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VLG Series
VLG Series is a paranormal romance story by Laurann Dohner. The series tells the story of two brothers and two sisters destined to be together, but their first meeting happens in the most bizarre way. For the sisters, this story works as their road to self-discovery after being in the dark for too long. The details about their births and parents will shock them to the core as they realize that their enemy is someone so close home. For the brothers, this is a chance to find their mates and fight all the forces working to put their future in jeopardy. Add some steamy romance and paranormal elements, and you have yourself a series that you can’t stop reading.

Drantos is the first book in the VLG Series. The book stars Dusti Dawson, a woman who is about to experience a world she never thought existed and Drantos, a man on an impossible mission. Dusti and her sister Bati are traveling from California to Alaska to see their dying grandfather. Their grandfather was a heartless man who put Dusti through hell after their parents died in a road crash. This trip doesn’t end as planned as the plane they are traveling in crushes. Fortunately, Dusti and Bati survive, and while anyone would be thrilled to get another shot at life, these two sisters find themselves in a tricky situation. The men who rescued them believe that their grandfather is a halfbreed who wants nothing than to kill.

VampLycans Drantos and Kraven had only one mission, eliminate the number one danger to their clan. However, these two are surprised when confronted by human women who have no idea of their lineage. Once Drantos tastes Dusti’s blood, plans change fast, and the man who was willing to do anything for his clan turns to one who would die to protect Dusti. Fortunately, these feelings are mutual, and Dusti can’t stop lusting over Drantos even after knowing how dangerous he is. Will Drantos risk everything for the one woman he ever loved?

Dusti will soon learn that Gargoyles, Lycans, and Vampires exist, and they hide in the Alaska wilderness where humans are less likely to come into contact with them. These species have crossbred to create two hybrid races that are dangerous to the human race. Somehow Dusti and Kraven’s life merges with Dusti and Bati’s plan, and the four have to figure out issues together. At some point, Dusti’s grandfather’s men will close in on them. When the two sisters get separated, Dusti will be forced to Drantos for protection.

Dusti is a lovable character. The young woman is hardworking and down to earth, but she, at times, allow her emotions to get the best of her. Once she discovers who she is, Dusti becomes more accommodative and takes charge of her feelings. When confronted by enemies, Dusti fights hard for the man she loves. Drantos is an alpha male, and once he falls in love with Dusti, everything else becomes secondary. The romance between these two is infectious, and it is impressive how good they work together.

Drantos is a solid paranormal read with intriguing characters, a unique storyline, and a relentless pace. The author has done a lot of world-building in this book, which is expected given that it’s the first in the series. However, the story is still filled with suspense and steamy passion between Dusti and her new-found love. Follow Dusti as she comes to terms with who she is and the reality that surrounds her.

Kraven is the second book in the VLG series. The book stars Batina Dawson, Dusti’s elder sister. Batina has one goal in her life, become a partner in her law firm, and get her sister the financial future she deserves. This is the only reason she sweet-talked Dusti into going to Alaska to reconcile with their rich and ill grandfather. Her plan sounds foolproof until the plane crash, and two muscled men show out of nowhere to save them. Kraven believes that Batina is in danger from her grandfather, and he is determined to prove it. Batina wonders why anyone would make such an outrageous declaration because while her grandfather is an ass, she would never believe that he can hurt her.

It turns out Kraven is right. After the crush, Kraven takes Batina back to his clan, but she remains different from every woman he has ever met. Kraven is even more excited when he learns that Batina is his mate. Still, this woman fights on, and it is only after he takes her to California that Batina finds out about her identity, and the reason her grandfather wanted them to visit in the first place.

Batina and Dusti grew up without their mother, so the truth comes as a shock to her. Even more shocking is that her grandfather isn’t sick, and the plan was for her to be sold by an evil Vamplycan. The trip to California reveals enough details about the girls’ parents and the events that led to their death. Could it be true that their grandfather is this evil? How can they stop him from ever hurting them?

Kraven is both mesmerized and frustrated by Batina. While he finds her irresistible, Batina can’t stop arguing with him. Kraven feels that Bati stubborn and mouthy, and it irks him that she can’t stop calling him crazy. The only thing Kraven wants is to protect her, and while her utterances drive him nuts, he knows that he is mad in love with Batina. However, Dusti and Batina’s grandfather has not given up yet, so his number one task, for now, is to keep her safe.
This book starts just like the first one, but now you get to see everything from the accident to the events that follow from Kraven and Batina’s POV. The author manages to pull this off without sounding repetitive for people who have just read the first book. There is enough action throughout the story, and the book will have you hooked from the first page. Kraven is a perfect book if you are looking for a sweet paranormal tale. The characters are fantastic, and the chemistry between the main characters is on another level.

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