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Victoria Miluch is a bestselling science-fiction novelist and translator.

She published “Deadlands” her debut work of fiction in 2023 and this would become her definitive work.

While she never expected it, “Badlands” would become a bestseller almost immediately after it was released and it has now sold thousands of copies.

Over the years, she has had the privilege of getting a lot of support for her work. One of the most important sources of support she has had has to be invited to work as a fellow sponsored by the Fulbright fellowship.
Some of her work has been published in prestigious publications such as Arkansas International, Passages North, Denver Quarterly, Timber, Asymptote, and Southeast Review among many other publications.
Aside from her Fulbright fellowship, she was at one time a volunteer with the Peace Corps and has worked with several other volunteer organizations in the United States.

Miluch was born in San Francisco and brought up in Arizona. Growing up, she always dreamed of one day becoming an author and soon enough, she went to Indiana University where she studied for her master’s degree in Fine Arts.
After she graduated, she worked all manner of literary jobs including being the Indiana Review fiction editor. It was while she was working as an editor that she began thinking of writing and it was not long after that she published her debut novel.
At the moment she lives in Washington. where she lives with her family and pens her blockbuster works of fiction. When she is not writing her novels, she can usually be found reading the many fiction novels in her massive home library.

“Deadlands” by Victoria Miluch is an enchanting story of a girl just about to turn into a woman. She lives in an arid wasteland and her understanding of the world beyond her home changes drastically when she comes into contact with two outsiders.
Only the most hardened survivors can survive in the hot and arid lands of the former state of Arizona now known as the Deadlands.

Among these is Georgia Reno, a nineteen-year-old who makes his home in a secluded settlement in the desert alongside her younger brother and her father.

There are no roads in the deadlands and visitors are something of a fairy tale rather than reality. But then two mysterious strangers show up and Georgia starts questioning her sheltered existence.
It is not long before her curiosity becomes a full-blown desire to leave the settlement. However, leaving would mean she has to venture into a world she has always been warned against.
With their situation deteriorating, Georgia soon finds some secrets about the newcomers that could threaten the existence of her family in the Deadlands.

But leaving the visitors with her father would risk everything and force Georgia into making some difficult choices.

It is a well-written work with some great descriptions and a strong, and smart lead even if she is sometimes naive even if not stupid.
Given the many learning moments that Georgia has, it may not be too far of a stretch to call this a coming-of-age story.

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