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Publication Order of Viking Haardrad Family Books

Fires of Winter (1980)Description / Buy at Amazon
Hearts Aflame (1987)Description / Buy at Amazon
Surrender My Love (1994)Description / Buy at Amazon

The Haardrad Family series is a popular series of historical fiction and historical romance books. It is written by a highly renowned American writer named Johanna Lindsey. The series is comprised of a total of 3 books, which were released between the years 1980 and 1994. Each and every novel of this series revolves around the life of a Haardrad Family member and depicts the story of their love and romance. Author Johanna has mentioned a different set of main characters in each of the books. After starting the series in 1980, Johanna got busy in writing another book series. So, it took her seven years to come up with the second installment and another seven years for the third and last volume. Johanna Lindsey has done the setting of the plots in Norway during the historical times and has described the presence of otherworldly creatures like Vikings.

Author Johanna Lindsey was born as Johanna Helen Howard on 10th March 1952, in Germany. Her father was serving in the United States Army in Germany at that time. Because of her father’s job, she had shifted a number of residences along with her family. When Johanna’s father died in 1964, she took her mother to Hawaii and settled there in order to honor her father’s dream of settling there after his retirement. Author Johanna got married at a very young age in 1970, while she was still studying in school. She was blessed with 3 children with her husband named Ralph Lindsey. Johanna started feeling lonely after Ralph’s untimely death. So, she shifted to Maine in New England. It was in 1977 that author Johanna took on writing and came up with her first full length novel, Captive Bride. She says that she wrote the book on a whim and was surprised very much when it became widely successful.

By 2006, more than 60 million printed copies of Johanna’s novels have been sold. They have been translated into as many as 12 foreign languages. Over the years, Johanna has been able to establish herself as one of the most popular novelists of the world in the historical romance genre. The books penned by Johanna Lindsey generally span different historical eras, including the Old West of America, the Middle Ages, the Regency Scotland-England, etc. Besides her historical novels, she has also written several sci-fi romance books. Among her most famous novels, there are the stories based on the Anderson-Malory Family, which is a historical saga set in Regency England.

The debut book of the Haardrad Family series written by author Johanna Lindsey is entitled ‘Fires of Winter’. It was released by the Avon publication in the year 1980. The book features the primary characters in the roles of Garrick Haardrad and Brenna Carmarham. Author Johanna has set the novel’s plot in Norway. At the start of the book’s story, it is shown that Lady Brenna Carmarham is a dauntless and lovely woman. She has an exquisite beauty, sharp wit, and is very courageous. When crossing an icy region in the open sea, Lady Brenna gets abducted by some invaders. Getting abducted and forcefully made to remain in the captivity of the invaders makes Lady Brenna very angry. She becomes too furious at her condition and the act of the notorious invaders makes Lady Brenna take vengeance and waits patiently for a chance to turn things on her side. Keeping herself firm with her determination, Brenna swears that she is not going to let any Viking brute become her master. She even makes sure that her Celtic noble heart does not get enslaved by any barbarian among the invaders.

After some time, Lady Brenna comes across a powerful and proud Viking named Garrick Haardrad. Garrick turns out to be the son of a powerful and ruthless chieftain Viking. When the Brenna and Garrick come face to face, he succeeds in claiming her with his primitive abandon. Lady Brenna is left breathless and when she regains her consciousness, she feels fires of sensual passion igniting inside her. It appears that the cold and chilling Nordic nights have been set ablaze by the fire igniting in the hearts of both Brenna Carmarham and Garrick Haardrad. The two get forged with the unbreakably strong bonds of a passionate, eternal, and fiery love. Author Johanna has given the description of Brenna as that of a tomboy. She knows sword-fighting and is a very good hunter. Brenna’s temper makes her a difficult woman to overcome by any man. She hates men and the idea of surrendering to them in the name of marriage. Brenna takes it upon herself to protect her village from the Vikings. In the process, she falls for Garrick Haardrad. What follows next is the fight of passion that finally ends in a romantic relationship between Garrick and Brenna. The book was liked very much by the readers and was appreciated for its contents, settings, and characters.

Another very interesting volume of this bestselling series is called ‘Surrender My Love’. It was also published by the Avon publishers in 1994. The book consists of the chief characters in the form of Selig Haardrad and Lady Erika. At the beginning of the story of the book, Selig Haardrad is introduced as a Viking lord. He is very handsome and has a tall, dark personality. On the other hand, Erika is depicted as the Lady of Gronwood. She too is very beautiful and attractive. Selig Haardrad gets framed and labeled a spy in a wrongful manner. He gets captured and made to suffer in Gronwood’s dungeons. Lady Erika gets him lashed with chains, beaten up, and left with no food or water for days spying against her. Selig Haardrad tries to explain his side to her and make her believe that he is not a spy and has just been deceitfully framed. But, she does not pay heed to any of his requests.

For many days, Selig Haardrad is kept in the dungeons. The tremendous amounts of suffering make Selig’s body wrack with fever and pain. A point comes when he gives up the idea of explaining his side and begins to think only about taking revenge. He manages to escape somehow and runs far away from the reach of Lady Erika. And with the surprising turn of events, Lady Erika lands in Selig Haardrad’s territory. Now, the Norseman becomes the master and the honey haired, exquisite tormentor falls in his hands as a slave. Selig seems all determined and bound to break Lady Erika’s proud spirit. He goes on to conquer the sensuous beauty with the passion of his sword. But, while taking vengeance and treating Lady Erika in the most brutal manner that could, Selig develops feelings for her in his heart. He had never imagined that his heart will get vanquished by the victorious love and sensuous desire. Selig Haardrad gives up the idea of revenge and accepts Lady Erika as his lover.

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