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Publication Order of Vanessa Michael Munroe Books

The Vanessa Michael Munroe series of novels comprises of 5 interesting novels based on the mystery and thriller genre. A sixth one is about to be published soon. The series was written by award-winning, New York Times bestselling author Taylor Stevens and was published from 2011 to 2014. Written similar to the likes of Jack Reacher and Jason Bourne, the series is critically acclaimed worldwide and published in more than 20 different languages. The success of the novel series attracted many noteworthy directors and producers, including James Cameron, whose production company ‘Lightstorm Entertainment’ has opted to make a film in the near future. The series introduces the central character Vanessa Munroe, who is a lonely girl. She is resourceful and has a plenty of sex appeal.

Vanessa grew up overseas and has acquired combat training to protect herself and is full of humor. She deals in information and works for corporations, private clients, heads of states and anyone else who can pay her well for her expertise. As a result, the information that she provides is generally expensive. An oil billionaire from Texas hires her to find his daughter who goes missing from Africa 4 years ago. While putting herself into the mystery of finding the missing girl, Vanessa brings herself back to the place where she had spent her childhood days. She recalls her days of misery when her family was betrayed and she was left for dead. She has again landed herself in the same jungle of demons and has to come to face to face with her miserable past that has transformed her into the person that she is now. As a child, Vanessa grew up in central Africa. Her parents were stationed there as American missionaries. Soon the lawless place becomes a living hell for her and her family. After experiencing a life-changing event in her life by taking up with an infamous gunrunner and his crew, Vanessa learns a lot at a very young age of 15 years. Her traumatic childhood is something that she does not want to see again. The first novel of the Vanessa Michael Munroe series was published in the year 2011 under the title ‘The Informationist’. The novel opens up the plot set up in Texas, where the protagonist named Vanessa Michael Munroe works as an Informationist. She demands huge amounts of money fro her expertise and mainly gets hired by Government officials and heads of states in order to gather useful information.

Vanessa is a skillful lady with a sense of humor. She knows combat skills for fighting against the dangerous people whom she encounters while trying to gather classified information. Her childhood was pretty much traumatized in the lawless place of Central Africa. Over a decade, she has established a lucrative career for herself in Texas and does not want to look back at her past. But an assignment comes up from an oil billionaire who hires her to find his missing daughter in Africa. She hopes to come to terms with her miserable past and decides to visit Africa and experience some new chapters of life thereby learning a few important lessons of life. The novel became a huge hit in a very short period after its publishing. It received a lot of praises from one and all similar to the likes of Jack Reacher and Jason Bourne. This success brought prosperity in the life of the author Taylor Stevens. The amazing response towards her first novel motivated her to write few more exciting novels. The Informationist sold a number of copies worldwide and even got translated into multiple languages. The famous production company, Lightstorm Entertainment has acquired the rights to make a film based on the novel. James Cameron is said to begin the shooting of the film as soon as he finishes the trilogy of Avatar. The novel received the Barry Award for the Best First Novel in the year 2012. It even got nominated for a few other prestigious awards, including The Macavity Award for the Best First Mystery Novel in the year 2012 and The Anthony Award for the Best First Novel in the same year.

The sequel to the first novel of the Vanessa Michael Munroe series was published in the year 2012 under the title ‘The Innocent’. In this novel, Vanessa is depicted as trying to save a girl named Hannah from the clutches of The Chosen. The Chosen is a world of cult where people from born in this world and living a life in the outside world, are abducted and hidden from others. One such incident took place eight years ago when a man abducts Hannah from her school, who was just five years old then. She is taken across the Mexican border into the world of The Chosen. She is hidden there for eight long years by the followers of The Prophet. The followers keep moving her from country to country and also shield the man who abducted her. The other childhood survivors of The Chosen turn to Vanessa for help. They fear getting abducted and thrown back into the cult world of The Chosen.

The survivors believe that the only way to get Hannah back safely from Argentina and protecting themselves from the clutches of The Chosen is to find and trust a person who does not trust the followers of The Prophet. Vanessa is the perfect choice for this job. She tries to get inside The Chosen and save Hannah and others. The plot of the novel takes interesting twists and turns as Vanessa Michael Munroe takes up the impossible task of helping the innocent and needy. The second novel also sold a number of copies worldwide and became successful. The author Taylor Stevens got praised for her efforts by noteworthy authors and critics. Famous writers like Lee Child described the novel as an interestingly described plot of mysterious events in the life of Vanessa. Taylor Stevens was motivated to write other novels in the mystery genre which became successful likewise the initial novels of the series. Her novels featured in the best sellers list of a number of publishing magazines. The series was placed in the ranks of previously published famous novels’ written by noteworthy authors like Lee Child and others, of the mystery and thriller genre.

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