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Publication Order of Vegas Vampires Books

Focusing on romance books mainly, the American writer Erin McCarthy also has an ability for weaving elements of the supernatural into her novels. With an ability for making the narrative transition between genres seamless, she clearly has a talent for writing fantasy. This is especially evident in her long-running and highly popular Vegas Vampires series, which has amassed a huge amount of readers worldwide. Heading into familiar territory once again, McCarthy infuses her romance with slightly risqué elements for a more rounded set of novels. This time she has also injected a supernatural twist on her previous franchises, as she uses vampires as the cornerstone for this particular series. Combining both fantasy and romance, though, she is back on form delivering an exciting set of Las Vegas set stories that are sure to keep her readers hooked.

Taking more fantastical approach to the romance genre this time, Erin McCarthy has developed a somewhat different style for this particular book. With over seven installments in the franchise overall so far, it’s really managed to build its own momentum over the years. Showing plenty of potential for continuation in the future, it’s unclear as of yet as to whether or not McCarthy will continue it.

High Stakes

Initially published in 2006 on the first of August, this was first brought out through the Berkley Trade publishing label. Setting up the bright and breezy tone, it goes for the fun and light-hearted approach, making it instantly accessible as an ideal summer read novel. Whilst they work as stand-alone titles operating in the same universe, it’s best to follow them in order, so as to get an idea of where they’re going.

The general idea behind this book, and behind this series overall, is that it’s a light and breezy read that’s easy to pick-up. With vampires and romance, it’s well paced with witty and fun premises and dialogue, not to mention great and engaging characters. Despite it having elements of fantasy and the supernatural, it’s able to maintain a clear footing in the real world with a grounded sense of realism. As with her other series, this particular franchise is location specific focusing on the city of Vegas for much of its action. Giving the area a sense of character in of itself, McCarthy manages to bring out the landscape for the duration of the novel. This also plays of against the characters themselves well, reflecting some of the ideas traditionally related to the city. With a set of vampires it would be so easy to get bogged down in the specifics of the genre, but McCarthy overcomes this and has fun with them. Centering around the protagonists of Alexis Baldizzi and Ethan Carrick, it manages to create a keen love triangle to guide the narrative. Whilst there might be many well worn tropes to them as well, McCarthy manages to keep it fresh for the novel’s duration.

Working as both a politician and a casino-owner, Ethan Carrick is a vampire with a heart of gold beneath it all. That’s when he decides he needs a first lady, as he’s running in the vampire election, something which draws him towards Brittany Baldizzi. Despite the fact that she seems perfect for the position, it’s really her protective sister, Alexis, who really gets his pulse racing. Will they overcome their passion for each other, or will they succumb to it? Can they ever become a couple, and face Ethan’s womanizing past? Just what are the high stakes?

Bit the Jackpot

First published in 2006 on the 5th of December through the Berkley Sensation publishing label, this was to be the second title in the Vegas Vampires series. Following on in both the style and the tone of the first, it works as its own story, with a new set of characters to get involved in. Giving the readers what they’ve come to expect, McCarthy still manages to insert a few surprise twists and turns along the way as well.

As before, the ideas within this book are light-hearted and fun, with a slither of the supernatural horror to add a level of excitement. That’s not to say it’s completely fluffy, as it does manage to create characters once again who are compelling to follow and read. Looking at romance as well, it manages to bring in a level of erotica too, along with some sensuality to underpin it. The city of Las Vegas once again plays its hand too, with it becoming a prominent feature for the course of the novel. With it already having been developed in the previous novel, the city of Vegas manages to construct the ideal backdrop for the glamorous vampires once more. It also works at reflecting the nature of the characters as well, with many of them working in and around the city, as it comes to life at night. Featuring Seamus Fox as the vampire after Cara Kim who he takes a liking to, it uses the characters to maximum effect. Playing off of each other, McCarthy is an expert at getting the sparks to fly off the page, as the chemistry builds. This, along with the other supporting cast, ensures, that the narrative flows along at gradual pace, whilst not slowing down too much.

Working for the Vampire Nation political group, Seamus Fox has to cover the tracks of his political candidate, being his campaign manager. Covering up the string of women, he’s really had his fill of it all, that is until he meets Cara Kim, a stripper who catches his eye. They seem to hit it off, and she seems to be a good person, that is until they have a run-in on the street and all may not be as it first seemed. Will they ever get together? Can they overcome their differences? What will become of Seamus as he finds that he’s bit the jackpot?

The Vegas Vampires Series

These novels really work as the ideal vacation read when looking to relax with nothing that’s too taxing or cumbersome. This is something that Erin McCarthy understands extremely well, as made evident by her status as a bestselling author. Easy to pick-up, yet difficult to put down, they’re compelling and engaging with Erin McCarthy’s trademark wit to carry them through. When it comes to a genre based series such as this, it’s so easy to get weighed down in the sea of other titles on offer. As a writer, though, McCarthy manages to bring her own unique voice to the table, creating a vibrancy in her work unlike any other. It’s this idiosyncratic style that’ll keep her writing the series for quite some time yet, as there’s plenty more options to expand the franchise available on the horizon.

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