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Publication Order of Vik & Stubø Books

Punishment / What Is Mine (2001)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Final Murder / What Never Happens (2004)Description / Buy at Amazon
Death in Oslo (2006)Description / Buy at Amazon
Fear Not (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon
What Dark Clouds Hide (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon

Anne Holt is a fantastic Norwegian crime novelist, and her works are astonishing. You will be consumed by her writing skills, and if you are a fan of crime fiction and thriller fiction, then you should read her work. Because she firstly worked at Oslo Police Department for two years which earned her the ability to practice as a lawyer in Norway, gives her a lot of experience in the field of crime. Soon after that her love of writing consumed her and so the first novel Blind Gudinne came to life.

The witty crime novelist Anne Holt is also the creator of the two of her most interesting fictional characters, Adam Stubo and Johanne Vik. She has written five crime fiction novels which are featuring those two characters and their adventures. The thrill provided by their exciting and dynamic lives is what will intrigue your curiosity and keep your attention.

Johanne Vik

The character of Johanne Vik is more of a consultant type rather than a detective type, in other words, the brain of the operation while the Adam Stubo is “the muscle”. This female character had a law degree and was working as a profiler at Federal Investigation Bureau. She worked as an agent and psychologist as well but before all of that she worked at the Oslo University as a psychologist and that says quite a lot about this character, especially about her wit. While being a mother of a mentally damaged child, daughter to be more precise, she is doing amazingly fine with keeping her thoughts together.

The first book named “Punishment” was where these characters were born and where they met. During that time, Johanne Vik was busy with a 30-year-old case which was still unresolved while her soon to be partner was asking for her help with his case. You are going to see one energetic and independent woman, and how she’s coping with the weight of the world on her shoulders. In the another novel “What Never Happens” where these characters are more engaged emotionally and even expecting a baby, their outstanding skills will again be needed, because there is a murder on the loose who kills only celebrities.

There is the emotional side to these characters; after all, they are not just working machines. As you already presumed, these two do have some real chemistry happening between them, but they are more focused on the professional side of their life than the emotional one. But you can’t control your feelings when they’re that strong. There is also one unreasonable thing that this character keeps doing at first, and that’s the fact that she doesn’t want to help the police. Regarding of what’s at stake here, there is no reason for her not to help, but that’s a more subjective comment, you will have to read the novel by yourself.

Johanne Vik & Adam Stubo in “Punishment.”

You should know that the novel “Punishment” is a “What is mine” story, it has just been re-published. This is the place where these characters develop and start working with each other. This is also a place where they meet for the first time, and you can apparently feel the connection between them two. She’s a divorced mother of a mentally damaged child, and he has lost his family in an accident. These are both tragic destinies, but in there is always a light at the end of the tunnel.

Her profiling skills are what the police needs from her, and that is exactly what Adam is asking from her, they need to find the person who is kidnapping and murdering children so they can capture him and lock him up.

Adam Stubo

There is yet another main protagonist in the novels of Anne Holt, and that is the detective Adam Stubo. The tragic past of the detective is what drives him in this pursuit of justice, and he’s somehow hoping to get justice for what happened to his child and wife with solving each case. His daughter and wife died in an accident. He’s, throughout the first novel becoming the main thing which drives Johanne Vik to do what she does the best, and that is using her expertise the best she can. At first, she refuses to help him, but after the huge amount of pressure which he made on her, she is unable to say no.

And that connection starts to evolve slowly into a romantic one as well. They’re making each other a better person, and by doing so getting closer to each other. The problem with her not wanting to help the police at first, Adam skillfully changes her mind and then they start working together. For Johanne Vik, the detective Adam is apparently becoming that light at the end of the tunnel which we spoke of before, and she is starting to feel strong and alive again, after a long time.

This energetic and firm man who has an impeccable intuition when it comes to solving murders is a sort of a pillar in these novels. He gives them that firm structure, as well as he provides security for Johanne Vik.

In the end

The novel writer Anne Holt has this ability to describe everything wonderfully in detail, and the reader gets the full sense of things and how they look like. This is what makes a good writer, good. The art of enabling your writers to imagine with ease what you have imagined is amazing. And because she has more than enough experience in this field, is a reason more for you to read her works because you will see things for what they are.

If you love these kinds of novels, then you should consider reading some, if not all of the novels of Vik & Stubo series. We all love a great crime-thriller story, and Anne sure knows how to make one. Besides these series, there are also other crime fiction, mystery novels written by Anne, but they’re not as famous as these series. Reading these novels will without a doubt be a wonderful and amazing experience for all of us who are fans of crime and mystery novels.

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