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Sink or Swim (2001)Description / Buy at Amazon
Fix Your Life - Now! (With: Duncan Goodhew) (2002)Description / Buy at Amazon

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The Last Dance and Other Stories (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
RED (With: Emma Donoghue) (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Cartes Postales from Greece (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Emma Donoghue Short Story Collections

Touchy Subjects (By: Emma Donoghue) (2006)Description / Buy at Amazon
Three and a Half Deaths (By: Emma Donoghue) (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
RED (With: Emma Donoghue) (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Anthologies

Ox-Tales: Fire(2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Story: 100 Great Short Stories Written by Women(2013)Description / Buy at Amazon

A British journalist and writer, Victoria Hislop is a well regarded figure within the industry, with her now having turned to writing fiction full-time. Her novels have already gone on to sell worldwide, making them a publishing sensation, as she largely focuses on stories that deal with deeper more profound ideas and themes. With her status secured as a best-selling author, she has managed to create an impact with her work, and one that will have a lasting appeal for quite some time.

Early and Personal Life

Born upon the 8th of June in 1959, the future author to be Victoria Hislop was born in Bromley, Kent, before being raised in Tonbridge, Kent. Growing up with a keen fondness for writing and literature, she was always a voracious reader from a young age. This passion of hers would stay with her throughout her life, as she would continually come back to it, nurturing it over time.

Attending Tonbridge Grammar School she excelled in her studies, concentrating on writing throughout. Later she took this on with her to St. Hilda’s College in Oxford, where she studied English, before graduating. This gave her the foundations that she needed in taking her writing career forwards, developing the tools she would require in the years to come.

Prior to becoming a full-time novelist she would write for a variety of different prestigious publications. Largely working as a journalist, she would also work in PR too, something which would also come to serve her well in the many years that were to follow. Giving her an insight into her reading public, she was able to apply herself to her craft with more precision, something which is clearly reflected within her writing.

Continuing to write to this day, Victoria Hislop maintains a presence on the literary circuit, both online and off. Previously living in London for over twenty years, she now currently lives in Sissinghurst with her husband, the writer and comedian Ian Hislop. With far more to come in the near future, it appears that she isn’t stopping soon either, as he career goes from strength-to-strength.

Writing Career

Bringing out her first fictional novel in 2005, the writer Victoria Hislop had only written non-fiction up until that point. Releasing ‘The Island’ she was to create a début that managed to attract the attention of critics worldwide, including Greek television. Producing a twenty-six episode for the Greek channel ‘Mega Channel’, she would secure a place within the mainstream for many years to come.

Not focusing on series as such, Hislop is more content with writing stand-alone titles based around cultural changes. This is mostly concerning the country of Greece, as it is a place that she holds dear to her heart having visited there on numerous occasions. Understanding and knowing the location well, she has been able to bring it to life, giving it an almost exotic feel, yet simultaneously familiar tone.

Attending a variety of events across the United Kingdom, she is a well known figure within the literary circuit. Giving readings of her work and managing signings of her book, she has been able to build both a strong brand and profile. This has also gone international as well, with her showing up at events in Norway too, showing the universal scope of her appeal.

With her books having been translated into over thirty different languages over the years, she definitely has an international brand, as well as just a national one. This has allowed her to become a lot more prevalent as an author, something which is largely due to her universal level of appeal. Reaching best-selling status as well, it would seem that thisisn’t changing soon.

Still writing on a regular basis, Hislop continues to put out work concentrating of fiction of an epic nature. Translated worldwide, she has achieved global appeal largely due to her universal set of themes used in her work. As her audience grows day-by-day she has managed to amass more and more fans, with plenty of readers discovering her work every day,

The Sunrise

Brought out in 2014 on September the 25th, this was initially released through the ‘Headline Review’ publishing label. Published to much acclaim, it would really help in establishing Hislop’s career, as it would show a definite development in style and content. Not just that, but it would also allow her to further build upon her unique brand as a writer of both substance and depth.

Taking place in Famagusta, located in Cyprus, this is set in the summer of 1972, as it follows couple who are opening a hotel that’s set to be one of the most spectacular in the area. Situated in one of the most sought after resorts in the Mediterranean, it will be no mean feat if they manage to pull it off successfully. That is until the ethnic violence that two families, currently working and living in harmony, are forced to endure, as the ugly underbelly of the island threatens to rear its head once more. Will they manage to make the hotel work? Can they all live in peace and harmony? What will happen before the sunrise?

The Thread

Released three years prior to ‘The Sunrise’, this was originally published in 2011 through the ‘Hardline Review’ publishing outlet once again. Working over an elongated time-frame, this is more epic in its approach than that of her other novels, as it’s more epic in its nature. Bringing the reader in it manages to draw out the action over a hundred year time period, a device which really allows the story and characters to be fully fleshed out.

Charting a friendship against the backdrop of the many upheavals and hardships of the twentieth century, it sees Thessaloniki, the Greek city, as its main location. Following a love that is ever enduring, it sees the catastrophes, both natural and man-made, that have hit the city over the years. Depicting events such as the Nazi brutality endured, along with the civil war, it manages to incorporate a range of events into one thrilling narrative. Will the relationship hold true? Can the country overcome the hardships and what else lies in store for them all? How will everything come together in the thread?

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