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William Lashner is a New York best-selling author of the renowned book series, Victor Carl. Victor Carl has been named by Booklist one of the most morally ambiguous and compelling mystery characters to be ever created. Victor Carl book series have been translated into some foreign languages and have also been sold throughout the globe. Apart from using his real names, William Lashner has also penned down several other books including the Cockroach, which was described by the Publishers Weekly as a roaring entertaining piece and an energetic tour de force by the USA Today. Using the pseudonym of Tyler Knox, William Lashner has also written several book reviews for the Washington Post.

Before becoming a full-time writer, William Lashner used to serve as a criminal prosecutor in the office of the District Attorney. He graduated from the New York University School of Law and the IOWA Writer’s Workshop as well. William currently resides with his wife and three children.

Victor Carl Book Series

Drugs, extortion, base legal shenanigans, political corruption and murder from the most recent attorney turned novelist. The hostile witness is the first book in the series, and it introduces the reader to the protagonist, Victor Carl. Victor is a disillusioned main character who is sinking Philadelphia law practice which in turn contributes to his resentment towards the Wasp blue blood and the prestige law firms which have continuously kept him down. However, when one William Prescot the Third, a managing partner of Talbot, Chase, and Kittredge dangles an opportunity before him to make it big time, Victor Carl decides to grab the chance. Prescott is the council to an antidrug crusading councilman, one Jimmy Moore, who is currently under indictment for murder, arson, and extortion.

Victor will be the council to Chet Concannon, Moore’s lieutenant, in this high profile case. The attorney who had previously represented Chet had passed away under some mysterious circumstances. The trial is expected to happen in the next two weeks. It does not take long before Victor realizes that his real job is not to represent Chet but rather to let him take the fall. The author navigates the sordid side of the legal line of work with great pacing and finding betrayals both professional and personal on every single turn. Despite the fact that Lashner’s narrative tends to lack the subtlety Victor’s bitterness towards the elite has been badly overplayed, and key characters such as the cannoli banking mafia and the Orthodox and corpulent Jewish private investigator are somehow cartoonish like.

You could clearly see dollar signs flashing in the eyes of Victor Carl when he learned that Caroline Shaw, his new client was one of the richest ladies in Philadelphia. Victor Carl is Lashner’s region’s money hungry lawyer whom we met in the first installment in the series. Caroline Shaw wants to use Victor’s connection with the local mob so that she could get to the bottom of Jacqueline’s death. The local police have ruled the death as the suicide, however, Caroline, her sister is more than convinced that her sister was killed. She believes that her sister’s death was due to the loan that her brother owed to a person known as a shark.

However, when the investigation continues they discover that there were so many secrets that revolved around gambling debts. It does not take long before the protagonist Victor discovers that there was more than what met his eyes. The family history of the Redman and the Shaws provides enough proof of the adage, that at the source of every wealth there is usually a crime. Victor also gets trapped within the storms of a gang war that was being brewed. The incoming gang war could hold the key to the answers that Victor was looking for.

However, will he survive long enough so that he could find these secrets? Energized by the crisp first person narration, this narrative is much similar to a tour through the nasty teems and rich lifestyles with buried secrets and clever plot twists, with revenge and greed line in line with the winning motive of a patient killer. Fatal Flaw is the third installment in the Victor Carl book series. In this installment, Carl is exceedingly obsessed with Hailey, an exceedingly beautiful lawyer. One night, Carl is called to the home of Gary. Gary happens to be in love with Hayley. However, upon arriving, he finds Gary outside his home and inside in Hayley who is dead. Gary asks Carl to be his lawyer, and he agrees. Carl is not only determined to find out who the killer is but is also determined to bring the killer to justice.

With that said, this is a fast-paced whodunit, that follows Carl to West Virginia, Las Vegas and even the inside of West Virginia’s courtrooms. The plot eventually takes numerous twists and turns as new characters such as Phil Skink emerge a disreputable private investigator. Past Due is the fourth book which continues the story right where the previous book had left off. Just like the other books, the protagonist is Victor Carl, a lawyer who loves to live life the way he wants to. Victor is a lawyer who is used to fight the wrongs for all the right reasons. Apart from meeting a dead end, Victor is also the head of a law firm that is failing, a number of unpaid traffic tickets and also posses a talent for going to some of the roughest bars in the city.

Victor is a lawyer who is willing to play dirty so that he can save a few dollars even if it means overlooking his work ethics. As the book begins, Victor’s client is killed in cold blood and now Victor must be able to locate the killer who took the life of his client. However, getting to the bottom of this crime, Victor must be able to visit some of the most revered spots and also going on an exceedingly dangerous journey which leads to suitcase full of money that is missing, a justice to the supreme court who has something to hide and nude photograph’s of an exceedingly mysterious woman.

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