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Publication Order of Vicky Hill Books

Mystery series never cease to amaze. One of the figures behind them is Hannah Denison with her work- the Vicky Hill Series. The expertise and way of interweaving characters and episodes in her books is incredible. It gives mystery series more flavour.

Who is this Hanna? She was born in England but later relocated to Los Angeles in a bid to pursue a career in screenwriting. In the journey of writing, she has been able to work as an obituary reporter. She has also had a chance to be an antique dealer and a Hollywood story analyst. She is the author of the Murder at Honeychurch Hall. Vicky Hill (Series by Hannah Denison), whose first story was published in 2008 is eye-catching.

Hannah currently lives in Portland with her daughter. She is still teaching mystery writing at the UCLA. It is incredible to note that she has also served in many mystery judging committees. She is married to an advertising executive and enjoys activities like hiking and horse-riding.

The main character in the Vicky Hill Series is a young lady called Vicky Hill. She is just 23 and is a trainee reporter. She proves to be ambitious and wants to be a renowned investigative journalist. Unfortunately, she gets herself unceasingly writing obituaries for Gipping Gazette. She also has a fact that she wants to keep as secret as possible- that she is the daughter of a renowned criminal commonly known as the Fog.

One of the early titles is which Vicky Hill features is A Vicky Hill Exclusive. When you talk about the plot of this book you will never stop getting surprised. It always introduces a new twist in the plot every single page you turn. In the book, the main character, the investigator is as endearing as usual. Always determined.

It is evident that the only daughter of the most wanted criminal has two challenges facing her. First, she wants to stop writing a series of obituaries for the Gipping Gazette. She has to look for a way to get out of this because every day she keeps getting more and more disappointment. Secondly, she has a challenge of losing her virginity. Remember, it is a woman of 23 losing her virginity and so it is a serious burden.

Vicky discovers that there are three corpses that she quickly finds connected to the death of Sir Hugh. The old hedge-jumping enthusiast dies only to open doors for Vicky. She finds an outlet to the many secrets that the English town keeps deep in it. However, according to her, the small towns looks sleepy. In the end, she discovers that there is more than meets the eye or the ear.

However, the problem seems to point back at her at some point. This is due to the fact that she also has a secret that she is keeping to herself. Her father is listed as the most wanted criminal and is currently on the run in Spain. The subject about the father is coupled with another problem at hand. She has a rival reporter, Anabel Lake who looks at sex as a vehicle to getting many more secrets from Vicky. It is no doubt the reason behind Anabel’s efforts to thwart the progress of Vicky at every point.

Gipping’s Pandora Box is however discovered by Vicky at midnight in one of the nights. The number of dead beings is still on the rise. She throws caution in the air and she must hold on to decide how far she is ready to prepare a remarkable story about a great secret

The third title of the series, the Expose, Vicky Hill does not quit her investigations. She still wants to reveal the killers of the many people that are being murdered in the small town. The story is set during the racing season. Yes, racing and Hill is racing too. However, it is a racing towards discovery and uncovering the devils behind the mysterious murders.

She is still in the arms of the man that she had always dreamt of and she receives a call from one of her friends. The caller has strange news- that Scarlet Fleming has just died and a secret funeral is being prepared and coordinated by her husband.

It is startling to hear such news because Scarlet Fleming cannot just be buried like that. After all, she is someone who never stayed alone. She is a local celebrity and this is not expected of her. Something is seriously wrong and Vicky has to find out what it is. Joining the jigsaw pieces, Hill realises that Scarlet had shaky finances and that her husband, Doug, has as many admirers as the number of enemies that she (Fleming) had during her lifetime.

It is during the canvassing and juggling of suspects that Vicky comes across three suitors of Doug. Vicky then has to go a step ahead of the killer and she all of a sudden realizes that whatever she is now writing is no longer an obituary but a serious expose! She goes on to make a discovery about the murder.

When you read this particular story you may find it not worth giving a damn whether Miss Marple is going to see the Gipping-on-Plym or not but it will keep you smiling all the way as the heroine- Hill- unfolds the truth.

Some of the other titles in the series include Thieves and Scooped. It is very evident that the screen lay of the series will be as interesting as the books. This is because currently the screenplay of the series is being brewed and will be out on TV soon. It is hinted that Hannah is preparing it for a British producer.

The series is a handy addition to the world of fresh cosy mystery and it is worth having in your home library. If you are a lover of mystery, then consider yourself at home. You are geared toward a thrilling revelation of secrets and uncovering of the unknowns. Be ready and have a ride through the Vicky Hill Series.

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