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Victoria Quinn is an American author that writes erotic romance novels. People might know her for the Obsidian series.

Quinn has an active presence on social media. So she didn’t really struggle to find her footing when her books first appeared on bookshelves. The author fell back on her ability to engage with all kinds of audiences, this allowing her to more easily sell her novels.

Interestingly enough, Victoria Quinn makes an effort to engage her fans in more interesting conversations than merely the sale of her work. Rather than spending every minute of her time on social media promoting her novels to potential readers, she actually goes out of her way to talk to her fans about those topics that pique their interest.

She takes their feedback very seriously and one can tell that Quinn enjoys building strong relationships with the people that have made her a publishing success.

The author appeared on the publishing scene in 2017. That was when the first Obsidian novel hit the bookshelves. The book surprised some readers whilst annoying others.

Quinn marketed it as a BDSM novel. However, while ‘Black Obsidian’, Quinn’s first novel, played with the idea and even introduced a BDSM club, her characters barely skirted the concepts of BDSM.

Some readers appreciated the author’s approach, specifically those individuals who had little to no interest in BDSM. They enjoyed the fact that Quinn only gave them enough BDSM content to keep the story moving without delving so deeply into the art as to make them uncomfortable.

However, even diehard BDSM enthusiasts took a positive approach to ‘Black Obsidian’, having concluded that the first novel was merely an introduction and presuming that the second novel would take a deeper dive into the BDSM pool.

Regardless, Victoria Quinn fostered an ardent fanbase almost as soon as she arrived on the publishing scene. And her reputation was aided by the fact that she proceeded to write and publish all four of the Obsidian novels in 2017.

The feat presented Quinn as a serious author with a dedication to her craft. Writing came easily enough to the author. Like most writers, Victoria Quinn began as an ardent reader.

She loved her dark fiction. Quinn doesn’t know whether she was born with a wild imagination or if her reading habits eventually nurtured all the insanity that began to manifest in her subconscious.

Either way, you won’t find her complaining. It was Quinn’s wild imagination that eventually drove her to write. For the longest time, Quinn had an endless stream of ideas, stories, and characters running through her mind.

She did what she could to ignore them. But a time came when they grew so loud that she had no choice but to set them loose. So Quinn took her first humble steps on the journey to publishing success.

She imputes a lot of her success to the work Hartwick Publishing has injected into her career. Quinn couldn’t quite believe it when Hartwick approached her. Yes, she wanted to write novels but she never expected to attract the attention of any publisher of significance.

But once Hartwick came calling, she quickly put her mind to the task of making them proud, bringing all the untold stories that had haunted her into the real world. Hartwick has since become Victoria Quinn’s home.

Their team has not stopped working night and day to make her dreams come true.
It is worth mentioning that Quinn’s books are somewhat niche. She primarily writes dark romance. Her heroes are always brooding, conflicted alpha males with a haunted past. They have tried and failed to find love in all the wrong places.

Just when their hope is about to run dry, they encounter a sassy heroine whose spunk turns their world upside down. The author’s books are erotic in nature and feature a lot of sex.

Though, Quinn works hard to give her readers decent chunks of story into which they can sink their teeth.

Quinn has a husband and a couple of cats.

+Black Obsidian
Calloway was standing at the bar minding his own business, simply waiting for a friend to show up. But then Rome marched in out of nowhere. Calloway had never met the woman.

But he was immediately struck by her beauty and confidence. Her legs were like nothing he had ever seen and she walked without any of the pretentiousness Calloway saw in so many women.

However, all that admiration went out the door the moment Rome walked up to him and slapped him hard. Rome thought Calloway was the man who had cheated on her friend. So she slapped him two more times for good measure.

The fact that she was so small did little to minimize the impact of her blows. However, none of that mattered. If Calloway was taken by Rome’s beauty before, he was now captured by her fire.

And the slaps felt so damn good. Rome was ready to walk out of Calloway’s life, never to look back again. But Calloway wasn’t about to have that. He had met the one woman who could make him feel things he didn’t believe possible.

And nothing was going to keep him from making Rome his next submissive.

The first novel in the Obsidian series always catches people offguard. It starts off like any other BDSM novel. But then the hero finds that he isn’t willing to use a rough hand with his new conquest.

+Black Diamond
Calloway and Rome met when Rome mistook him for the man who cheated on her friend. So she proceeded to assault him. By the time the misunderstanding was cleared up, Calloway was determined to make Rome his.

In the second novel in the Obsidian series, Calloway and Rome are still trying to make their relationship work. Calloway owns a BDSM club. He is drawn to the BDSM lifestyle and he especially enjoys playing the role of a Dom.

But Calloway has never shown that side of his personality to Rome. She doesn’t know about his BDSM club or his desire to dominate her. Calloway must find a way to ease her into his world.

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