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Vashti Hardy
Vashti Hardy is an award-winning United Kingdom writer of children’s books. She taught in primary school for some time and has much interest in children’s stories. She holds a first-class honor teaching degree in English and an MA in creative writing from the University of Chichester.

Vashti loves adventures and invention and has always been excited by real-life explorers from history. With the use of journals, Vashti creates fantasy worlds during her free time. After quitting teaching, she became a copywriter and digital marketing executive.

The author is an alumni member of The Golden Egg Academy, and her books are published in the United Kingdom by Scholastic.

Arthur and Maudie are are children of a popular explorer, Brightstorm. Their father had gone on an journey to the South Polaris when his ship crashed, killing him and the crew.

The twins Arthur and Maudie Brightstorm receive the news that their father has just passed on while attempting to reach the southernmost corner of the world. With their only parent passing away, they have left orphans and come out of their comfortable life.

In addition to his death, he is blamed for having stolen fuel from another airship before his death and is accused of violating explorers’ laws, which led to losing everything under his name. Arthur and Maudie have nothing left and are sold and listed for servitude by a slave family.

They are devastated by the news and confused, and they don’t know what to believe. After investigation, the Lontown Geographical Society has found Ernest Brightstorm guilty of destroying the expedition of Eudora Vane, his competitor. A mysterious clue makes the twins question the story they’ve just been told. To discover the truth, they’ve to go on a lifetime journey.

The two end up answering an advertisement to assist a crew in new exploration, hoping to discover the truth. They escape slavery, join a ragtag crew of a Skyship captained by Harriet Culpepper, and start a journey to South Polaris to retrieve their father’s reputation and investigate what happened to their father during the expedition.

As the ship prepares to sail, the two have to keep their intentions to themselves and prove to the the crew that they are worth it. Will Maudie and Arthur be lucky to get the answers they are looking for? In the adventure, you will get an icy terrain, mind-talking wolves, suspense, what really happened to the kid’s father in his last exploration, and the right person to blame for the missing fuel.

It’s incredible how the twins are brave, and even though they find themselves in tricky situations severally, their intelligence saves them at the end of the day. The vivid description of the airships and explorers’ society is fun, and the adventures will keep the reader on edge.

Brightstorm gives a series of unfortunate events around the world in 80 days and provides the story with a steampunk twist. The book has quirky characters, skyships, and discerning animals to give an epic and fantastic action-adventure tale.

It’s a fascinating and compelling adventure with lively landscapes and fantastic characters of the author’s vividly imagined world. The characters are incredible, with Arthur being sensitive and intuitive while Maudie is clever and has a diversified mind. Harriet, on the other hand, is an unflappable explorer.

Arthur is more outgoing and adventurous while Maudie is more scholarly, but the two complement each other in this beautiful book. It’s so lovable how they work together, using their strengths to stick together while on the mission.
The female characters are intelligent and very strong, and even though Arthur is physically impaired with only one arm, he still pursues his mission. The secondary characters are phenomenal and exciting and added flavor to the story. The technology, machines, characters, inventions, magic, and wolves make the book a fascinating read.

If you have a young reader interested in adventure, books about animals, and airships, this is a perfect book for them. This amazing book by Vashti Hardy keeps the reader engaged and hooked as you go on an epic adventure.

The Brightstorm twins are now back for yet another page-turning adventure. The crew of Captain Harriet Culpepper is back in the skyship Aurora, but this time they go through a new challenge with a vivid jungle setting. Arthur and Maudie witness a break-in by their nemesis Eudora Vane. The following day, to their surprise, she announces a search for the missing explorer Ermitage Wigglesworth, a famous explorer and writer and the owner of the house she was breaking in.
The twins are so determined to find him, and their newly discovered aunt is also in the search. Arthur, Maudie, and Harriet Culpepper doubt that the investigation is for covering something else. What might Eudora Vane be looking for in the Eastern Isles?

The Eastern Isles are not easy to find and holds a lot of secrets. The twins are for the first time separated to live in places they know nothing about. Will they later be reunited? Will they be able to find out what Eudora is up to before it’s too late?

Darkwhispers is a spectacular sequel to the Brightstorm novel ideal for readers who love big and daring adventures. Vashti Hardy has yet again written another page-turning adventure story. The books build a legacy of an exciting and intelligent story on exploration. When the twins are separated for the first time, the author shows Maudie’s vulnerabilities and Arthur’s desperation as he tries to live up to his brilliant sister.

He goes through many difficulties as he grieves his father and his emotional narrative plays a significant role in the story while he grows as a character. Vashti’s world-building poses questions about our own world. Can we invent power sources that do not harm the environment? Are the animals around us more intelligent than we think? Vashti Hardy’s narrative is narrated with confidence that allows her imaginative ideas to soar high.
This is also a perfect book to captivate children’s imaginations and ignite interest in science and invention.

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