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Vish Puri: Most Private Investigator Books In Order

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Publication Order of Vish Puri: Most Private Investigator Books

The Case of the Missing Servant (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Case of the Man Who Died Laughing (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Case of the Deadly Butter Chicken (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Case of the Love Commandos (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Delhi Detective's Handbook (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Case of the Reincarnated Client (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon

The series follows the detective Vish Puri, born in Punjabi Bagh, India, 1951. Chief Operating Officer of “Most Private Investigators Ltd.”. A rotund Punjabi man with a love of spicy food and a fear of flying who watches the evolution of India with his own eyes. The youth of India have turned to the socialization style of goras, known for their promiscuity, which meshes within their own culture. He is hellbent on solving the most criminal of cases – from arranged marriage prospects to murderers and everything inbetween. Chanakya, the role model of Vish, inspires his detective skills and gives him the problem-solving flair that was so effective many centuries ago to solve crime.

Never to be found without his trusty .32 IOF revolver, the adventures of Vish Puri take him everywhere that India has within its boundaries, and includes some less than savory tidbits that just so happen to be a part of life. Vish Puri allows people to see the old and new ways of India through the eyes of a man who has seen it all with a tongue-in-cheek, hilarious, raw point of view. Indeed, Vish Puri is unapologetic in how he paints the life of India realistically, with no concern for an outsider’s bias.

With his trusty team of investigators, known as Flush, Tubelight, and Facecream, as well as his ever-supportive and doting mother, Mummy-ji (to the dismay of Vish), there is no mystery too big or too small that they can’t handle.

About the books:

The good and bad of the nation is meant to captivate the reader alongside the crime scene, and no doubt does it do that in a way that masterfully recreates everything it touches. The stories in Vish Puri deal with a lot of common subjects of the life of a PI, using everyday facets of Indian and Punjabi lifestyles, such as the current events of gender equality, food, love, and so much more. Delve into the world of Vish Puri to see examples of what India has to offer to bibliophiles and casual readers alike. The books are meant to be a charming, interesting, and funny detective story that tugs at the heartstrings as well as the mind, giving the reader insight in a way that also causes them to think about the situations in which Vish is placed.

The books cover all sorts of matters and isn’t afraid to go into racy details about the life of the PI. At the end of the series, the books will be a great addition to anyone’s literary reservoir as one of the most thought provoking and memorable stories of them all. The author, Tarquin Hall, is an established journalist who knows the ins and outs of India first-hand due to his own life experiences, and uses his knowledge to write a beautifully captivating series of stories.

In short, Vish Puri offers a very interesting read for anyone who loves good humor and learning about other cultures far different from their own. It gives the reader insight about the workings of India in the past and present, and seeks to teach as well as entertain, so the books manage to fulfill a lot of promises that are meant for only the best of stories. If you are interested in learning quite a bit from the portly private investigator, pick up this series and read on!

About “The Case of the Missing Servant”

In this book we are introduced to Vish Puri and his business, as well as everything that sets the series up for the next four books. Vish Puri is introduced to a case of a litigator accused of killing his maid, in which Vish takes on the case to find his maid and solve the crime once and for all, not believing that the litigator could possibly be guilty… could he? Using his long history of investigation and the power and skills of Chanakya, Vish takes on the case and sets out to solve the case before a potentially innocent man is accused! The book delves into some of the habits and mannerisms of Indian culture and the reasons for those things, as well as the insightful way of showing how people in India think and why these sorts of crimes happen, whether it is up to corruption or human nature that sets such things in motion. There are multiple mysteries within the first book besides the title, and it is up to the reader’s own insight to solve them by the end of the book. India is a complex place with complex problems, which unfortunately require complex solutions. No worries for Vish, he’s got the skills.

About “The Case of the Deadly Butter Chicken”

Butter chicken is a Punjabi delicacy – a creamy curry made with coconut milk and mildly spicy flavors that will make anyone hungry just by thinking about it. Vish is just as anxious to get his palate moist with the dish as well as the other visitors to the hotel hosting cricket players, but when a man dies after eating the dish, there’s a case for Vish that’s too sudden for it to wait for seconds. A classic case of a whodunit with all of the potential suspects there within the building, and it’s up to Vish to find out. At first, there is no one to help him, as the police chief is about as useful as instant curry mix, so what is he to do? Luckily, with his skills, he manages to find a tidbit of information through the victim’s contacts, which leads him to believing there’s a gang syndicate involved…

Vish believes he must go to Pakistan, but his mother, Mummy-ji, has other plans for him. Is Vish right in thinking his answers lie in a place where he has refused to go before, or does Mummy-ji have the insight and know-how enough to help Vish solve the case? This book also has a couple of other mysteries waiting for the reader to solve – and to gum up Vish’s work in the process while he attempts to get to the bottom of this curry murder.

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