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Pirates of Venus (1932)Description / Buy at Amazon
Lost on Venus (1935)Description / Buy at Amazon
Carson of Venus (1939)Description / Buy at Amazon
Escape on Venus (1942)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Wizard of Venus (1964)Description / Buy at Amazon

The Venus series is successful novel series written by Edgar Rice Burroughs, an American renowned author, just like her two previous series titled ‘Barsoom’ or John Carter of Mars series, and ‘Pellucidar’ series. A science fantasy series, the Venus series consist of four novels along with one novelette. Sometimes it is known as ‘Amtor’ series as Amtor is the local name of Venus just like Barsoom is the local name of Mars, and sometimes known as Carson Napier series as he is the main character in the novels. In order to travel to Mars on his own, Carson Napier goes on a solo voyage, but something happens and he finds that instead of going towards Mars he is going towards Venus. It happened because of some calculation mistake in the navigation. After crash landing on Venus, Carson Napier finds most of the inhabitants as human-like and the world of Amtor is just like Earth with full of water, and not like the desert planet Barsoom. Almost all of the events in the novels of the series take place on Vepaja island, Kormor and Havatoo city-states that are present to the north of Vepaja on the tropical continent and on the island called Anlap, into the Korva kingdom. It is always common in the works of Edgar Rice Burrough that the hero or the main character of the story is always a braveheart, daring and bold, and the Vepajan princess instantly falls in love with him as he wins her heart. The name of the princess is Duare and she takes a long time to express her love due to some political issues. On Venus Napier finds a lot of different kinds of people like the inhabitants of Vejapan, the Thorists; who are the refugees from an empire that was overthrown, Havatoo’s eugenicists that are super-scientific in nature, pirates, Kormor’s zombies, Korva’s Zanis, and the Cloud People who are hideous in nature. Carson Napier twice becomes a pirate in the series, finds his way out from Room of the Seven Doors, and lastly becomes Tanjong or prince of Korva. Carson Napier has saved princesses countless time from the dangers that are incomparable.

Of all the novels written in the Venus series, the first one is titled ‘Pirates of Venus’ and was first published in the year 1932 and was later republished by Bison Books on 1st September, 2001. Of all the things that Carson Napier has thought of visiting, Venus was the last place. While his secret visit to Mars in his rocket ship Carson crash lands on Venus due to some mistake in the calculation of navigation. The sister world of Earth, Venus or Amtor is a place from where returning is impossible and Carson Napier knows this fact. His only way to return to Earth is to just wait for another rocket from Earth to follow Napier’s rocket to Venus. The planet Venus is covered fully by clouds and beneath it are trees that are sky-high, kingdoms that are constant war with each other and princesses thrown into prison and are waiting for someone to rescue them. But, the case here is different as Carson is the one who needs to be rescued as of now. There were never ending ocean on Venus with great islands looking like dots and forests were like mammoth with cloud piercing trees and there were civilizations on their branches, and there were men who had wings and were flying.

Men, half-men and monsters are the inhabitants of the planet and they were in a constant fight with each other to dominate and rule the world. On the planet Venus, an ancient native civilization captures Carson Napier. In the garden of the Palace, Carson finds a beautiful woman and commits a sin that cannot be pardoned under any circumstances – falling in love with Venus’ princess. There was a race beneath the clouds of Venus, who had strange nature and were living on trees so huge that the Californian giant redwoods looked like saplings. These people were very good looking, beautiful and were very healthy. The reason behind was that they had found the secret fountain of youth and a way to keep all the diseases away from them. But still there was constant danger on their kingdom and on Duare, their lovely princess. The planet of Amtor can be said to be well-advanced as well as well-backwards in some way or the other. For the seagoing ships, the scientists of the planet Venus have harnessed the power of radioactive atomic resources, but still never build a machine that can fly. Never go too far from the land if you want to live. The belief of Amtorians is that their planet is in the shape of a flat disc. You might die of heat if you travel to the center of the disc, or die by freezing if you travel to the edge. Taking a trip to Amtor is full of thrills and adventure.

Edgar Rice Burroughs’ second book in the Venus series is titled ‘Lost on Venus’ and was first published in the year 1935. The life is hell in Amtor, for Carson Napier, an Earthman who by mistake came to Venus. In order to just stay alive, he is doing all he can with his courage on the planet full of monsters and men; who are more deadly than monsters. But there was something more to for Carson than just staying alive. He had promised Vepaja that he will return princess Duare to their treetop kingdom. There is no map of the territory of thousands of miles, but Carson Napier is still steady on his goal. Right from coming out of the Room of the Seven Doors, Carson made his way out of Kormor’s horror, from the city where no one goes alive and from the prison of the ruthless scientists. Even beast-men attacked him, but he found his way out of it and all this for the pledge he made to deliver the beautiful princess Duare safe and sound. He was following her heart towards the woman he loved. The most beautiful women on Venus, princess Duare is the daughter of the King of Vepaja and its last hope. Now she has been abducted by the sworn enemies of the kingdom called Thorists. There is no one on Venus, who has the courage and strength to rescue the princess, but Napier is risking everything for the sake of the kingdom and to save the love of his life. He is lost on Venus and has to do something.

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