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Vic James is a popular author of Teen fiction that is best known for ‘Gilded Cage’, a book set in an alternate Britain where magic is rife.


Vic James’s debut novel saw her write a story about the great divide in wealth and privilege that kept the classes in her fictional world separate. Vic could relate to the concept because she also came from a relatively ordinary family.

The author can trace her origins to the East End in England. Her father never finished school so he had no qualifications of note and that informed the restrictions he faced when seeking employment down the line.

Vic James’ mother was no better off, having chosen to discard her education for the purposes of marrying Vic’s father, this while she was a teenager. One would have expected Vic James to struggle in her efforts to cobble together a fairly ordinary life barely higher than what her parents had achieved.

However, Vic was fortunate enough to snag a scholarship that saw her attend Merton College, Oxford, a school filled with the children of very wealthy people. Vic often speaks about the cultural clash she encountered after she came to realize that the people around her not only had family fortunes that reached into the millions and billions, but that many of them had actual titles. Oxford was worlds apart from the life Vic James had known.

However, she did not permit the differences between her and her classmates to intimidate her. Rather, she pushed forward with fervor, successfully studying History and English and taking comfort in the fact that she was in the same educational institute where Tolkien had worked as a professor.

Life eventually took Vic out of Britain as she pursued her doctorate in the Vatican Secret Archives. This required her to move to Rome. Vic is quick to dissuade people from the excitement she generates when she reveals that aspect of her education, quickly revealing that the Vatican Secret Archives is nothing like what was shown in the Da Vinci Code.

Though, that doesn’t mean she didn’t enjoy her studies. Vic moved around a bit, primarily because of her studies. She even spent some time in Tokyo where she learned Japanese while working as a journalist.

The author did not begin to find her footing until she came back home and started to work for Channel 4 News as an investigations producer. That, in turn, got her a position with the BBC where she worked on documentaries.

+Literary Career

Vic James was a very precocious child. She loved reading above all else and she consumed books at an alarming rate, so much so that she couldn’t begin to tell you what she read during those early years.

Though, Vic remembers being attracted to names like Christopher Marlowe. The author’s fame emanated from a story called ‘Slave Days’ that she published on Wattpad. The story takes place in an Alternate Universe where the wealthy took power centuries ago in Britain’s version of the Civil War.

The result was a world where the rich enjoy all the luxuries that life has to offer, largely because they can do magic. The poor exist to serve the weak. Each commoner is expected spend at least ten years working as a slave for an aristocratic clan.

The story was a big hit on Wattpad and earned Vic James an award, this shining a light on her person and her abilities to produce compelling fiction.

Vic was inspired to write this particular story by a documentary she produced for the BBC. The author was tasked with exploring the stark differences between the rich and the poor. This involved inserting herself into the world of the wealthy and trying to perceive life through their eyes.

Vic James was astounded by the manner in which the wealthy treated money as something that was of little value. They all seemed so certain that, with their billions, they could do anything their hearts desired, even save the world from itself.

Vic was surprised by the confidence with which these privileged men and women thought they had what it took to solve the world’s problems, and that inspired her to write a fictitious story that takes the wealth gap in the real world and perceives it through a fantastical lens.

Vic James’ books were a hit when they first came out, especially amongst teens who are typically the target audience of dystopian young adult novels like the ones Vic has written.

Vic thinks that the only way aspiring authors can make it in life is if they learn to take their craft seriously. Vic is a full-time writer. She devotes most of her time to writing. This means waking up, sitting and staying seated until she gets her writing done.

Getting her first novel off the ground was no picnic for the author. She had to give up on her sleep and social life and devote everything to writing. Vic James thinks that too many aspiring authors treat writing as an indulgence. They are not willing to look at it as the serious thing it can be. As such, they won’t devote their time to getting their stories done.

Not that Vic’s life revolves around writing. Now that she has broken through the publishing barrier, Vic James finds the time to travel, go camping, scuba diving and do one of the several activities that get the adrenaline going.

+Gilded Cage

The privilege control modern Britain. It isn’t their money that grants them so much authority but the great magical power they wield. This magical elite—the one percent—rules the commoners, those less privileged members of society that are expected to give ten years of their lives to slavery.

Finding the right time to undertake one’s slave days is no easy task. Doing them too late in life is dangerous and mostly fatal, but doing them too young can leave one scarred forever. A commoner family and a privileged family watch as their children cross paths in an unexpected stroke of fate.

+Tarnished City

In the wake of a failed uprising in a modern Britain where magical users control everything, the future of the country falls on the shoulders of two families. While the Jardines manifest a ruthless determination to take ultimate power, the Hardleys might be the only commoner family capable of standing in their way.

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