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Publication Order of Ziba MacKenzie Books

Blood for Blood (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Nothing to Lose (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Snakes and Ladders (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Standalone Novels

Truly, Darkly, Deeply (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
All the Little Liars (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Short Stories/Novellas

Publication Order of Anthologies

Afraid of the Light(2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Afraid of the Christmas Lights(2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Afraid of the Shadows(2021)Description / Buy at Amazon

Victoria Selman is a bestselling mystery fiction author that is best known for the “Ziba Mackenzie” series of novels.

The author went to Oxford University where she read history but she also got certificates in criminal psychology and criminal profiling.
Selman published “Blood for Blood,” her debut fiction work and the first of the “Ziba Mackenzie” series of novels in 2019.

The work would become a bestselling work on Amazon as it topped the charts on Kindle for at least five weeks.

It would ultimately make the shortlist for the 2017 CWA Debut Dagger and would then sell more than half a million copies in just a few months after it was released.
Selman is also a compiler and contributor to the “Afraid of the Light” anthology series which has become very popular.

She is also the author of “Hunted,” a short story that also made the CWA Short Story Dagger in 2021 and got rave reviews from Alison Flood who reviewed it for the Observer and the Guardian.
In addition to her writing endeavors, Victoria Selman is the cohost of a true crime podcast, which she does with two other authors.
The podcast has become huge in recent times and was a Sky Crime documentary feature.

She has also been known to pen freelance opinion pieces on true crime for Crime Time FM with Paul Burke and Barry Forshaw.

Selman like many authors wanted to write when she was just a little kid.

Aged seven and holed up in her bedroom during summer break, she began writing her first-ever novel.

Three decades later, she would take up her pen once again as she finally found the time when her youngest started going to preschool.
While her kid learned to share and squabbled at the sand table, she took the time to dive into other worlds.

She invented all manner of stories that kept her glued to her keyboard for the better part of the day.

While she was always pleased to see her little boy in the morning, tearing herself off from the keyboard was always a struggle.
Part of it was probably because she had a very tiny window to write.

During this time, most of her focus was on publishing short fiction in newspapers, anthologies, and literary magazines.

Looking back, it is clear to see that she used to focus on the themes of women weighed down by families who struggle to reconcile their new and old identities.
It was only much later that she would venture into the mystery thrillers for which she has now become known.

Victoria Selman is grateful that she now gets the time to write all the books she wants to given that her children are at a proper school.

When she is not too busy penning her blockbuster psychological mystery thrillers, she can be found recording for the podcast she does with two other hosts.
Her true crime series is titled “Crime Girl Gang” and analyzes cold cases from the recent past which they then solve from a fiction lens.

The podcast has been called “Castle” meets “Think Serial” with a lot of laughs and friends on the sofa feel.

She usually takes a break at around 3 pm to go pick up her kids from school. In the late evenings, she sometimes attends writer talks such as “Rif Raf” and “First Monday Crime.”
When she does not feel like getting out, she will involve herself in the grind of cooking, homework, tucking in the boys, and preparing for a brand new day.

“Blood for Blood” by Victoria Selman is the story of a serial killer profiler who finds herself in the unfamiliar position of being profiled.
At the opening of the novel, the scene is a packed commuter train in Rush Hour London that is destroyed in a collision.

Ziba Mackenzie is a former ex-special forces profiler who picks through the carnage.

While helping a woman who is dying from her wounds, she cryptically tells him that “He did it and you have to tell someone.
When the police find a corpse with signs of a serial killer whose work has not been seen for a quarter of a century, Ziba is called in.
As the bodies keep piling up, it is clear that the serial killer is going on a new spree.

The big question is what has brought back the man known as the London Lacerator following such a long hiatus.

Could the unexpected return have anything to do with the happenings on the London train?

Ziba works hard to come up with a profile of the killer hoping that she can predict his next move.

However, time is running out and the closer she gets to unmasking him the closer she is to destroying herself.

Victoria Selman’s novel “Nothing to Lose” opens with a serial killer on the lookout for his next victim.

The work is set in London’s Primrose Hill and Ziba Mackenzie the profiler has arrived at the scene of a disturbing and gruesome murder and immediately feels a sense of deja vu.
A few days earlier, police had discovered the body of a woman in the same location and seemingly having been killed in the same modus operandi.

The police believe a new serial killer is in town but Ziba believes something more sinister is afoot given that the murdered women look just like her.

Once upon a time, Ziba caught the attention of a serial killer and is afraid she might get killed if the killer gets too close this time.

But she will never be one who plays by the rules, particularly when the investigation she has been carrying out undercover starts to attract all manner of attention.
It is not going to be easy as someone has been watching her every step and could just take her out before she can connect the dots.

“Snakes and Ladders” by Victoria Selman is a work that has been called “The Silence of the Lambs” meets “Psycho.”

A profiler is caught in the middle of a killer on the rampage and another who sets the rules.

The serial killer has been terrorizing the city and leaving behind his trademark pink rose after removing one body part from his victims.
A multiple murderer who is waiting to be extradited seems to know the identity of the killer.

Dr. Vernon Sange tells the police that the only person he will talk to is Ziba Mackenzie the profiler that had put him away.
Still, the killer wants something for her even as time is running out.

With one killer running rings around the cops and another whispering in her ear, she may have to play a dangerous game in which losing may mean her own death.

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