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Publication Order of Vicky Bliss Books

The Camelot Caper (1969)Description / Buy at Amazon
Borrower of the Night (1973)Description / Buy at Amazon
Street of the Five Moons (1978)Description / Buy at Amazon
Silhouette in Scarlet (1983)Description / Buy at Amazon
Trojan Gold (1987)Description / Buy at Amazon
Night Train to Memphis (1994)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Laughter of Dead Kings (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon
Note : Vicky doesn't appear in The CamelotCaper but it is within the same book universe.

How many of you dreamed about an old and powerful history book full of adventure that can take your breath away? How many times did you fall asleep with a good old story book besides you? Have you missed the adventures and secret legends and mysteries that are around the globe waiting to be discovered? If all the questions above are some yes questions, let me introduce you in a wonderful and full of excitement, thrill, legends and adventures that will conquer and blow off your world. Many authors today are writing about vampires, ghosts, witches, dragons and all that imaginary stuff that had been created to boost your imaginations. But how much does it takes for someone to get bored around those subjects and to want a little more reality mixed with fantasy, a real and capable love story and some real and existing characters that are only human. We must search for culture and new information in the books that we read, not only creative and fiction appearances. There is a book series out there that will give you all the above: fantasy, romance, tragedy, thrill, notions and a bit of culture from everything. Meet the famous novel series Vicky Bliss, written by Elizabeth Peters. This novel series consists in six well written novels that tell the adventures of the main character, Vicky Bliss. The novel series had been written on a long period of time (1973-2008) and this series is one of the famous series in the world.

Vicky Bliss, Elizabeth’s main character is a beautiful, blond historian that is specialized in medieval arts. The blonde beauty works in Munich, at the National Museum. This little blonde has an impulsive and powerful personality that will take her through all the adventures and almost death scenarios. Through this novel series we will discover Vicky as she really is: sensitive, smart, powerful and good-hearted. The most negative feature of this character may be her curiosity, the main thing that also puts her and her friend John in danger through all the novels. In Munich, she is struggling with her family and low budget until she finds a well paid job at the local museum. Her boss, Schmidt, is a round and really jovial man, but with an incredible memory and an increased sense of adventure, who will teach Vicky all that she knows and more. Trouble being her middle name, throughout this novel series the readers can assist Vicky’s adventures and trouble making methods, they can learn a little more about the worlds ancient legends and be thrilled about this series number of mysteries, fantasy and the pure, eternal power of love, that conquers it all.

In the first Vicky Bliss book series, Vicky, John and Schmidt travel to Germany, to look for a famous priceless religious artifact called shrine that was missing for hundreds of years. This shrine was an old artifact from the times when the churches were the rulers on the world and the blood lost for religion was a certain thing, which happened every day. For these three adventurers to be in the in the middle of things, they booked in an old castle in Germany, along with the other guests. Yes, guests. There was a quite a select group that had access to watch this beautiful, medieval artifact. This is where the competitions for the shrine have started. Many people wanted this artifact because of his extremely expensive value that can bring power, money and respect. But Vicky and her team are not about money and riches, the three adventures were all about the legends and historical value of the item. So the competition course had begun, but it didn’t last long, because in the castle, one of the guests has been found dead. All of the people inside the castle were official suspected with murder, but the intelligence of Vicky Bliss will be the starting motor of this case, surrounded with mystery and lots of old and unresolved deaths.

In the next book of the Vicky Bliss series, the main character Vicky Bliss goes to Rome, Italy, after she has found a remarkable fake of an old Italian masterpiece in a dead body. Yes, she still strikes around dead bodies, but the old artifacts always have a way to kill people and it seems that the fake ones have that ability too. After discovering that fake artifact, she also found an address written on a piece of paper on the man’s pocket. That address was in Rome. So she packs her things and in no time she was on her way to Rome to investigate the suspicious death of an old man and the remarkable fake artifact. Rome, the Italian capital is full of artifacts and history, legends and mysteries and of course lot of thieves, forgers and nobility families. There were the gold is found anywhere, is the place that all jackals will be found. Vicky wasn’t surprised by the large amount of forgers and thieves, but one art thief caches her eyes and she will be falling for him soon. The only things that will safe her from death are her intelligence and curiosity that will allow her to find all that she can about this forgers and about the real and priceless antique that its located in Rome.

The Vicky Bliss novel series are one the best series ever created. The author’s simple, and yet powerful writing skills allowed her to be one of the best series author of the contemporary era. Her imagination and creativity led the people to a new and unknown world of mysteries, crimes and priceless history artifacts that can make you do brutal and horrible things, just to be in position of those incredible antics. Elizabeth Peters created a world where adventure and love come united in the face of death danger and the author increases book by book the value of true human love. Thought this six wonderful and full of surprises novel you will discover the true meaning of courage, intelligence, power and history. These novels will keep up at night, making you thinking about the world’s greatest secrets and legends.

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