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Veronica Douglas is a bestselling duo of urban fantasy novels made up of professional archeologists that love digging and writing together. After they spent a lot of time doping all manner of research in academia, they suddenly discovered that they also loved to let their imaginations run wild.

The husband and wife team published “Wicked Wish,” their debut novel in 2021 and have never looked back since. They have since written more than half a dozen novels across more than two series of novels.

Their novels have been known to combine ancient mystery, romance and magic to make for a good cocktail best taken shaken not stirred. They usually get their inspiration from their life experiences in Chicago and the many archeological adventures they undertake all over the world.

Veronica Douglas loves communicating with their fans and usually interacts with them on social media. You can usually find deleted scenes, updates and other exclusive content on their Instagram, Facebook Group or on their newsletter.

“Wicked Wish” by Veronica Douglas is the story of the brooding Damian and the funny and interesting Neve. Neve works for the Order of Magica, which is the paranormal version of the Federal Bureau of Investigations.

However, she spends much of her work day writing reports, which means she is chained to her desk even though all she wants to do is solve crimes. But she should have been careful what she wished for, as soon after, her life in Chicago is turned upside down when her best friend is abducted.

She will do anything to rescue her friend who has been taken hostage including working with wanted criminal Damian Malek. He is a dangerous and notorious crime lord that is also a fallen angel. He is lethal and hot and with his power he is best suited to help her.

She does not want anyone to know about her magic but she will have to show her hand if she is to improve the chances of her friend being rescued. But if the Order of Magica learns that she is working with Damian, she is sure to get expelled.

She could find herself hunted down but now that she has told him her secrets, he may reveal her secrets if she does not give him what he wants.

Veronica Douglas’ novel “Dark Storm” continues from where the first novel of the series left off. The djinn that Damian and Neve fought so hard to capture in the previous outing has gone missing. It had been kept in the impenetrable vault that belongs to the Order.

They do not know how AN intruder managed to evade all the security measures and steal their treasure without anyone noticing. Neve is soon blaming Damian only to realize that he could not be any more innocent. With their issues resolved, the combined forces and headed to Egypt on another dangerous adventure.
They intend to find an efreet that the thief is apparently also on the hunt for. If they cannot get to the efreet genie on time, the thief could use it to cause untold devastation in both the normal and paranormal worlds.

Throughout the adventure, Damian and Neve try as hard as they can to fight the range of emotions they feel for each other. It is also during this journey that Neve starts developing into the half djinn she should have been, and this gives her more powers.

The stronger she becomes the more effective she is at manipulating things in her world.

“Cursed Angel” by Veronica Douglas opens to Magic Side under attack and a curse placed on the prison. Neve needs to break the spell or else the city will fall to the invaders. But her magic has run out of control leaving her almost helpless.

Damian Malek is the only person who can help her but even though he is her greatest threat in addition to being her strongest ally. She just learned that Damian is not just a fallen angel, but something far much worse. He is too dangerous and she does not trust him with her magic or her soul.

But since Damian knows the truth of everything that is going on, she needs him. Together they will have to battle mythical monsters, bargain with demons and vampires and expose the lost secrets of a ruined temple before they run out of time.

Will Damian help her save the city or are his actions just a ploy so that he can grab and possess everything for himself.

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