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Burn Down, Rise Up (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
We Don't Swim Here (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon
We Came to Welcome You (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon

Vincent Tirado is a young adult fantasy author best known for his debut fiction work “Burn Down, Rise Up.”

She got interested in storytelling very early on in her life and still remembers how she used to go to the library every week with her friend.

Every weekend, they used to head out to the local library and pick out several books that they would often finish within the week and then go back for more.

In her teenage years and her twenties, she was still all about young adult fiction. She remembers fond memories of reading Laura Preble’s “The Queen Geek Social Club” and being distressed that the nerdy girl’s robot was not at the center of the story.

Similar to many authors, she had several failures and penned mediocre works before she was successful. In high school, she wrote her first manuscript but it was so horrible that she is certain it will never see the light of day.

Tirado published “Burn Down, Rise Up” in 2022 and the work went on to become very popular. She has since then published several other works that have been just as popular.

As a young child, Vincent Tirado dreamed of growing up to become an artist. She loved the creative arts and could often be found making things. By the time she was fifteen, she believed that she was destined to become a doctor since she loved helping people.

But none of these dreams would come true as things took a turn when she went to high school. In high school, Tirado loved sports and spent much of her time running cross country and track and playing soccer.
When she proceeded to college, she majored in pre-med but despite the anxiety and debt, she has never practiced as a doctor.

Tirado still wishes that when she was a teenager someone would have told them that just because she was not a doctor, she did not have a future.

She would then go on to engage in creative arts including taking minor voice acts in podcastS. In fact, she has been in “Meddling Monsters” as the voice of Calypso, even though she still works a day job as a software engineer.

Unlike many authors, the publishing process was very smooth for Vincent Tirado as her editor held her hand throughout the process.

Nonetheless, she has described the revision process as hell and wishes that she had been more knowledgeable about grammar, which would have made everything so much easier.

Tirado believes that it was so easy to publish her work since, in today’s entertainment and social climate, people are getting interested in stories about different cultures and characters of color.

Since Tirado is from the Bronx and of a certain background, readers were more than happy to give her story a try. She published her next book We Don’t Swim Here in 2023 and the novel was just as successful as her debut work.

She now pens most of her work from home even though she used to open much of it in cafes before the pandemic. However, this has not slowed her down whatsoever and she has promised to keep on putting out bestsellers.

Vincent Tirado’s novel “Burn Down, Rise Up” is the story of Raquel, a high school student that gets tangled in a risky game in the process of trying to save her friend.

When Francisco Cruz a Fordham University student goes missing, Raquel offers to help his cousin Charlize find her. The latter happens to be her secret crush and childhood friend and this promises to be the start of something spicy.

But their investigations indicate that there is something weirder than the disappearance of Francisco Cruz. It does seem that Cisco is infected with a bizarre condition.

Meanwhile, Raquel’s mother is in a coma and there are hints that a fatal and strange game will soon be starting even as Charlize and Raquel try to get to the bottom of the disappearance of Cisco.

The highlight of the story is the assertion that the historical atrocities that were supposedly committed in the Bronx were not urban legend but historical fact.

As Charlize and Raquel grow closer while working on the search, they come to learn of the many horrors the community they loved had to endure.

Tirado is exceptional at offering insights into the people of the Bronx as she accurately portrays the many cultural practices with a lot of detail.

It is a beautiful combination of social commentary and deadly game that is the ultimate ode to the Bronx.

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