to find out. Pick up this engrossing story about motherhood, family, loyalty, and sacrifice and see what happens with Letty and where she goes as she attempts to realize the American dream not only for herself but for her children too. Check out the second novel to read it and find out how it ends.

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