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Vicki Stiefel, born in New York City, United States, has acquired various roles in her career. Her family owned the Ivoryton Playhouse, which is an equity stock theater located in Connecticut. It was her own family business where she worked as an usher, walk-on, secretary, apprentice and also as an assistant business manager.

Her life changed when she started working in the theater. Adding to that, she was also a professional photographer, a high school drama and English teacher, hamburger slinger, a scuba-dive-shop manager and as an editor. Yet another notable mention is the fact that he worked as an assistant producer in a New Jersey Stock company.

Throughout her career, she has helped and guided many children. Vicki has also worked with law enforcement professionals. She teaches fiction at modern media writing at Clark University.
Vicki Stiefel has two sons, Blake and Ben, also being a stepmom to Mike, Melissa and Sarah. Her immense experience as a writer makes her a great tutor and mentor, providing training to writers, students and critiques in diversified genres.

Vicki Stiefel has written many books, novels, fictions and plays in her entire career. These are very inspiring to people all over the world.

Books and Awards
Vicki Stiefel’s, fantasy suspense series named ‘The Afterworld Chronicles’ was an absolute hit among readers. She was awarded with the ‘Daphne du Maurier’ prize for her book ‘The Grief Shop’. It was the third book in the Tally Whyte series which is about different stories of homicide mysteries. All the books in the series have amazing plot twists that keep readers glued to them. Worldwide, it had inspired readers and aspiring novelists and writers to think differently and write stories that keep the guessing game going.

The genre of The Grief Shop book was mystery/thriller as well and it received a prize for the way it was written, especially how the storyline was made. It kept the readers guessing all the time. Other books in the series include The Dead Stone, The Bone Man and the Dead Stone.

Many of her writings and photography have also made way into Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine, Worcester Magazine, Wild Fibers, Dive Training and many other popular national publications. Her photography skills were an example to her students and to those she mentored.
People can read about her writing and watch her photography in all these famous national publications and learn a lot.

‘The Afterward Chronicles’ was a paranormal romantic suspense series and it launched with Chest of Bone. The other book in the series is the Chest of Stone. The books in the series talk about how mysteries are solved in the quest of the ultimate ‘Chest of Stone’ and the ‘Chest of Bone’ that have the secret to the afterworld, and how the lead character fights her way against the evil forces and protects the precious Chest.

Vicki Stiefel also co-wrote a book with Lisa Souza, named the ’10 Secrets of the Laidback Knitters’. In this book, both Stiefel and Souza describe 10 ways of how to become a laidback knitter. They have written the book with a blend of humor and insight, and it gives the readers a joyful and interesting experience.

About Chest of Bone
Chest of Bone is the supreme source of power that connects to the afterworld. The story is based entirely on obtaining the chest of bone. Clea Reese is the main character in this book, who is looking to hunt her mentor’s killer. In order to achieve this, Reese teams up with James Larrimer, who is quite a complex character, and fights the world against corruption. Together, they plan to take revenge against the ones who killed Reese’s mentor, Dave Cochran, and also stop evil forces from getting their hands on the precious Chest of Bone.

Dave Cochran was Reese’s life and she would do anything for him. While Dave was dying, he unleashed the magical powers of Reese and ordered her to find the valuable chest that everyone was after, and to protect and take care of his only daughter, Lulu. Clea Reese never believed in magic and all she could think of then was to take revenge from those who killed her mentor. The main man in this revengeful plan of her was James Larrimer, who pursues endangered animal traders.

In pursuit of the chest, they have to face a lot of powerful and unusual forces as their prime, ruthless opponents. They are the only people who can stop them from getting to the chest of bone.

This book keeps a mystery right till the end. Will Clea Reese along with James Larrimer be successful in taking revenge and protecting the chest? The book keeps you on your toes.

About the Grief Shop

This is the third part of the Tally Whyte Series and it does not begin in a very happy manner for the main lead in the story, the heroine. She has all negative things going around here, starting from her mom being hospitalized, her dog suspected of cancer to a dead body being delivered to her office. Tally works in the Chief Medical Examiner’s office, so dead bodies are not very rare occurrences in her office.

However, this was an isolated incident where the murderer broke into her office amidst all the tight security it held. This led her to think that the murderer must have been someone among her colleagues. The case was not to be solved easily as the only clue that the murderer left behind was a message written on her palm. It said ‘’Sins of the Father’’.

Tally is now extremely confused about the murder as she thinks that the murderer could be anyone from her office and the fact that her mother is the chief medical officer, does not help Tally.

The story keeps readers guessing throughout and with the clipped narrating style, the tricky and the mysterious part of the story is always kept in focus.


Throughout her life, Vicki has been a great mentor and trainer to various readers and student around the world. Her books written on mysterious murders and pursue of the secret to afterworld has been inspirational and has opened the doorways of imagination. Overall, she can be called the queen of the magical world.

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