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Victoria Aveyard is one of the noteworthy young adult and fantasy novels hailing from East Longmeadow, Massachusetts, America. She is particularly famous for writing down the novels of the Red Queen series, which is a series of fantasy novels. Victoria had written the first novel of the series in a period of one year after completing her graduation from the Southern California University. It was titled Red Queen and became extremely successful all over the world. This helped Victoria to be recognized as a noteworthy author of the fantasy genre. Besides being a writer, she is also a well known screenwriter and has collaborated with the Sony Pictures to do the screenwriting of the movie Eternal. Author Victoria was born in the small town of East Longmeadow in Massachusetts and went on to complete her graduation from the USC in a screenwriting program in the year 2012. Right after her graduation, she was able to write the successful novel Red Queen, which allowed her to get a three book contract from the HarperCollins publishing house. Currently, she working of the trilogy novels of the Red Queen series.

The success of the first novel of the series has also helped author Victoria to grab a film contract. The Universal Motion Pictures have shown a keen interest in adapting the first novel of the series into a movie. She has agreed to it and is about to start working on it soon. Before becoming an author, Victoria worked in a studio and was tasked with finding the self published books on Amazon. After realizing that all the good books were already taken, and even the bad ones, she decided to write he own book. She describes herself as a total film geek of the fantasy movies like the Jurassic Park, the Lord of the Rings trilogy, Independence Day, Star Wars, etc. She has seen many such movies since the age of 3. Author Victoria says that she got the inspiration for writing the Red Queen series from the X-Men movies. She was always fascinated by the idea of the X-Men and exciting story of the mutants, who go on to run the show after being oppressed initially. While studying at the Southern California University, Victoria attended a pitch meeting at Benderspink, where she was encouraged by the producers to develop her fascinating idea into a book. So she went to her hometown in East Longmeadow after her graduation and spent a whole year writing the first novel of the Red Queen series. After the completion of the novel, she was helped by Benderspink to find a literary agent in New Leaf, which not only helped her to publish the book abut also obtain a movie deal with the Universal Motion Pictures.

The Red Queen novel series written by author Victoria Aveyard consists of a total of 4 books till now, the first of which has already been published and the remaining three are going to be published soon in the coming years. Its first novel was published as ‘Red Queen’ by the HaperTeen of the HarperCollins publishing house in the year 2015. The plot of the novel is set in a fantasy world which is divided by blood, either red or silver. The Reds and the Silver are the two common sects of the world, who try to overpower each other. In the opening sequence of the plot of the novel, the Reds are described as the commoners whereas the Silver are shown as the elite ones, who are in possession of superpowers like a god. The main protagonist of the plot of the novel, Mare Barrow is introduced as a 17 year old Red girl living in the poverty stricken Stilts. Seeing the difficult situation of the world, she thinks that nothing is going to change ever. Soon, she is selected to work in the Silver Palace, where she is always surrounded by the same people whom she hates very much. After a little while she comes to know that despite having the red blood, she possesses a deadly power similar to that of the Silver people. She also learns that her power can very well disturb the balance of power. After coming to know of the deadly power of Mare Barrow, the Silvers take a bold step. They declare her as the long lost Silver princess and hide her in the plain view. She gets engaged to one of the Silver princes and begins to help the Red Guard silently without fearing for about her death. The Red Guard is a resistance group of red militants who try to bring down the regime of the Silvers. But, the world around Mare Barrow seems to be full of dangerous lies and betrayals, and in her fight against the Silvers, she realizes that she is also required to deal with her own heart. The success of this novel allowed it to be nominated for several prestigious awards and even won the Choice Award for Debut Author by Goodreads in the year 2015.

The second novel of the Red Queen series is titled ‘Glass Sword’ and is about to be published in the year 2016 by the HarperTeen publishing house. The plot of this novel continues to depict the fantasy world divided into Reds and Silvers and features the main character in the form of Mare Barrow. In the opening sequence of the plot of the novel, she is shown as belonging to the Reds but having the ability of the Silvers. Because of her deadly power, she is capable of controlling the lightning. Hence, the royal court tries to take her under their control by considering her a deadly weapon. After escaping from prince Maven, who was once her friend and had betrayed her, she discovers that she is not the only one of the mixed type. She seems to be pursued by Maven, who has now become the king of the oppressive forces. Mare tries to gather all those who belong to her type and lead them to a struggle against the cruel oppressors. But, the path that she chooses seems to be deadly for her because she seems to be under the risk of becoming the same kind of monster from whom she is trying to bring down. Now, it is to be seen whether she lives up to the expectation of the commoners gets shattered because of the betrayal and treachery around her.

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