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Publication Order of Vinnie Espsoito Books

For Love of Livvy (2007)Description / Buy at Amazon
Dirty Trouble (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
Dead Wrong (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
Cold Moon Dead (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Season for Murder (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Death Gone Awry (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Deader Than Dead (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon

Vinnie Esposito Mystery

Vinnie Esposito is a series of cozy mystery books by American author J.M. Griffin. The series features Lavinia Esposito aka Vinnie, a criminal justice instructor based in Rhode Island where she investigates the murder and other mysteries.

J.M. Griffin began her Vinnie Esposito mystery in 2007 when the first book in the series For Love of Livvy was published, and since then more than six sequels have been published. If you’re looking for an interesting mystery series loaded with laughs from an Italian family where the main character makes “stupid” decisions but surrounded by good friends to bail her out, then this would be a nice read for you. Livinia Esposito has a great family, career and interesting social life. Based in Rhode Island in a small town near cities has its share of beautiful vibes.

For Love of Livvy

In the first book J.M Griffin’s Vinnie Esposito mystery series, we are introduced to the heroine, Vinny, a woman of Italian descent working as criminal investigation tutor at a college in her Rhode Island hometown.

All seems to be well until when a package is dropped just next to her doorstep. The delivery man is nowhere in sight, and the package doesn’t show the senders address. As a criminal investigator, her training instincts compel her to phone her friends to help her make sure that there isn’t anything explosive in the package. In turn, her friends invite the bomb squad over to Vinny’s house to collect the suspicious package and open it in a safe and secure location.
Vinny later finds out that the parcel contains precious gemstones and this marks the beginning of her never-ending troubles. Her house is ransacked, and mysteriously she finds additional gemstones in her house. Her friend working with the state patrol is becoming worried about Vinny, and so is the mysterious man she has rented her apartment upstairs.

Vinny receives life-threatening phone calls and the person on the other end of the line is demanding the return of the precious gemstones, but unfortunately, the stones were confiscated by the police. To make it worse, the threats not only target Vinny but also her family members and everyone that she cares about.
Esposito mysteries debut novel is a wonderful, fast-paced and a great start to a promising series. Do you remember the good old horror movies where the protagonist hears strange sounds from the apartment above and decides to investigate rather than fleeing for her safety despite several attempts on her life? We all know that the character likely ends up dead right?

But, that’s not the case in this story because the main character doesn’t end up dead. In fact, in the first few chapters, J.M Griffins give detailed and vivid descriptions to the character and the scenes to make sure that her readers get a better understanding of her main character and the reason for everything she does. Vinny is a smart woman, she knows how to investigate, and while investigating creepy noises will most likely get her killed-like in the movies-her profession as a teacher in criminal investigation methods assures the readers that she is the right person for that job.

Besides her professional job, the author also ensures that her readers get a touch of Vinny’s personal life. At times authors tend to fail to make their character three dimensional which only results in something that every reader hates. However, in this case, J.M. Griffins dissects her heroine from every possible angle to ensure that the readers root deeply with the character. It’s revealed that Vinny’s aunt died under strange circumstances and she has inherited her house in Rhode Island. Vinny doesn’t believe her aunt died under natural causes and so she decides to investigate the cause of her death. But her investigations are dealt with major blows when some of her friends inform her to refrain from the investigations.

While Vinny is a smart heroine, she at times makes decisions that make the reader question her “sanity.” For example, she rents her upstairs apartment to a man whom she doesn’t have background information about and to make it worse; she doesn’t conduct any background check on this man to see if the man can pay the rent or what he does for a living.

Overall, the first in Esposito series is a wonderful reader. It’s nice to a blend of whodunit, romance, and humor, and the heroine’s stubbornness gets her in lots of trouble, but fortunately for her, she has a couple of good friends to help her out when she’s in trouble.

Dirty Trouble

Dirty Trouble is the second book in Esposito series. Again we meet Vinny, a criminal justice instructor having a very terrible day. After escaping a fatal car crash with minor injuries, she meets a former enemy she suspects is stalking her. Additionally, Vinnie also finds out that her aunt has also been arrested and is spending time with mobsters.

Vinny also finds herself face to face with some dirty trouble, and that places her in a weird situation because she is the person always surrounded by those in authority including FBI agent Aaron and State Trooper Marcus. Now she has to sort out between her emotions and family reputation even when a series of mysterious events put her life in danger.

Dead Wrong

In the third book in Esposito mystery series Vinnie discovers a dead man and she realizes that she has become entangled in yet another complex situation involving saving herself, stolen art and proving her brother’s innocence.

FBI agent Aaron Grant and State Trooper Marcus Richmond are back to help the heroine find the culprit and make sure that she’s kept out of arms way. That’s a responsibility to try the most patient gentlemen because Vinnie isn’t the type of person to let go of a lead because she is waiting for her backup team.
The third in the series is a brilliant read full of engaging characters and fast-paced story. The heroine, Vinnie is smart, likable and a tough cookie. She is wryly funny and prone to accidents.

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