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Publication Order of Consentino Crime Saga Books

Sins of the Father (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Blood of the Sons (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Marius Scrolls Books

Son of Mars (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Blood in the Forum (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of The Sertorius Scrolls Books

The Man With Two Names (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Noise of War (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Bodies in the Tiber (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Whom Gods Destroy (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Sulla's Fist (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

Vincent B. Davis is an author of historical fiction novels which he has said he does to keep the past alive.

He also happens to be a veteran, speaker, and entrepreneur who was honorably discharged from the Army and is a proud graduate of East Tennessee State University.
Armed with an entrepreneurial spirit and a pen, he quit his job as he believed it was a good time to begin chasing his dreams.

Vincent published “The Man With Two Names” his first novel and the debut novel of the “Sertorius Scrolls” in 2017 and has never looked back since. He has since become a bestselling author with more than half a dozen titles to his name.
Vincent is also a depressed but devoted Carolina Panthers fan and a proud parent to Jenny and Buddy his rescue pups.

He also runs a newsletter which he says is more than just your ordinary author email list. His list is a community of readers who often get bonus content that includes free eBooks, Latin glossaries, and HD Maps to enhance their reading experience.

Outside his writing, Vincent B. Davis is very passionate about helping novelists improve their platform and brand.

In that regard, he works with individual clients and publishing companies to help them make it in the contemporary publishing environment and sell more books.
He has often said that as an author who made it with little resources and no team, he is very well versed in many aspects of the author’s life that influence successful outcomes.
As an author who has managed to make a very good living out of his published works, he wears many hats.

In his courses and seminars, he teaches authors how to wear many hats:

Some of these include social media expert, manager, website designer, boss, SEO analyst, Amazon specialist, email marketing guru, speaker, graphic designer, campaign and launch strategist, copywriter, and editor among many other roles.
Vincent also works for as a Senior Editor. When he is not working or reading, he loves to connect with his fans and readers on his various social media profiles on Instagram, Facebook, or on the newsletter on his website.

Vincent B. David’s novel “The Man With Two Names” tells the story of Sertorius, a young man who leaves his provincial village and heads to Rome.

He is hoping that Caepio the family patron can help him since Nursia his home village has fallen on hard times. He is disillusioned by his experiences as he is thrust into the underbelly of the politics of Rome.
Ultimately, he leaves and joins consul Gaius Marius alongside Gaius who is the son of Caepio. This was the time when Marius was very busy reforming the Roman army.

Working with Marius, Sertorius is reunited with his brother who has risen to the rank of prefect, and his best friend from the village Lucius, who has risen to become Marius’ aide de camp.
When he admits that he knows nothing about army life and discovers no one is interested in teaching him, he decides to become an ordinary legionary as he gives up his tribune commission.
Through bravery, he soon becomes a centurion and fights all manner of battles where he plunders much gold. As the novel comes to an end, things get very interesting as the Romans will have to fight two fierce tribes known as the Teutones and Cimbri.
What is most intriguing is his journey which takes him from the treacherous and corrupt Forum to the dangerous forest of Gaul, where he makes some powerful enemies and friends along the way.

“The Noise of War” by Vincent B. Davis follows Sertorius in the next stage of his life.

It opens right after the Roman army is defeated at Arausi and the man is lucky to have survived. He is joined by several other survivors including Arrea his lover and Lucius his friend near Arelate.

Among the men is Scrofa a Centurion who has to be one of the most inimitable historical fiction characters from the Roman era. He feels useless as he had his thumbs amputated while he was being held prisoner by the Cimbri.
After the torture, they released him back to his people as an example of what would befall any that opposed the Cimbri.

Sertorius makes it back to the camp with a handful of men after he is rejected at one of the forts along the way. He proceeds home on leave and heads to Massilia to visit family.
While returning, he buys a slave named Appolonius and a horse, foils an assassination, and notes a possible rebellion fomenting.

As a freshly promoted Tribune, Sertorius is sent to work undercover spying on the Cimbri under the orders of Marius, as he pretends to be a member of one of their allies.
He proves his worth to his commanders in hunting, breaking a wild horse, in single combat and ultimately returns with a lot of valuable intelligence.

In “Bodies in the Tiber,” Vincent B. Davis moves the story to the Senate from the battlefield.
Quintus Sertorius is back from the north where he had been fighting the Cimbri to prevent them from pouring into Roman lands. He was named Hero of the North but has never been comfortable with so much attention.

All he wants is to be reunited with his family and begin rebuilding frayed relationships. He learns that his wife committed suicide but is reunited with Arrea his true love and his adopted son who is also his nephew.
But the truth is that just like everyone else he has changed a lot.

A few weeks after arriving in Rome, Marius tells him that he needs him to become a senator, even though he had left the party years ago due to several misgivings and rampant corruption.

Finally, he decides that he may after all have some good to contribute to Rome which he soon comes to believe is about to implode. He also believes he is the only man who has the morality and determination to turn things around.

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