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Publication Order of Bomber Command Girls Books

The Girls of Bomber Command (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Wedding for the Bomber Girls (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon

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The Ops Room Girls (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Christmas with the Ops Room Girls (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Victory for the Ops Room Girls (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Wrens Books

A New Start for the Wrens (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Wrens' Wartime Christmas (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Hopeful Hearts for the Wrens (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

Vicki Beeby is a historical fiction author who loves to write novels about the loves and friendships of servicewomen who served in World War II.

Even though writing has always been something she aspired to do, she started out as a civil engineer. Her first job out of college was when she was employed at a sewage treatment plant where she was a civil engineer.

Vicki would then work as an education consultant and work as a maths teacher before she became a freelancer so that she could have more time to write fiction.

Beeby made her debut when she penned “The Ops Room Girls” in 2020. Since she published her debut novel, Beeby has become a prolific author with more than half a dozen titles to her name spread across several series.

When she is not writing her novels or reading, she can usually be found taking the train to travel to far-off places. When she is at home, she likes to take long walks around Shropshire where she lives.

Beeby always knew that she wanted to become an author but it was in 2010 that she decided to knuckle down and start writing.

From her teenage years right to her early thirties, she usually wrote a journal every day. This turned out to be a very good introduction to the type of discipline required for one to be a writer.
Another important thing that helped her to become an author is that she got into fan fiction writing when she was in her twenties.

During this time, she did not know how huge fan fiction was as she only used to rewrite stories she liked as she took minor characters and penned a backstory and fully fleshed out story.

Ultimately, Vicki discovered that there were internet sites dedicated to fan fiction and started uploading her stories. She got some good feedback which gave her the motivation she needed to continue writing.
After a while, she thought she had grown enough and could create her own worlds and characters. In her thirties, she started penning original works of fiction and peddling them to publishers and editors.
It took quite a while before she was offered a publishing deal but lucky she had the support of fellow fanfiction authors that encouraged her not to give up.

As for her inspiration, Vicki Beeby has said that she loves watching ancient war films and was always frustrated that much of the action centered on men. Women were only occasional actors in the background who hardly took part in the action.
When she watched some of the Battle of Britain films she got curious about the women that were working some strange job.

When she finally learned what their work entailed and how vital it was to the battle of Britain, she knew she had found her first story.

Other inspirations for her literary fiction career include Douglas Adams for his way of looking at reality and sense of humor and Rosemary Sutcliff who writes some very good history.

She also got a lot of inspiration from the dark stuff such as depression, grief, and addiction in the works of Marian Keyes.

While she is better known for her sagas, she first made her name writing medieval romances as Tora Williams.

“The Ops Room Girls” by Vicki Beeby is a brilliant novel that tells the story of Evie Bishop.

At the opening of the novel, her dream has come crashing down but she will not give up intending to make good of the bad times. Evie has just got a scholarship to Oxford where she is to study mathematics but a tragedy upends her life.

Evie now has to seek a new future and seeking to make her contribution to the war effort she becomes an Ops Room Plotter for the Women’s Auxilliary Air Force. Her first post is to the Sussex Coast where she is to work at a fighter station.

Very early on, she makes friends with two of her colleagues. There s the glamorous Jess and the flirty but very awkward May. The three women have to navigate a world dominated by women.
Circumstances force them to team up to navigate new romances, overcome all manner of challenges and ensure their pilots are safe while flying. The bad news is that the German fighter pilots seem to have an uncanny knowledge about their operations.

It is not long before Jess, May, and Evie are caught up in a very dangerous world.

Vicki Beeby’s novel Christmas with the Ops Room Girls continues to follow the inimitable Op Room Girls.

Since there is so much to be afraid of during the war, May takes it upon herself to bring some festive cheer to work and to the lives of her colleagues.

She had failed to help in the evacuation of her siblings and had to witness them being torn apart. She never had the confidence to protest and has always felt a sense of guilt ever since.

When Jess comes up with the idea of doing a pantomime to help boost everyone’s morale, May wants to help desperately but her own insecurities prevent her from doing it.

Her low self-esteem is not only preventing her from helping out her colleagues but also affecting her relationship with Peter Travis the Squadron leader.

May is tired of sabotaging herself and decides to take control of her destiny. But the past that she fled combined with a crisis with one of the people that had been evacuated thrust May into a huge drama.
Despite her decision to take control of her life, these events will test her newfound confidence to its limits. She needs to work with Evie and Jess her best friends to help each other deal with the challenges of their own hearts and the challenges of war.

Vicky Beeby’s novel “Victory for the Ops Room Girls” opens with Jess having to face up to her biggest challenge as the big war is just about to come to a close.

It has only been in recent times that RAF Fighter Command Headquarters has promoted her to Filterer Officer.

She will once again be working with her best friends May and Evie. However, with the war coming to an end, they will be socializing a lot in the city and she fears they might learn of her secret.

When she unexpectedly runs into Milan, sparks are reignited and she is no longer so sure she made the right decision dumping him when they were together in Amberton.

But things become even more complicated when Bentley Priory becomes the home of a film company in town to make a motivational film about the Royal Air Force.

Leonard Steele the man from her past has the lead role and may just ruin all that she has toiled so hard to build.

As her present and past collide, will she find the strength to fight for her future?

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