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Publication Order of Vet Volunteers Books

Known for her wit and ever engaging style of prose, the American writer Laurie Halse Anderson is an author of children’s novels, as well as writing historical fiction and Young Adult literature, writing in a style that is both compelling and engrossing in equal measure, creating characters that draw her readers in, allowing them to essentially become a part of the narrative, immersing themselves in her words and worlds. Writing in a style that is both instantly accessible to her young readers, allowing them to relate to the material, she really knows how to create a connection with her work, giving it a sense of immediacy that instantly connects. With readers from all across the world becoming engaged in her work, there is a sense of universality to her material quite unlike any other, as her audience stretches far and wide, allowing her material to resonate with readers regardless of their background. Creating a legacy that would be the envy of many an aspiring writer, she writes about subjects that are close to her and her heart, putting them forwards in as straightforwards a manner as possible. Never shying away from more difficult subject matter either, she is able to balance more serious issues alongside lighter more entertaining material, keeping the two in equilibrium, allowing them to both play off of each other. Writing with a very real sense of emotion and passion, she has built a career off of writing in a realistic and highly vivid manner, allowing her work to come alive off of the page for the reader. Creating a number of franchises during the course of her career too, she has also managed to craft several long running series, many of which follow a well crafted lead protagonist too, drawing her readers in and keeping them loyal to the series overall. One series that she has become particularly well known for over the course of her career is that of the much loved ‘Vet Volunteers’ collection of books. With it also being known as the ‘Wild at Heart’ series, it is set within the ‘Wild at Heart Animal Clinic’, whereby it is narrated through the voice of one of its eleven-year-old volunteers, as the many animal emergencies and rescues are detailed here. Taking place over a series of real-life stories, they definitely manage to engage the reader, all thanks to their realistic portrayal of the world of animal rescue and voluntary work. something which has inspired scores of readers in the subsequent years to follow.

With a total of seventeen novels so far and counting, this series has been running since 2000, with a whole host of different titles and situations incorporated into the series overall. Each one features a different story set within the animal clinic, as they all manage to tell the story from the perspective of the young protagonist central to the narrative. It has the opportunity to continue indefinitely, as there’s still plenty of room to carry on with this story for years to come yet.

Fight for Life

Originally published through the ‘American Girl Incorporated’ publishing outlet, this would mark the first title in the ongoing ‘Vet Volunteers’ series of novels, also to be known as ‘Wild at Heart’. Setting up the animal care volunteer center, it was first brought out on the 22nd of January in 2000 to much acclaim, establishing both the world and the characters. Taking the concept forwards, this title really manages to set everything up, allowing it all to become firmly established in the minds of the readers.

Dealing animal safety this is very much a series and title that wears its heart completely on its sleeve, making its intentions clear from the outset. The lead character of Maggie herself is also very well drawn, as Anderson gives an in-depth portrayal into her worldview and outlook. In regards to the volunteer center itself, its very well established, as it comes alive, setting it up as almost a character in its own right in the books to follow.

Seen through the eyes of their eleven-year-old narrators, each of these stories features a different animal story each installment. With the clinic being inundated with abused and sick puppies, the young Maggie is almost certain that they’re coming from an illegal puppy mill, one which she aims to have shut down. Meanwhile her gran is worried about her grades suffering, along with a new house-guest arriving in the form of Zoe. Will Maggie be able to shut down the mill? Where are the puppies coming from? Can they survive the fight for life?


Published through the ‘American Girl Incorporated’ publishing house once again, this provides yet another adventure at the ‘Wild at Heart Animal Clinic’. Marking the second title in the ‘Vet Volunteers’ series, this continues on with another self-contained story set in the world of animal care. Following the young Sunita this time, it was initially released on the 29th of June in 2000, not that long after the first one was published, developing the series as a whole overall in the process.

Following the disappearance of Dr. Mac’s cat, the young Sunita is off to lead a search party setting out to look for him. It is here that she soon discovers a colony of lost and wild cats all camped out beside the train tracks, as she seeks to relocate and save them. The only problem is though, that the nearby neighbors want them completely gone, whilst animal control are also looking to take them away. Can Sunita save them before it’s too late? What will become of the cats? Will they remain completely homeless?

The Vet Volunteers Series

A fun and engaging series that really speaks to its young readers in a witty and easily accessible style, ensuring that they become part of the action. Not only that, but it also manages to inspire its audience to get involved in animal care, something which is extremely important, as the stories stay with the readers long after the books themselves have been finished. Giving her readers something to ponder over, these stories will stand the test of time for many years to come, as they have a real timeless quality that will continue to live on.

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