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Publication Order of Wanted and Wired Books

Wanted and Wired (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Perfect Gravity (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
More Than Stardust (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Stranded Hearts Books

with Rebecca Royce
The Girl Who Fell From the Sky (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Short Stories/Novellas

Sophie's Rogues (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Anthologies

What Happens at the Tavern Stays at the Tavern(2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Like a Trip Through the Mirror(2014)Description / Buy at Amazon

Vivien Jackson is a science fiction author from Austin Texas that is best known for the “Tether” series of novels. She writes futuristic and fantastical novels with a dash of romance. Jackson published “Wanted and Wired” in 2017 and the novel went on to spawn several more titles in the Tether series. The award-winning novel was a finalist at the 2017 Romance Writers of America RITA and Amazon Best Book of the year. Like many science fiction and fantasy authors, she is quite the nerd since her family is full of geeks. She has asserted that when she was a child, they would spend hours playing tabletop RPGs, video games and board games . When she is not writing you can find her nurturing the next generation of video gamers or taking care of their two Chihuahuas. She currently lives with her similarly nerdy partner in Austin Texas.

Vivien always loved science fiction which she read a lot of while growing up. For more than two decades he was devoted to cosplaying and fan fiction writing in several fandoms including “Star Wars,” “Tolkien,” “Firefly,” “X-Files,” “Terminator,” and “Farscape.” In fact, aspects from the fiction he was involved in are evident in many of her works. However, when she decided that she wanted to become an author, she found so much support and warmth from the romance community. It was the community that made her want to learn more about authorship and so he started educating himself. As such, her novels walk the thin line between romance and science fiction though they are not one or the other strictly speaking. Given his love for the genre, it was easy researching as he was reading articles on science and futurism which was something he was fascinated with. Apart from reading and fanfiction writing, he has also been influenced by regency romances from the likes of Mary Balogh. The handwritten manuscripts of John Keats convinced him that revision is not a sign of lack of talent or weakness while she learned that romances can be layered and complicated from reading the historicals of Sherry Thomas. “Snow Crash and the Diamond” by Neal Stephenson made her want to write about a female lead taking over the world. She got the inspiration for playing with magic and linear structure from Gabriel Garcia Marquez while she got the pathos and beauty in her novels from J.R.R. Tolkien.

Vivien Jackson writes action-packed and quite intense novels that takes her audience on fire wild rides. While she had always loved fiction and even wrote fanfiction, she thought she would find a career in literature. In college, she studied literature and so when she wanted to become an author, she decided that she would write an admonitory dystopian novel about prejudice. Nonetheless, it was not easy maintaining that tone for very long and it was not long before she was writing about hot sex between her characters. Since “Wanted and Wired” was her debut novel, she was figuring things as she went along. At first, she wanted to make the adventures of Heron and Mari into an ongoing series given that they were so sexy and adorable. However, she was advised to restructure the series so that each one would have a happily ever after ending with its own characters. Therefore, the debut novel was reworked so that the ending gave the story of the next novel in the series. It took Vivien four years to write as she was pecking at it while learning about writing. But then she signed with a publisher and promised to turn over the next two novels in a year. She published “Perfect Gravity” in 2017 and followed it up with “More Than Stardust” in 2018. The highest point in her career was when she was a finalist of the RITA by the romance Writers of America for her novel “Wanted and Wired.”

Vivien Jackson’s “Wanted and Wired” is a story set in Texas where the world is spiraling into chaos and not even the US has been spared as Texas has seceded from the Union. However, love sprouts in the most unlikely places and good guys are sometimes delivered in inconvenient packages. Heron Farad is a deliciously attractive, technologically enhanced rogue scientist that should be dead. But thanks to technology, he has become a leader of men. He leads a crew of uniquely skilled outsiders that are fighting to salvage what is left of humanity including books, art, artifacts, ideas and sometimes even people like Mari Vallejo. Mari is a Texan rebel and a skilled gun for hire that has always completed her assignments to the satisfaction of her clients. Mari has been lusting after Heron for several months now but when a set-piece hit goes wrong, she finds herself on the most wanted list across the world alongside her mysterious handler. They had been set up and now have to go on the run and depend and trust in each other if they are to beat what they are up against. As the chemistry between them heats up, things threaten to turn explosive.

“Perfect Gravity” by Vivien Jackson is the story of Angela, a woman with big goals that is determined to achieve them no matter what. Given her ambitions, she has sacrificed a lot along the way including walking away from her love and best friend Kellen. Several years later, Kellen and his team get a job to kill an android replica of her best friend’s husband. She is raring to go when she learns that what they are supposed to kill is not an android but the real husband to Angela. Angela was separated from her husband for several years and even when they were together it had been about power. Therefore, she did not have anything much to mourn about the end of the relationship but now finds her life at risk. Kellen’s team leader and boss offers Angela a place in his inner circle without realizing how drastic a step he is taking. Kellen is running away from the love and hurt he is suffering from the breakdown of the friendship he had with Angela. However, Angela seems to be ready to rekindle a friendship or maybe something more than that. It is an intense action-filled story with multi-layered adventures.

“More Than Stardust” by Vivien Jackson is about Chloe an artificial intelligence that had to come out when her human family was under threat. Over the series, Chloe has developed and become a being with a lot of wants. She desperately wants to know what it means to taste, touch and feel though of late she has also been experiencing desire. Chloe desires Garrett and wants to spend time with him. They had come into consciousness together and now they cannot live without each other. Garrett sees Chloe as more than an artificially created being and believes that they could be together in the real world if they worked hard at it. But upon deeper introspection, he knows that it is almost impossible for his dreams to come true and has to settle for the little that he has with Chloe. His love for Chloe tends to make his act irrationally which is why he takes her to a place they should not go. This decision sets off a domino that results in terrible consequences.

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