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Publication Order of A Liv And Di In Dixie Mystery Books

Death Crashes the Party (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
It's Your Party, Die If You Want to (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
One Fete in the Grave (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Til Death Do Us Party (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Cafe Cinema Mystery Books

Vickie Fee is one of the newest American authors who has written and published only one novel in her writing career so far. She was born in Memphis, Tennessee, United States and proudly describes herself as the author of the mystery genre. The first entry of her debut novel series, the Liv and Di in Dixie mystery series, is titled ‘Death Crashes the Party’. This novel is about to be published in the month of the December in 2015. Before taking up writing as her professional career, Vickie grew up in the town of Memphis in Tennessee. She says that she used to live on a steady diet from Nancy Drew, and used to like drinking sweet iced tea and daydreaming quite often. As of today, Vickie lives in the Upper Peninsula region of Michigan along with her husband named John Fee. Because of her lengthy height, author Vickie says that she will be able to see Lake Superior from her office room or the guest room of her house, if she is able to crane her neck slightly. Normally, Vickie can be seen working the plots of her novels in the corner of her office room. She always tries to find peace and silence for writing her house as she believes that this way, she can focus properly on the theme of her novels and can come up with interesting stories for the readers.

Vickie did not tour Graceland till she reached into her 30s, like most of the people who are born and brought up in Memphis, Tennessee. After completing her school studies, author Vickie enrolled herself at the Memphis University and earned her degree in journalism. After that, she began her career as a reporter and continued to work for several years by covering the small towns in the southern region where the people are full of colorful characters. Vickie later adopted those characters and used them in the first novel of her mystery series. Author Vickie is a part of the Sisters in Crime association by being the past president of the ‘Malice in Memphis’ part of the association. Currently, author Vickie Fee is the member of the Guppies and the Wisconsin chapters of the Sisters in Crime association. Whenever author Vickie is not busy with writing the plots of her future novels or developing the primary characters of her novels, she likes to read the successful mystery novels written by other authors. She seems to enjoy her habit of reading very much as it allows her to draw inspirations from the successful mystery novels as well as other notable works of other famous authors. Other than reading in her free time, author Vickie Fee likes to watch the B grade movies from the period of 1930s and 1940s. Currently, author Vickie is working on the second novel of the Liv and Di in Dixie mystery series, which is published by the Kensington publishing house. Whenever she tells anyone that she is an author of cozy mystery novels, they keep staring at her in disbelief. Even the writer and readers of all the other genres give a disparaging look and comment to author Vickie. On one such occasion, she was asked by a woman about what she writes, when she was attending the Writers Police Academy function. And when author Vickie replied with cozy mystery series, the woman told her that she never read the novels in that genre.

Such was the disinterest of some of the readers towards the cozy mystery genre. But this did not demotivate author Vickie and she continued with writing novels based on the cozy mystery genre. She says that she is aware of the fact that the reading taste of the readers are subjective and that different readers like to read novels of different genres. But, being a bigger fan of the cozy mystery novels, Vickie says that those who do not the cozy mystery novels are definitely missing out on something. Her habit of reading mystery and suspense novels began at the age of 12 when she started reading the novels written by the famous author Agatha Christie. She imagined the character of Miss Marple from Christie’s novels as her own elderly aunt, with whom she used to spend a few weeks by visiting in England every summer. She also says that the village life of her aunt was very different from her city life. The village life of her elderly aunt dealt with thatched roofs, after tea in china cups, etc. For a certain period of her adolescent age, Vickie used to sit beside her Aunt Jane in her parlor and listened to her murder mysteries. While listening to the mystery stories of her aunt, Vickie felt that it was the most comfortable and safe place on earth. Sometimes, she likes to read and enjoy horror books by lying on her sofa till it was late in the dark night. Also, Vikie used to get thrilled by reading some of the thriller novels. But, author Vickie has always liked the traditional murder mysteries of the cozy mystery novels. She finds them to be comfortable for the mind. Vickie also says that the cozy mystery novels come in all flavors, starting from spicy and right up to exotic, warm, paranormal, romantic, and humorous. Some cozy mysteries also feature a combination of all the flavors as one. The only complaint that author Vickie Fee has with writing the cozy mysteries is that she does not get enough time to them.

The novel written by author Vickie Fee, under the Liv and Di in Dixie mystery series was titled ‘Death Crashes the Party’. The plot of this novel is set in the quirky and the close knit town of Dixie, Tennessee. In the opening sequence of the plot of this novel, Liv McKay is depicted as a party planner, who is known for throwing several soirees in the Southern style, filled with diamonds, denims, and affair of black ties. Liv’s best friend Di Souther is described as a mean daiquiri mixer. For organizing one of the parties in the Moonshine and Magnolias style for one of their high class clients, Liv unknowingly discovers a dead body from the freezer and suddenly turns her attention from party planning towards finding the murderer. Di and Liv together begin to follow a trail of some important and sinister secrets in their small town of Dixie that leads them to the Civil War battleground from local drug dealers and smugglers. Now, as Liv and Di begin to think they have set everything right, they find themselves in the crosshairs of a killer that they consider to be the least likely of all.

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