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Publication Order of Feverwake Books

The Fever King (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Electric Heir (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Feverwake Short Stories/Novellas

The Stars and Everything in Between (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Traitor's Crown (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of VictoriaLee Standalone Novels

A Lesson in Vengeance (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Shot in the Dark (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Anthologies

The Grimoire of Grave Fates(2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

Victoria Lee is a renowned American writer, who has recently become famous for her debut book, The Fever King. She likes to write young adult, fantasy, and science fiction stories. Her second book is also ready for publication and is expected to be released in the first quarter of 2020. Her first two books together combine her first book series, known as the Feverwake series. Lee is hopeful of adding a few more titles in this series in the years to come. Author Lee was born and brought up in Durham, North Carolina. She was a vegetarian for the first 12 years of her life, after which she discovered her favorite spicy chicken wings. Lee was involved in a number of things before she made her debut as a writer. She has been a hitchhiker, an EMT, a state finalist pianist, a pizza connoisseur, an expat in Sweden and China, and doctoral student of science. Lee is also crazy about fancy whiskey. The authors who have influenced her to become a writer include Leigh Bardugo, Holly Black, Hanya Yanagihara, Pierce Brown, Lev Grossman, VE Schwab, etc.

Usually, Lee uses her early morning time to write her stories. This way, she is able to use the rest of the day for doing other activities. Currently, she resides in Pennsylvania with her loving partner. Lee is inspired by her hometown in Durham very much. This led her to write her first book’s story based in her hometown. If Lee had not been a writer, she would have definitely tried her hand at music. She likes to sing and has played piano in the state level competition. She says that she would have either gone into piano performance at the professional level or joined a musical theater. Author Lee likes to interact with her fans and audience. She takes their suggestions and queries very seriously and tries to provide them a solution to the best of her ability.

Lee is also active on various social platforms, where she promotes her work and also gives out updates related to the latest happenings in her professional life. She likes to indulge with other authors and interact with them on various topics of creativity so as to learn and grow in her art form. When asked about what was the inspiration behind writing her first novel, Lee says that it is difficult for her to say because the story is a mixture of numerous initial ideas that came to her mind. She had actually written 6 different first drafts as she was trying to figure out what kind of story she was actually going to tell. One of the main things that Lee wanted to write about was personal and intergenerational trauma’s intersection. Specifically, she wanted to tell what it means for people to face their trauma. With respect to the intergenerational trauma, Lee wanted to describe what it feels to be an outsider for people in their own country. For her, she wrote the story through the point of view of being a Jewish American. She believes that this experience is shared by numerous different groups.

While writing her first book, Lee used to listen to songs occasionally. She had made a big playlist that she used to listen on repeat mode. Lee is of the opinion that song lyrics are one of her biggest influences. They help her to create stories that she wants to create. Lee believes she can be easily related to both of her main characters named Dara and Noam. She thinks she is a genetically engineered outcome of the mixed up DNA of the two characters. The passion and anger of Noam resonate a lot with her, while she shares a lot of formative experiences with Dara. In Lee’s opinion, young adult novels take lots of risks. They engage with numerous timely topics in real and unflinching ways. Also, the YA books reflect the passion shared by the socially-aware and driven teens of this generation. Currently, her most favorite YA author is Natasha Ngan. For inspiration, Lee works in places that are outside of her comfort zone and unique. Such places inspire her to think laterally and create sharp plotlines every time. Whenever Lee sits down to write any story, she makes sure that she knows the main points of the plot before starting. However, she doesn’t like to outline too much. Lee claims that her stories are perfect for those readers who look for antiheroes, moral ambiguity, queer Jewish characters, and political maneuvering in a fantasy story.

The Feverwake series written by author Victoria Lee is comprised of a total of 2 books, one of which has been released under the name of ‘The Fever King’ in 2019 and the second is expected to be released in March 2020. The debut book of this series was released by the Skyscape publication. This book is set in North Carolina, the United States in the years 2074 and 2122. The lead characters of this book include Noam Alvaro, Calix Lehrer, Dara Lehrer, etc. Initially, Noam Alvaro is introduced as a 16-year-old boy. He wakes up on a bed in an American hospital in 2074. After some time, it is learned that Noam is the only survivor of a viral magic that turned him into a technopath and killed his entire family.

As a technopath, Noam is able to control technology. When the news of his extraordinary ability spreads like wildfire, the country’s defense minister approaches him for using his ability to benefit the nation. On the orders of the defense minister, Noam Alvaro is thrust into the Carolina’s magical elite. Being the son of immigrants, Noam has always fought for the refugees’ rights, who move into Carolina after feeling the viral magic outbreaks. The Carolina government doesn’t appreciate the rising immigrants in the country and keeps deporting them in a viciously efficient way.

With the defense minister’s offer, Noam Alvaro senses a way to make the condition of the refugees better and provide them permanent shelter. He agrees to work with the minister and learn the science about his magical ability. However, he secretly plans to use the magic against Carolina’s government. Later, Noam comes across Dara, the dangerous, cruel, and beautiful son of the minister. Dara’s presence makes Noam’s task difficult for him. He finds himself caught between his heart and his purpose and must choose whom to trust in order to succeed in his secret mission.

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