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Publication Order of Eighty Days Books

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Publication Order of Pleasure Quartet Books

Vina Jackson is the pen name for two writers who came together to write a series of popular romantic novels, the Eighty Days romance series. One is a successful broadcaster and author, while the other is a city professional and published author who works at an office within walking distance of the Square Mile in London. While the two authors that make up Vina Jackson were born on different continents, they have a special love for the deeply romantic yet dark erotica, and a fondness for lemon sorbet and coffee. Between them, they speak four languages, even though they can only understand each other in English. Vina Jackson was brought together after a chance meeting on a long train journey. Nowadays, they avoid all public transport preferring to meet in the chapters of their novels where they get to meet their characters that they present to their readers in their Eighty Days series. Besides the Eighty Days series of novels, Vina Jackson has also written the Pleasure Quartet series of novels that has recently been gaining much popularity. Their works, particularly the first series of novels have become an international phenomenon becoming international bestsellers and going as far as being compared to the 50 Shades of Grey novels. The novels have sold over 1.5 million copies worldwide and been translated into more than twenty languages.

Both halves of the Vina Jackson writing duo have an erotic or a racey romance writing background. Given that both writers have written about the happenings behind closed doors in their individual works, collaborating for the saucy content that gives the Eighty Days series its spice was something they took in their stride. Their writing process is actually very simple, given that the novels have two protagonists, one would choose to write from the perspective of Dominik while the other did Summer. While they currently write concurrently, their writing procedures before getting signed on by a publisher were radically different. What they would do is set out character development and plot points from previous chapters, and then either Vina or Jackson would write, while the other waited for them to finish so that they could proceed with the next chapter. Since signing onto Orion, they write their chapters consecutively, though they still meet in restaurants and cafes and exchange up to fifty emails a day, discussing plot and character development.

Despite all the collaboration, Vina Jackson still edit each other’s work and check that the other has developed the character along the lines that they had agreed to in their outlines. The process of editing also involves making changes to improve the flow, correcting repetitions, or writing a paragraph for the partner if they have little knowledge of local geography, or they were simply stuck on how best to move a character forward. They also swap a chapter or more out of the volumes just to make the story even more interesting to the reader. As such, Dominik may sometimes write Summer, or Summer may write as Dominik in both the Eighty Day of Blue, White or Yellow. They are so in harmony with each other in their writing and editing that by the time a novel is finished, neither writer is able to tell which parts of the novel the other has written.

The Eighty Days series of novels is a romance that follows the romantic life of a passionate violinist Summer Zahova who is in an unhealthy relationship with Dominik a rich professor with dark tendencies. Dominik hears Summer play her violin in the London underground and becomes powerfully attracted to the beauty, setting off a chain of events. Soon the two are deep in a romantic relationship set against the oftentimes-dangerous fetish and glamorous London scene. The novels’ chief protagonists were inspired from an article in the Metro that Vina saw riding the underground one evening. The article told of a young artist that was offered a very expensive instrument in exchange for playing for the benefactor and some of his powerful friends. The story struck a chord and she ripped it out of the paper to discuss it with Jackson. Several weeks later, they made a decision to write the novel together from both the benefactor and musician’s point of view. For Summer the violin and music is the one thing that she uses as an escape from the pressures of daily life and as an outlet for her emotions. Music, and particularly the playing of an instrument can make for a racey element as it invokes erotic possibilities. As for the choice of a professor for the other protagonist, Vina Jackson asserts that they felt that the idea of a businessman or wealthy entrepreneur benefactor was too clichéd. As such, making Dominik an academic gave him more depth in addition to making him more realistic.

“Eighty Days Yellow” is a compelling, exhilarating, hair-raising novel, and tantalizing first novel by Vina Jackson, that will leave the reader gasping for more. The passionate, red headed Summer finds herself entangled in a romantic relationship with a man who will not accept her for who she is. She now loses herself in music, spending most of her afternoons in the underground browsing the works of Mendelson or Vivaldi. When her violin gets damaged, Dominik has a very intriguing proposition; he will replace it if she plays for him in a private concert. Meeting the enigmatic Dominik, she cannot help but acknowledge the intense chemistry between them. They are soon in the depths of a whirlwind affair full of unpredictable thrills, and daring twists and turns. Summer finally gets the chance to let her long suppressed dark side come to the fore, but soon learns that pain always follows pleasure. An even bigger question for Summer is can a relationship with so much passion survive when the fire inevitably cools.

“Eighty Days Blue” is an emotionally draining and intensely sensuous tale of the tumultuous path that is Summer and Dominik’s relationship. The two lovers find momentary happiness in New York’s Grand Central Station before going back for a day of erotic pleasure in Dominik’s hotel room. But the chronically dysfunctional couple is soon back in the depths of despair which permeates the rest of the story. With Dominik moving to New York on a short contract, they hope to make something of their relationship. There is a sense that they are struggling to give enough of themselves to each other. For Summer, all she wants is Dominik’s domination and the submission it brings out of her. Dominik is ever more cautious since he does not want to cross the fine line between reckless abandon and pure risk taking. With the ties binding them stretched ever tauter given Summer’s sexual proclivities and Dominik’s professional commitments, is it only a matter of time before the promise of love ends in tears?

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