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Veronica G. Henry is an accomplished author of fiction. She is known for writing novels that fall into the genres of fantasy and science fiction.

Veronica was born in Brooklyn, New York, in the Ft. Greene section. Since her birth and that time, she admits to being something of a ‘rolling stone’. She has had her work published in various platforms online. She attended the Viable Paradise Workshop and graduated. She also belongs to the SFWA.

Once a Brooklyn resident, Veronica G. Henry now lives in the state of North Carolina. She has Sierra Leonean ancestry and has visited Sierra Leone, counting the trip to be one of her life’s most important experiences. She loves to write stories in North Carolina. There she does not pick rollerball pens to write with but instead opts for nice paper and fountain pens. This is something quite different from the average modern writer that is sitting down to a computer to write on most occasions!

She enjoys writing and of course reading other novels, but she also has other passions. Veronica does have an addiction to cupcakes as well as chocolate!

Veronica G. Henry is the author of the fantasy story Bacchanal, which was published in 2021. There has been plenty of praise for this book from people like Gwenda Bond, who suggests that readers who go on to travel with the Bacchanal Carnival (both “seductive and dangerous”) will never want their adventures to come to a conclusion. Bond states that the debut is able to bring the 1930s time period “impeccably” to life and the book is the marking of the “bold entrance” of modern fantasy’s latest voice.

P. Djèlí Clark, also known as novelist and historian Dexter Gabriel, also had nice things to say about the book, marveling at how Henry is able to use Black histories, African folklore, carnivals and more to weave them all together into a story that includes magic and remains “bizarre” and “mesmerizing”. Clark lauds the colorful cast and the heroine in this story with her own ‘unique powers’ for a story that delivers adventure, delights, and more.

Bacchanal is the first novel to come out from Veronica G. Henry. if you have been searching for something interesting, unique, and totally new to read, give this debut work from Henry a try and see what so many others are raving about.

This story is set in the 1930s and features a traveling carnival. It’s just not any carnival, either. This one happens to be one where the spirit of evil lives as they make their way across the South during the Depression times. The people staffing the carnival have to make a living, but the carnival did not count on the newest hire ever amounting to much.

The new act is a young woman that seems a bit strange. The truth is that she has magical powers that have not yet come into their full bloom of power. This young woman holds the raw power within her that gives her the ability to possibly defeat the evil of this carnival, and now her time at last is finally arriving.

Main character Eliza Meeks never expected that she would amount to much. She never had any real family supporting her as they had abandoned her long ago. She also is on the different side of the color line and doesn’t have much to her name. She does know that she does have her own set of skills and abilities though.

What she possesses is a gift that allows her to communicate with animals, something that many would say is impossible. Some of those are more open minded and think that she’s magic and is just able to tend to them really well. Others are wary of her, thinking that her powers are ill-gotten and she’s some type of witch or she-devil. But when a talent prospector comes across her, he recognizes the ability of someone like Eliza to pull in an audience and make some money.

Just like that, Eliza has the chance to go somewhere and get out of town. The Bacchanal Carnival could be the very thing that catapults her out of Baton Rouge and gets her to another life, far away from that swamp town. She’s more than willing to take the job and see if she can’t make a little money and have a little adventure. After all, it’s not like that she has that much that she would be leaving behind to go.

Eliza picks up with the carnival and quickly finds that the people there are similar to her and sometimes even stranger. She finds her own version of home there among all the carnival people, but she’s beginning to sense that this carnival is anything but average. When she discovers that an old demon lives there too that feeds on the souls of the innocent while hiding behind a disguise, Eliza knows that she’ll have to either leave or stand her ground and fight it.

Eliza knows that she has some type of powers, and they’re starting to really come into their own. The demon knows that Eliza is the one that she will be matched up with and must work quickly if she’s going to defeat this new foe. The young woman has just found a home and a type of family in her friends and coworkers there, and she’s not going to let some demon ruin it for her.

Can Eliza channel her powers and defeat this old demon once and for all? Can she save her friends from the essence of evil and finally set the Bacchanal free so that it can be the great traveling carnival it was without all of this heavy darkness dragging it down? It’s anyone’s guess as the young woman takes on an evil that may be older than time itself.

It’s a fight to the finish, but who will win in the end? Pick up a copy of Veronica Henry’s novel to find out what happens and whether Eliza has a date with destiny that leaves her thrilled or sends her packing.

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