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Are You Watching? (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
14 Ways to Die (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Lock the Doors (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Secrets Never Die (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon
One House Left (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon

While he is best known as a bestselling author, Vincent Ralph holds a day job as a GRV Media Senior Managing Editor.

The author went to the University of Greenwich where he graduated with an English Literature degree. He would later move to study in Cornwall and there he completed his NCTJ in Magazine and Newspaper Journalism.
Following his graduation, he was employed at a Kent secondary school as the head of Sixth Form Students. During his time there he worked with hundreds of 16-19-year-old students over nearly a decade.
In 2014, he joined GRV Media starting as a football writer, and over the years rose through the ranks to become a senior staff writer.
He is now best known as a New York Times bestselling author and winner of the Southern Schools Book Award.

Vincent Ralph has been writing all his life even though his writing took many forms over the years. He has said that he owes his love for writing to his wonderful teachers and his mother.

His mother always made books sound magical when she read them to him. When he was older she used to fill the bookcase in his room with all manner of amazing books and he is always grateful for that.

He read and read a lot growing up and as such it is not surprising that he would later on become an author.

As a kid and in his early adulthood years, he used to pen all manner of poems, short stories, and songs and at some point made his first attempt at his first novel. He used to be obsessed with writing and even got punished for writing in class during lessons.
He would write in the car, in his room and just about anywhere he could but ultimately it was in high school that things began to crystalize. When he was in secondary school, his English teacher motivated him even further.

Mrs. Rodgers had given him a copy of Iain Banks’s novel Feersum Endjinn when he was just eleven years old. After reading and rereading the novel, he was convinced that he could do anything with words.

Just like many authors, Vincent Ralph has been influenced by other authors in the writing of his works. His biggest inspiration to become a thriller author has to be Gillian Flynn and her novel “Gone Girl.”

He was inspired to pen teenage fiction by novels such as “Stargirl” and “The Perks of Being a Wallflower” while he learned about bold stories from Jorn Irving’s works. His first manuscript took about three months to write and taking in edits and revisions, it took about six months.

Ultimately, He signed a two-book deal with Penguin Random House under which he published his debut Are You Watching in 2019. Vincent now has several works to his name and has shown no sign of slowing down any time soon.

He currently makes his home in Kent even though he has previously lived in Chester, Cornwall, and London. He lives with his wife and two felines all of whom play a major role in his writing career.

When he is not writing, he loves listening to music, going to musicals and gigs, and spending time with his wife and their son.

“14 Ways to Die” otherwise titled “Are You Watching” is a page-turning thriller by Vincent Ralph that is similar to social media-age thrillers such as “One of Us Is Lying” and “A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder.”

The lead in the novel is a woman named Jess who lost her mother ten years ago to an infamous serial killer known as the “Magpie Man.” The killer was never apprehended and could be planning to strike yet again.
Jess intends to make use of the fact that she is a Youtube reality series star to try to catch him. But first, she needs to ensure that he does not catch her first.

Given her popularity, everyone is soon talking about the murder even though fame can have its downsides too. Soon enough her every move is under scrutiny and she does not know who to trust.
Could the Magpie Man be watching her and is he closer than she at first believed?

Vincent Ralph’s novel “Lock the Doors” is the story of a blended family in a new home and hoping for a fresh start.

Tom’s mother thinks her family can finally find happiness. She has been dating losers for years and now believes she can settle down with Jay a nice guy who has a daughter named Nia who is just one or two years older than her son.

While it is a beautiful house Tom feels there is something very wrong and he is proven right when they find a bizarre message under the wallpaper. They also find evidence indicating that the previous owners used to lock their bedroom doors.
They happen to live a few blocks down the road and it is not long before Tom becomes obsessed with Amy their teenage daughter who seems to be hiding something.

The story is told from the perspective of both Amy and Tom and the reader gets insights into what she is hiding. In this, the author combines intrigue and regret as Amy reveals her secrets making for a crackerjack thriller.

“Secrets Never Die” by Vincent Ralph is a thrilling work that tells the story of a teenage investigator who tries to catch a killer via live streaming.

Jessica Simmons is a seventeen-year-old who lost her mother ten years ago when he was killed by a serial killer known as the “Magpie Man.” The man has recently been active and has been striking all over the United Kingdom.
With her former friends long gone and her father’s life chaotic, she believes the only way to resolve the case is to publicize the tragedy of her mother’s killing.

She is a contestant on a live-streamed and unscripted reality show on YouTube known as “The Eye.” She asks fans of the show to help identify the killer but only attracts unwanted attention with no breakthrough in catching the killer who continues with his killing spree.
It makes for an interesting premise of crowd-sourcing a serial killer investigation which is also part of the lead journey toward healing. It is an easy-to-read even if an unsettling blend of gritty gumshoe work and social media savvy.

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