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Victoria Aveline
Author Victoria Aveline has always enjoyed diving into a good romance. While Alpha males are her weakness, she’s also craved something more, despite finding possessive dominating heroes to be titillating. So she chose to create a world where devastatingly sexy guys could be domineering and aggressive yet still bow down in front of the matriarchy.

Victoria lives with her dog, husband, and about sixty thousand badass honey-making ladies. When she isn’t busy writing or fantasizing about some future characters she loves to read, travel, and sip some overpriced hipster cocktails.

Victoria’s debut novel, called “Choosing Theo”, was released in the year 2020. her work is from the science fiction and romance genres.

“Choosing Theo” is the first novel in the “Clecanian” series and was released in the year 2020. Getting kidnapped by aliens is just the start of Jade’s issues. Luckily, her rescuers, an alien race that is known as the Clecanians, are willing to keep her safe, however she must remain on her planet for an entire year and respect the rules of their culture. Which includes picking a husband. Jade refuses initially however decides she’ll play along until she’s able to figure out a way back to planet Earth.

Theo, who is a scared mercenary that prefers living a life of solitude, is stunned when she picks him to be her husband. After all the years of getting passed over, he never believed he’d be picked and neither did anybody else. There’s just one explanation that makes sense: this enticing and curvy has to be a spy, and Theo is determined to break her cover by any means necessary.

While Theo and Jade are required to spend a bit of time with each other, their chemistry gets undeniable. However neither one of them is able to afford to bring love into this equation, particularly since Jade appears bound and determined to get back home. After all, she couldn’t possibly stick around, could she?

Victoria’s world building and the ways of their society is well thought out, and readers loved Theo and his insecurities, which leads to a fantastic plot. Jade is also a great female lead, as she is incredibly resourceful.

“Freeing Luka” is the second novel in the “Clecanian” series and was released in the year 2020. Luka’s spent his entire life researching fertility hoping to find a cure for the Clecanians’ low birth rates. After spending years working endlessly without much progress, he gets enraged once he learns of a sinister plot to kidnap compatible species from their home worlds. However before he’s able to tell anybody what he’s found, he gets captured, drugged, and tossed into a cell.

It’s only Alice’s luck that once she starts to get her life on track, she gets kidnapped by some reptilian creatures and forced into the cell with one fierce incoherent alien for some sort of breeding experiment.

Even though they cannot communicate, Luka and Alice find some solace while in each other’s company. While the days drag along, it gets tougher to keep her heart locked off. Until she is unable to help but wonder what having a life with Luka may look like outside this dark prison they’re in. When a chance to free herself, Luka, and all the other human prisoners pops up, she jumps on it.

Once they’re free, can their tenuous relationship actually survive on this planet? Are the evil men that were holding them prisoner ever get justice? Can they possibly play a part in rescuing the other women that are held captive on the planet? Alice just knows one thing for sure: her life’s never going to be the same from here on out.

“Saving Verakko” is the third novel in the “Clecanian” series and was released in the year 2021. When Lily gets freed from alien captivity, she refuses to wait around for either recapture or rescue. She’s just going to take her chances in the forest. Navigating this exotic terrain isn’t going to be easy, however it beats the alternative. One enormous alien falls down into her camp and makes her rethink it all. He is annoyingly sexy but also grumpy and rude. Trusting him would be a major mistake. Yet, the idea of leaving him behind hurts far more than it really should.

Verakko was supposed to liberate the abducted humans, then go on back home to fulfill the rest of his obligations. Getting dropped down into the forest right at the feet of the most confounding female that he’s ever met wasn’t on his agenda. He’s going to help her out, then they’re going to go their separate ways. This is the plan, until he begins suspecting that she’s his mate.

Lily doesn’t trust that easily. He’s got responsibilities that he cannot avoid too much longer and secrets. There is one thing for sure. If Verakko and Lily want a happily ever after of their own, they will need to fight more than just the dangers in the forest to get it.

“Tempting Auzed” is the fourth novel in the “Clecanian” series and was released in the year 2021. Alejandra is a survivor. At this point, she’s lived through being kidnapped, almost drowning, and getting lost in some alien forest. She believed things were beginning to go her way finally when the most grumpy, intense, and insanely tempting guy that she has ever seen before rescues her from some monster. However sadly, this is just when things get that much more complex.

Auzed has got his orders. He must find that missing human and deliver her to Tremanta. Getting caught trespassing in Sauven territory was never part of the plan. Neither was acting like the sexy beauty’s fiance to keep her from the forced marriage to some Sauven stranger. Yet here they both are.

Their relationship was just supposed to be a fake one. However it isn’t long before they begin wondering if true love and happily ever after could be possible for two star-crossed opposites. And if it is, just how far are they willing to go to claim it?

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