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Vanessa L. Torres is an up and coming Mexican-American author. She is known for writing books for younger readers.

The first book that she ever put to paper was attempted and finished in the third grade. It was a book written on construction paper and she tied it together using red yarn. The story was centered around a princess that liked to wear overalls and a dragon that loved ice cream that refused to give up on the dreams that they have together.

Once Vanessa had written her very first book, she was just getting started and there would be no looking back. She loves putting down her thoughts and the products of her imagination down on the page, and keeps on going after her dreams just like the dragon and the overalls-wearing princess from her first story did. She salutes those who put their dreams down onto the page and readers out there who enjoy reading them!

Before she was an author, Vanessa had another life as a dancer. This may or may not have played into the subject matter of her very first book published as an adult author, The Turning Pointe, a book for young adults (but also appropriate for adults of all ages).

Vanessa was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota, a place where she grew up. But she eventually moved on and is now married with a family. She resides in Olympia, Washington, along with her daughter and husband.

She enjoys spending time writing in her off time, exercising her imagination and putting down new stories into reality. Vanessa also finds herself filling the time with her other official job, working the physically demanding job of being a firefighter as well as a paramedic. The author also really likes to get outdoors and is down to have fun with any outdoor activity! You can even find her potentially patrolling the mountain on skis whenever there’s a good amount of snow to work with and get some movement on.

In addition to writing, like many other authors, Vanessa also likes to read a bit when she can get her hands on a good book. She enjoys any story that comes complete with a vivid setting, and also has a soft spot in her heart when it comes to urban tales.

She likes to get her stories out, but when it comes to dealing with writers’ block, the author has her own approach. She acknowledges that this type of block is inevitable, something that most writers run into at one point in time or another. From her personal experience, she likes to approach the problem by turning to working out.

Torres says that physical exercise is the thing that typically works for her, including running. Vanessa relays that she just puts on her shoes and gets going. One type of workout that particularly helpful is trail running, which she enjoys outside of its proclivity for breaking her writers’ block, too. She says that something about being outside in nature makes it easier for her to go into her own head and check out, usually regaining some creativity and inspiration back in the process.

When it comes to the best thing for her about being a writer, Vanessa says that she likes the fact that she has the opportunity to makes things up. She’s able to take them from her brain where they started and pull them all the way out so that they make it onto the page. She says that is the ‘awesome’ thing when it comes to the creative process, the fact that you can go into your imagination and bring it to life where it really was just inside your mind before.

Torres says that she comes form a wonderful Mexican-American family that were quite close together. Her parents did not pass down the language of Spanish to the younger generations in their family intentionally. The author says that for her grandparents, it was all about the family being able to assimilate to the culture in the United States. It was also about being protective of the children and descendants of the family, already knowing that being mixed race in society can bring about obstacles, and not wishing to make life for their family in America any more difficult or painful than it had to be.

The Turning Pointe is a novel by Vanessa L. Torres that was released to the general reading public in 2022. If you love literature written for young adults, unique stories, or anything having to do with dancing, check this book out!

This is the story of a young Latina girl, a teenager that is living in Minnesota in the 1980s. She is all about searching for her own sense of identity and personal freedom, all while breaking the expectations held of her.

Rosa Dominguez is the young heroine of this story, a dancer that is just sixteen years old. She is talented at dancing, and when she pirouettes in her pointe shoes, it is simply like watching poetry in motion.

Rosa also happens to be the daughter of her father, a ballet Master with a bit of a tyrannical side. It would seem that she is absolutely about to be the studio’s star principal dancer. However, she seems to be more interested In the idea of spending time with Prince in the dance studio upstairs, if only for just an hour.

It appears that her wish to meet Prince just might come true. Her father announces that there will be auditions held, and the triumphant dancers will get to perform at a concert with Prince. Rosa definitely wants to be the one to win. The last thing that she expected was for the cross-dressing boy from the dance shop, Nikki, to come into her life.

Rosa doesn’t know what to do. Her whole life has been dance, and now she’s craving escaping it all to prove to her family and herself that she can do more than just perform in pointe shoes. This is her big chance to break away from her ballet life and do more. Will she seize it? Will she be happy with her choice? Read The Turning Pointe by Vanessa L. Torres to find out!

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