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Publication Order of Venice Vampyr Books

By: Tina Folsom, Michele Hauf
Venice Vampyr (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
Final Affair (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
Sinful Treasure (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
Sensual Danger (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Wicked Seduction (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon

Venice Vampyr is the creation of author Tina Folsom; while described as paranormal romance in terms of Genre, the Venice Vampyr series is more erotica than anything else. Scattering a scant few plots throughout the series, Tina Folsom’s stories have been described as hot and steamy, placing insatiable characters in scandalous situations with the aim of allowing them to receive a modicum of relief from their mundane lives.

The Author

Tina Folsom was born in Germany; she has been described as being quite the globe trotter, having lived in over 20 English speaking nations over the course of her life. Tina Folsom’s life and work has allowed her to experience life in places like Switzerland and Munich, spending a noteworthy amount of time on many a cruise.

Her interests are as widely varying as the countries she has lived in; initially pursuing accounting, Tina went on to study Drama at the American Academy of Dramatic arts in New York before eventually pursuing screenwriting in the years that followed. It was during these years that she met her husband, making the decisions to follow him to San Francisco a few months later.

Tina dabbled in accounting (going so far as to open her own firm); she even tried her hand at real estate before she came to realize where her true passions lay: writing. She wrote her first book in 2008, and since then she has only continued to build momentum in her career as a writer.

The Venice Vampyr Series.

Tina’s love for vampires and romance has never been in question; and these elements emerge rather strongly in the Venice Vampyr series. On top of their shared setting (Venice), the Venice Vampyr series of books have a common motif, often featuring vampires that are driven by lusts and who more often than not live lives surrounded by steamy affairs and erotic adventures.

More often than not, Tina’s rather thin plots will entangle a strong yet vulnerable woman with the lives of one or more vampires, many of these women in possession of strong desires they have been waiting to let loose, a select few innocent in nature, in which case they must struggle against the thralls of supernatural entities determined to drown them in the carnal pleasures of the world.

While set centuries in the past, the voices of Tina’s characters do not always accurately manifest the times during which they live, many readers known for criticizing Tina about the lack of authenticity in the world she has created, in the same way many a fan has rejoiced in the explicit nature of Tina’s erotic works.

Venice Vampyr

The setting is Venice, in the early 1800s. Isabella Tenderini is the widow of a wealthy merchant. In choosing to rescue a stranger from drowning in the canals of Venice, Isabella sets into motion on a series of events that even she could not have dared envision.

Grateful for her efforts in his rescue, the stranger shows his appreciation the best way he knows how: with a kiss.That is the way of Raphael di Santori, a vampire, one that doesn’t play by the rules, who takes what he wants and for whom intimacy is the only answer to the actions of the beautiful respectable woman.

There is only one way to describe Tina Folsom’s first novel in the Venice Vampyr series, and that is sensational. As steamy as it is hot, the novella is short yet well developed, bringing to the fro an expertly structured plot within the setting of Venice.

There is clear and undeniable chemistry between the characters, making Raphael and Isabella quite the phenomenal couple. Within the pages of Tina’s story, Isabella experiences what can only be called a sexual awakening, her arousal complimented by a yearning for love in Raphael that even he didn’t know he was capable of.

There are some emotionally moving elements in the story, typical of a romance novel; but the erotic nature of this story is also undeniable, the novel laced with voyeurism and bondage.

Tina’s works are not for everyone, and only a certain type of reader is likely to enjoy this first novel in the Venice Vampyr series; for all the effort Tina places into crafting a plot, any semblance of character development and story progression serves to place the characters in as many a scandalous sexual situation as possible.

Those more discerning readers are also likely to raise complaints about the inaccuracies present in the dialogue, the conversations more than likely to take you out of the time period the story is supposed to be taking place in. For those individuals simply looking for a steamy read where character development and plot structure matter little, Venice Vampyr is bound to impress.

Final Affair

It’s the 1800s, Venice, Italy. Viola will be dead in three months; however she doesn’t want to leave the world as a virgin. She travels to Venice with the express aim of experiencing the physical pleasures a man has to offer without attracting scandal to her family. She has every intention of taking her life after achieving this goal, determined to leave the mortal world painlessly and with some dignity.

For such a naive girl, Venice turns out to be a far more dangerous place than Viola might have assumed. Dante, a vampire, rides in to rescue her, determined to provide her the physical pleasure she seeks in effort to keep her safe from the dangerous men she might stumble upon. However the passion Dante attempts to deliver proves to be anything but delightful.

A virgin, Viola flees from the disdain she discovers in sex, determined to finally bring her life to an end. Dante takes all effort to save her from death at her own hands, proceeding to bring to her mind the true pleasures of sex, one subtle kiss and touch at a time, preparing her for the moment she can finally consume him whole.

Final Affair is as erotic as any of Tina Folsom’s other novels. Where this second novel in the series varies from its predecessor is in the emotion Tina chooses to inject into the story.

The characters play off each other well enough, the stark differences in their personalities making the novel that much more intriguing to read.

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