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Never Saw Me Coming (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Step Past Darkness (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Twelve Years, Eight-hundred and Seventy-two Miles (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon

About Vera Kurian

An American writer based in Washington DC, Vera Kurian is well known for her interesting and immersive brand of mystery thriller. Making a real impact on her first arrival, she would write with a great deal of insight, creating highly engaging fiction in the process. This winning formula of hers would manage to gain the attention of many from all over, really pushing her to the forefront of her field. In time she would come to find her audience, writing about exactly what it was that she wanted to write about.

Finding her own idiosyncratic voice and approach to the art of storytelling, Kurian occupies a space that is very much unique to her. This style has allowed her to become far more prolific, saying something with a strong message at the heart of it. Bringing elements of horror to her work as well, she’s never one to shy away from depicting some of the more grittier aspects of life and reality. Through this she manages to enthral and entertain her audience in equal measure, keeping them glued to the edges of their seats.

Whether it’s writing short fiction or full novels, Kurian has proven herself to be an extremely versatile author who can easily adapt. Knowing her audience well too, she perfectly understands them and their needs too, making her books very easy to relate to. Resonating with her readers on multiple levels, she’s gifted at drawing them in and keeping them there for the duration of the story. She does this using a mixture of telling a compelling story contrasted with well developed characters who really stand out from the page.

There’s a lot to admire within the writing of Vera Kurian, as her work has a real singular sense of style to it. Flowing in an immediately arresting and well thought out style, she also captures a definite atmosphere and ambiance in her stories too. Appearing in several different publications over the years, she fast made a name for herself as a writer to watch out for. With lots more to follow in the near future, her writing career will continue to grow onwards and upwards for some time yet.

Early and Personal Life

Growing up with a passion for the written word, Vera Kurian would come to harbor a talent for literature and writing. Over time she would come to nurture this talent, constantly reading and writing, whilst honing and refining her craft. Finding a voice and approach that was very much her own, she would start to find her audience and readers in turn. This approach has allowed her to become the writer that she currently is today, appealing to a wide audience all over the world.

Born and raised in the mid-Atlantic area, she would constantly be looking for new and exciting ideas to help inspire her whilst growing up. Moving to New York City for some time, and then Los Angeles, she would come to live and settle in Washington DC where she has lived and worked to this day. Attending university, she studied Social Psychology, gaining a PhD in the subject, as she looked at the relationships between large groups of people. Still writing, she has lots more planned for the future, as there’s a lot more for her to say as an author of some renowned.

Writing Career

In 2021 Vera Kurian would write and publish her first novel, which would be the self-contained title ‘Never Saw Me Coming.’ This book would be a stand-alone mystery thriller, giving readers a rich and immersive story to invest themselves in, as well as heralding an exciting new talent. Prior to this she blogged, something that she still continues on her personal website, maintaining a presence both online and off.

Often writing short-stories for a variety of different publications, she would make a name for herself before releasing her debut novel. Training as a psychologist before becoming a writer for a living, she would gain an insight into the human mind quite unlike any other. Gaining a lot of acclaim from both critics and the general public alike, she’s been well received by many from all over.

Never Saw Me Coming

Initially published through the ‘Park Row’ publishing label, this would first come out in 2021 on the 7th of September. Marking the debut novel from Vera Kurian, it would see her becoming a hugely influential author, as it would clearly display her talent for mystery thrillers. Not being a part of any series as such, it would establish her as an author with something to say, working entirely as a stand-alone novel.

With an interesting premise and engaging characters that are somewhat different, there’s a lot here to enjoy. Making for a compelling story that really draws the reader in, it makes for a really immersive story that operates on multiple levels. Keeping the reader constantly guessing throughout too, it’s a constant page-turner that’s very entertaining, while featuring some deeper ideas underneath.

Seen as an all-round successful honors student to all in the outside world, Chloe Sevre is actually a psychopath with plans to kill her once childhood friend Will Bachman. She’s then put into a clinical study for psychopaths at her college in DC, with the other students being like herself incapable of feeling fear or guilt. A group of them are then required to wear smart watches, keeping an eye on them for the duration of the study, but then one of them turns up murdered and now Chloe is being hunted. Will she be able to survive this ordeal, can she find who’s after her, and what happens when the killer says that ‘you never saw me coming?’

Short Fiction

Prior to becoming a full-time author, Vera Kurian would write shorter fiction for publications such as ‘Glimmer Train,’ ‘The Punch,’ and ‘Day One,’ to name just a few. These various different stories would work to make a name for her, establishing her as an author with something important to say. Her stories would include titles such as ‘Twelve Years, Eight-hundred and Seventy-two Miles,’ which follows an American road-trip amidst a family tragedy and drama. Many readers responded well to stories such as this, which in turn has seen her become hugely influential all around the world, as more and more discover her work every day.

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