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Publication Order of Bűnös Budapest Books

Vilmos was born on November 27, 1954, in Budapest, Hungary. He would go to school in Szeged at university, going on to study and finish studies in Paris. He attended the Sorbonne, where he graduated in the field of chemical engineering.

From then he came back to Hungary. He also has taught at the high school level in physics and math. Vilmos is married to his wife and they have two daughters together. The family lives in a small village with their dog near Sopron. The author does not frequently give interviews and they are through email if at all. He has a passion for baking.

Kondor’s first fictional novel was published in 2008 in his native Hungary. The book, Budapest Noir, was very successful and became the first of a five book series called the Budapest Noir series. It features the main character of Zsigmond Gordon, a journalist that lives in Budapest in the time period of the 1930s to 1950s. The series is extremely popular in Hungary and has done so well that the first novel has been translated into several languages, including English.

His influences include Dashiell Hammett, Charles Willeford, and Jim Thompson. His character Red Margot (Vörös Margó) is based on Hammett’s Dinah Brand character from his book Red Harvest.

Kondor tends to use a narrative that takes place in the third person that resembles a narrative from the first person. The reader gets to see what the characters see. His characters act instead of think and the reader does not gain access to inner monologues. He also tends to combine characters in his fiction with real life people. The author researches events and people thoroughly so that he can accurately depict a time and atmosphere of a place in history.

Budapest Noir sold its rights to a film adaptation. The crime drama retains the Name Budapest Noir and the film was released in 2017.

Budapest Noir is the first fictional novel to come out from Vilmos Kondor. It is the first in the series by the same title, which contains four more books. They are Sinful Budapest, The Budapest Spy, Budapest in Ruins, and Budapest in November.

Budapest Noir focuses on the main character of Zsigmond Gordon, a crime reporter. The prime minister of Hungary has passed, dead before he could fully achieve the dream that he had to make the country into a fascist state. This, however, proves to not have much of an impact on Gordon.

Perhaps that’s because this old city encompasses much of life and death, and so it does not much matter that a prominent figure has moved on. Late one night, the journalist receives a tip that takes him to a crime scene. There a victim is found, and she is dead. The young woman has a Jewish prayer book that’s contained in her purse, perhaps one of the only clues to get a lead on.

The circumstances in which he finds her are certainly strange. The young woman is clearly dead. But she was also well groomed, beautiful, and apparently religious. The fact that she is discovered in one of the seedy neighborhoods that Budapest holds is a mystery.

Gordon wants nothing more than to figure out why she died and how. This need only heats up once her identity is found out. He sets out on an investigation, one that’s going to take him into the dark workings of the city. This is a place where shady characters operate in the shadows, from crime syndicates to Communist cells and pornographers.

It’s also going to take him to the top of the people in power. As one of the most powerful executives in Hungary plots to make an economic windfall thanks to ties politically to Germany’s leaders, Gordon’s doing his best to find out what really happened and why. Discover what happens for yourself in this engaging thriller from Vilmos Kondor!

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