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Publication Order of Vlad Taltos Books

A writer of American fiction, specifically science-fiction and fantasy, the author Steven Brust has been writing for a number of years now. Working as a singer-songwriter during his career, as well as a drummer, he is also musically adept too, something which has allowed him to express himself creatively in numerous ways. With his own style and unique take on the genres he has almost become an institution in of himself, building an impressively large audience. Setting his books in different universes and worlds, he’s well known for building franchises that are imaginative and involving. Creating iconic characters as well, he’s also known for allowing his protagonists to exist in these worlds giving them a sense of life and vitality for his many readers. One such character is that of Vlad Taltos who has his own unique series which takes place within the Dragaera universe, a franchise consisting of a number of series.

Running for over fifteen books so far and counting, the series first started back in 1983 and has been continuing regularly ever since. With graphic-novels and omnibus editions coming out as well, it is one of his most prolific and highly regarded series to date. Knowing and understanding the genre well, he has a highly developed sense of what the series is, as it has come a long way over the years.


The first novel to be published in the ongoing Vlad Taltos series, it is also the fourth to feature in the franchise chronologically. Introducing the character for the first time to readers, it was first brought out on the 1st of January in 1983 to much acclaim. Released through the Klett-Cotta publishing label, it managed to draw in readers from far and wide with this innovative approach the genre.

Whilst this is the debut novel that saw the introduction of the character of Vlad Taltos for the first time, the series itself can be read in any order. There was also a graphic-novel of this title as well, a publication which also really helped to expand upon the story overall. In regards to the books themselves they follow within the traditions of the fantasy genre extremely well, giving the readers what they want, whilst also adding its own unique take. The characters themselves are highly developed too, all with well crafted backstories all of their very own. In regards to the Dragaerans themselves, being the extremely tall sorcerers that inhabit the planet and world of Dragaera, they are an in-depth and well developed species. Then there’s Vlad Taltos himself, a hired killer who is cast as the only human among these alien lifeforms on their home planet. On the planet of Dragaera itself Steven Brust has managed to create a living breathing world excellently, as he brings the alien landscape to life. Providing a sense of escapism for the reader, it really allows them to feel like they’re there themselves, discovering this world in person. The world, a character in of itself almost, really begins to take a life of its own over the course of the series, developing and evolving in the process.

Living as the only human on a planet of very tall sorcerers who are known as the Dragaerans, Vlad Taltos is a hired killer of much repute. That’s when he comes into contact with the ‘Jhereg’; a powerful and highly criminal organisation, as their boss hires Vlad to assassinate Mellar, a thief on the run from them, as she stole millions. It soon transpires, though, that Vlad may have attracted the ire of a former friend in his pursuit of the woman, as he finds the job more difficult than he initially expected. Will he be able to finish the job? Can he overcome the secrets lurking in his past? What will become of him and the Jhereg?


Brought out in 1984 just one year after the first, this was to be the second title in the ongoing ‘Vlad Taltos’ series of novels. Initially published through the ‘Ace’ publishing label, this was to further expand upon the universe of Dragaera and its world overall. Continuing in much the same vein as before, it gives readers more of what they want, whilst also providing some twists and turns along the way.

Although this book works as a sequel to the previous novel, it doesn’t have to necessarily be read in that particular order. Steven Brust himself has stipulated that, whilst there’s a publication order, there can also be a chronological order brought from it. This allows the reader to take from the overall series what they want and dive in whenever the decide, although there are some books which might best be left until later, such as ‘Teckla’. Returning once again is the character of Vlad Taltos himself, as he continues to live on the alien planet of Dragaera. A wisecracking and extremely resourceful individual, he is an easy character to relate to, something which his readers have come to appreciate. Resonating with his audience he has managed to build a strong and viable name for himself, as more and more of his backstory is developed. Further developing the world of Dragaera itself as well, it manages to embellish upon the environment too, giving it a wider sense of scope. Whilst this may be set in the past, acting as a prequel to the events of the previous novel, it manages to enhance the world itself. Giving the followers of the series something more, it allows them to explore the universe even more, giving them an even greater visual image of it.

Set within the early days of Vlad Taltos and his time in the House Jhereg, it recounts his time spent there. This was the time he became involved in the Jhereg war, as he recounts the period in great detail, along with his falling in love with Cawti. Making an assassination attempt on his life, there might be some problems for them both, though, as they work to overcome the horrors of the war. Will they be able to get through the war in one piece? Can they ever be together? What will become of the gangster turf war in Yendi?

The Vlad Taltos Series

An extremely well crafted and intelligent series that is an excellent example of its genre, as it understands the ideas of conventions behind it. Building a strong brand throughout the years, the series has progressed exponentially over time, giving it a sense of character and style. This is something that his many readers have also come to appreciate too, with more and more discovering the world of Dragaera and Vlad Taltos day-by-day, something that will continue for many years to come.

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