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Vin Cooper Series by David Rollins
Author David Rollins writes the “Vin Cooper” series of military thriller novels, which began publication in the year 2005, when “The Death Trust” was released.

Vin Cooper is a Special Agent in the Air Force Office of Special Investigations (OSI). Vin is a tough individual that has been shot many times and has been in a chopper crash and lived to tell the story. Vin, in his work as an investigator, is willing to defy authority so he can get the truth. He is also willing to beat up a senior officer that was receiving “favors” from his now ex-wife.

“The Death Trust” is the first novel in the “Vin Cooper” series and was released in the year 2005. Amid all of the chaos, dust, and death in Iraq, one American solider out on a routine patrol gets killed by one unseen enemy. It is a tragedy, albeit not a crime. That is, until it gets connected to the strange death of one four-star general that happens to be the dead guy’s dad, and the son-in-law of history’s most feared and powerful United States vice president.

Major Vin Cooper of Air Force Special Investigations is the sort of loose cannon that no commanding officer could entirely control or even survive without. Cooper is a man whose capacity to absorb grief is matched by his ability to also dish it out. In this case, which is either going to be his last or his most important, has got plenty of both.

Cooper, who is scarred by his recent divorce and by battle, doesn’t answer to anybody except for his tough-as-nails female general. She knows that there is nobody that is as relentless or as insubordinate. And there’s nobody who is as effective in prying out the truth as Cooper. No matter where it may lead or who it is going to anger.

Cooper gets reluctantly paired with Special Agent Anna Masters, starts his search at the scene of one suspicious crash at Ramstein Air Base in Germany. It is here that they uncover a trail of inexplicable “accidental” deaths that leads from the war torn streets in Baghdad to sex slavery in Latvia as well as a marriage that started in the White House Rose Garden and it disintegrated into infidelity and bitterness. And with each step Masters and Cooper take, they get closer to the stunning truth about the most murderous and largest lie of them all.

“A Knife Edge” is the second novel in the “Vin Cooper” series and was released in the year 2006. One odd murder leads Vin into a shadowy world of cover-up, conspiracy, and military secrecy where the difference between friend or enemy is just as thin as a knife edge.

One scientist meets a gruesome end when falls off a military research ship and gets attacked by a two ton white shark just off the Japanese coast. By the time that Special Investigator Vin Cooper gets to the scene, there is very little left to point to this death not being an accident. However Cooper’s instincts are saying that he is looking right at a murder and that in handing him this case somebody may as well have pushed him into shark-infested waters, too.

What sort of top secret project could the military be engaged in that would require the expertise of a genetic researcher AND a foremost marine biologist. The possibilities are quite ominous, however not nearly as ominous as the truth is. Then the unthinkable tragedy that everybody has feared since 9/11 explodes with a horrifying sense of deja vu in the city of San Francisco.

All of a sudden, a second scientist thought to be dead, there is an unidentified charred corpse in the morgue, and the “accidental” death of one friend out in a Florida training field. Cooper’s following a trail as dangerous and narrow as a knife edge. It is a trail that leads to what everybody fears the most: a secret “government” within our own government whose sworn duties include killing anybody that opposes them.

“Hard Edge” is the third novel in the “Vin Cooper” series and was released in the year 2008. Special Agent Vin Cooper has had a tough time figuring out just who the true bad guys are, while a military man’s brutal murder pulls him into the web of conspiracy that is as relentless and pervasive as a Hard Rain. Vin believed he had seen it all, as a special investigator for the US Air Force, however even he cannot believe his eyes this time around.

Colonel Emmet Portman, the United States air attache to Turkey, wasn’t just murdered in his Istanbul residence. After he was meticulously dismembered, his body parts were laid out like some exploded diagram, except for twelve missing bones, three of them show up a few days later at a separate gruesome murder scene. When it turns out that the dead colonel just so happened to have the second victim’s business card in his Rolodex, and it seems there is a serial killer out there.

However looks could be deceiving. While Vin and Special Agent Anna Masters investigate, some inconsistencies pop up that cast some doubt on their theory on the case. They also hint at this shadowy plot that could be even darker and even more sinister than two grotesque linked killings. Is somebody attempting to ruin the fragile hopes for peace in the Middle East, eliminate those that get in the way, and topple governments any way possible?

Masters and Cooper, who were onetime lovers and are now the uneasiest of partners, struggle to set their personal baggage aside while following a trail of carefully concealed clues from the Iraqi desert to Istanbul and beyond. While evidence of one conspiracy snakes its way up the chain of command, this pair of seasoned special agents have to dodge bullets, defuse bombs, and have to avoid being buried alive. All in their effort to short-circuit a plan to dominate the world that is more far-reaching and audacious then they ever could’ve imagined.

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