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Vatta’s War Books In Order

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Publication Order of Vatta's War Books

Trading in Danger (2003)Description / Buy at Amazon
Marque and Reprisal / Moving Target (2004)Description / Buy at Amazon
Engaging the Enemy (2006)Description / Buy at Amazon
Command Decision (2007)Description / Buy at Amazon
Victory Conditions (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon

The Vatta’s War book series is a military science fiction series written by Elizabeth Moon who is a dedicated Texan author. The military story, settings, characters, jargon and fighting techniques in the series is not only realistic but totally authentic as the author herself had served in the military corps before venturing into novel writing. Vatta’s War consists of five interesting book titles that were published between the year 2003 and 2008.

Vatta’s War is a captivating story about a female character by the name Kylara Vatta, who is the main protagonist and how she teams up with others in a search for adventure and revenge to those who mean her family harm. The youngest member of the famous Vatta family, which owns the great ‘Vatta Space Transport’ empire at first, decides to abandon her role in running the interstellar shipping corporation for the military, but this does not last long. Kylara later becomes a ship captain and she is forced to deal with pirates and mercenaries in a bid to make a name for herself in the harsh world while upholding her family’s name.

A description of some of the book characters found in the Vatta’s War book series

Kylara Vatta

The main character in the Vatta’s War book series is a lovable heroine who also happens to be the only daughter in a family consisting of mainly sons. Ky as her friends prefer to call her also happens to be the only daughter of Gerald Vatta, who is the head of the respected ‘Vatta Space Transport’ empire. She is depicted to be an adventurous person who will gladly sacrifice anything even if it ends up putting her in difficult situations just to have a taste of adventure.

Kylara at first chooses to have a military career instead of joining the famous family business and enrolls at the Slotter Key Spaceforce Academy as a cadet. This does not last long as she is forced to take an early retirement before she even graduates. She later becomes a powerful military personnel and skilled ship captain.

Stella Maria Vatta

Stella is Kylara’s beautiful cousin who later teams up with her to try to rebuild their family’s destroyed empire. Apart from her beauty, Stella is a courageous lady who is loyal to her cousin and friend such that she gladly accepts to put her life on the line for Kylara’s dangerous quest. She is at some point portrayed as a hopeless romantic in the story.

Grace Lane Vatta

Grace is Kylara’s great aunt and renown maker of the galaxy’s most unpalatable fruitcakes. The elderly female character as a solid history in intelligence and security from her former military life. Grace actively schemes in the background in an attempt to target the uncanny president of Slotter Key who is partly responsible for her family’s woes. Although she may not be fully involved in the ongoing space battles, grace can fight with utmost skill and determination when provoked.

Novels in the Vatta’s War book series

“Trading in Danger”

Trading in Danger is an introductory novel in the Vatta’s War book series. Kylara Vatta abandons her roles and responsibilities in the family business only to enroll at the Slotter Key Spaceforce Academy as a female cadet in an attempt to fulfill her childhood dream to become a military personnel. However, this does not last long as she is disgracefully expelled from the institution after she innocently tries to help a fellow cadet forcing her to return home a humiliated person with a high profile media coverage on her back.

All is not lost as she is offered a redemption chance to work as a captain of one of the obsolete trading vessels in order to take it and sell the ship for scrap. The simple assignment later proves to be a dangerous one as Ky has her own intentions in mind that she deems to be more profitable and adventurous than the initial mission. Even the supporting crew of seasoned and experienced veterans can’t seem to stop Kylara from transforming the simple routine mission into a very risky venture in a bid to make a name for herself.

Kylara and her crew are tasked with transporting some leading officers of other commercial ships by mercenaries. She intends to take the proceeds from the lucrative delivery to upgrade her condemned and ‘worthless’ ship. Things get a little out of hand during her quest for adventure as she is forced to face pirates and mercenaries to save her neck. She gets to prove that she is not just a lazy beneficiary of her family’s famous name when her dangerous change of plans leads them straight into the middle of a dreaded colonial war. Nothing but her incredible skills, military training and amazing battle instinct that saves her and her crew.

“Engaging the Enemy”

Engaging the Enemy is a story based on Kylara’s journey to avenge the death of her parents while reclaiming her family’s shattered transport empire. A series of planned assassinations lead to the death of her beloved parents and the total ruin of their shipping empire forcing Ky to team up with Stella and aunt Grace in an attempt to get to the bottom of it all. The main force that drives Ky who is currently the unorthodox renegade heir to her family’s business empire is purely out of revenge.

The ship captain and military personnel manages to keep her head straight while everyone around her is losing theirs. This novel is definitely a great space adventure filled with well-developed characters and a likable heroine. Using their strategic three prolonged attack Kylara, Stella and aunt Grace come to realize that the conspiracy that led to the death of Ky’s parents and their family empire is a dangerous one as it involves a traitorous ship captain, a disgruntled renegade cousin, space pirates and their treacherous government.

Ky undergoes immense growth in the story and is made to make quite a number of unfavorable but essential decisions on the way while dealing with mercenaries, quite a number of ridiculous government systems and ship captains from various cultures.

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