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Publication Order of Cookie Cutter Shop Mystery Books

A Cookie Before Dying (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
Cookie Dough or Die (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
When the Cookie Crumbles (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
One Dead Cookie (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Cookies and Scream (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Dead Men Don't Eat Cookies (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon

Virginia Lowell is an international bestselling author who is widely known for the Cookie Cutter mystery series.

Cookie Dough
In Cookie Dough, author Virginia Lowell introduces the readers to Olivia Greyson, aka Livie, who happens to be the owner of Gingerbread House. Gingerbread is a store, which is located on the main level of Livie’s Victorian house. The Gingerbread House happens to be a little store that specializes in cookie cutters. Apart from Gingerbread House, Livie also has a dog, Spunky, who just all the characters in the novel, brings his very own charm. The interactions between Spunky and Buddy, his lab friend, are quite hilarious. Buddy is owned by the local Sheriff. Apart from Buddy and Spunky, author Lowell introduces the readers to Madeline. Livie and Maddie have been friends for quite a long time when they were still ten years of age. Maddie is a co-owner of the Gingerbread House. Despite the fact that Maddie does not reside in the Gingerbread House, many at times she loves being at the store to take residence.

When Livie’s supporter, friend and one of the biggest customers, Clarisse is discovered dead, a bigger section of Livie’s life and the world dies with her. Furthermore, Livie does not believe that Clarisse’s death was suicide or an accident; she believes that it was foul play. Furthermore, Livie does not believe that the sheriff who was awarded the case was taking the case seriously, does she decides to do her very own digging. The discoveries that Livie makes, eventually proof that there was something wrong with the town. Furthermore, everyone in the small town of Chatterley House is a suspect. Some of the main suspects in the investigations include Clarisse’s own son, Hugh, and Edward. Despite the fact that Hugh and Edward do not see, eye to eye, the two might not have agreed to the changes that their mother had made to her will. Which in turn drives Livie to see whether one of the sons killed their mother too before the will was effected.

Another character that author, Virginia Lowell introduces to the readers is Tammy Deacons, who happens to be the childhood friend of both Maddie and Livie. Tammy is definitely the type of friend that one would love to hate. Tammy Deacons has always been in love Hugh. However, Clarisse had established that the marriage between Tammy and Hugh would not take place. Thus, Livie has to establish whether Tammy Deacon’s rage would have led her to kill Clarisse and in the process freeing herself and Hugh. Lucas is also another character that author Virginia Lowell introduces to the readers. Lucas is one of the leading local business owners and also Maddie’s current flame. Lucas is currently clearing a business loan that he owes to the Chamberlain Estate. The loan is what is ensuring that Lucas’s business remains afloat.

With the sudden death of Clarisse, would the business loan that Lucas owns be forgotten and forgiven? Ever since Clarisse passed away, Lucas has continued to become more and more relaxed about the loan. Livie is also one of the main suspects in the case. She had just returned to Chesterfield a year ago. Despite the fact that she has stayed in the town less than a year, Livie has managed to find her way into the life Clarisse Chamberlain’s life, who apart from being a prominent businessperson in the town is also a savvy and prominent socialite. When Clarisse’s will is finally read, it is revealed that Livie will be a beneficiary of a bigger part of Clarisse’s wealth as well as some antiques. Thus, the investigators cannot help but wonder whether Clarisse had managed to convince Clarisse to change her will, before ending her life in cold blood. The race to find out who killed Clarisse is on, and it must be discovered quickly because from the look of things Clarisse Chamberlain is not the only casualty.

With that said, Cookie Dough is an outstanding mystery narrative. Throughout Cookie Dough, the readers will have no idea who the main culprit is. The turns and the twists have been brilliantly done such that the readers are kept on guessing until the very end. The interactions between the characters in Cookie Dough was quite interesting. In the process, the interaction provided a solid cast of highly likable characters. It is quite important for characters to match up their respective roles, irrespective of the fact whether they are good or bad. With Cookie Dough being the first installment, author Virginia Lowell has done an excellent job of laying out the foundation to the series. The supporting characters in Cookie Dough are not only fun but also quirky and quite interesting.

One Dead Cookie
Lucas and Maddie’s wedding is fast approaching. Livie has volunteered to make the cake for the wedding. Apart from a time not being on her side, Livie is also worried because they have been a series of local break-ins in her town. Due to the fact that Livie’s line of work is completely demanding she has decided to hire a new clerk, Jeniffer Elsworth. Jeniffer is an excellent business person, however, when it comes to her past, she is a little bit terse. Livie, on the other hand, feels a little bit uneasy about hiring someone who is still unknown and thus, she decides to dig a little bit into Jeniffer’s past. It is only Jason, Livie’s brother who can confirm that Jeniffer grew up in a nearby community.

When aunt Len, the local vet decides to invite a renowned Hollywood celebrity, the entire town becomes frenzied. Unlike a majority of the locals, Livie is less excited about Trevor Lane, the soap star. However, Livie is a little bit interested in Trevor’s handler, one Dougie Adair. It appears that both Trevor Lane and Dougie Adair were both born and raised in Chatterley Heights. Despite the age difference, is there a connection between Jeniffer and Maddie? Unlike the previous installments, the mystery in One Dead Cookie is a little bit complicated. Author, Virgian Lowell has done a brilliant job of ensuring that the killer is unknown until the very end of the novel.

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